Title: Homecoming

Pairing: Eventual RoyxEdward, past EdwardxOC (Minor mentions)

Warning: AU; NC-17 Overall; this chapter, T. Some depictions of character deaths.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything remotely related to the series, Fullmetal Alchemist. It belongs to Arakawa-Sensei's genius mind.

Summary: The former Fullmetal Alchemist returns back to Amestris after passing safely through the Gate, changed. What's in store for Amestris and her people when the blonde they all knew isn't what he used to be? Set after the Conqueror of Shambala with a few events changed.


"Edward, be reasonable," replied Hawkeye with a disapproving look on her face. He knew that she'd question him but he had had to ask. Now that the idea had been stomped to the ground, he could use any means necessary to convince her to at least go along with what he had to say.

"I am being reasonable. You of all people should understand what me being here can cause. Hell, you might think I'm some crazy bitch deserter who's just come back begging like a dog to make a place back to the very military he supposedly betrayed," the blonde debated. He caught the woman's forlorn look and he tried to warm his tone a bit more than the coldness it had taken on moments ago.

"I'm sure that Mustang's filled you in about my absence. I need you to cover my back to at least make it in alive to the Fuhrer's office." The younger man knew that he didn't need anyone covering for his ass. He was asking her this "favor" in order to keep the body count to zero. He could keep up the pretense of being a small kitten out to play but sooner or later that tiger's going to rear its head and he won't do anything to stop it from doing whatever it wanted. He'd grown accustomed to attacking first and dealing with consequences, if any, later.

Scotch eyes looked up at her and saw the morning glow from the curtains reflect of her frame in such a way that in a blink of an eye he was transported back to his time in Greenwich, England. It had been a rather posh hotel where he had cleaved Riza's doppelganger in the chest after much hesitation. She had looked up at him with a shocked look before her eyes had dulled and in another blink of his eyes he was back in Amestris. He mentally kicked himself, and tried to shove away that memory deep into the crevices of his mind. He had no need of ghosts from his past to come haunting him here of all places. He had dealt with the memories before and he could just as well do it again but he felt that now wasn't the time to show anyone, least of all people he knew, his acquired skills. Not yet, anyways.

The blonde woman sighed, bringing the young man from his wandering thoughts. The younger blonde looked up at her expectantly, already tasting success and saw her shake her head. He'd won this round.

"Fine, I'll try to keep them at bay but you do realize that I could always call Roy and have him order everyone to keep from attacking you. That's the easiest way to ensure your safety and everyone else's."

The woman gave him a leveled look that just managed to make him fractionally twitch. He'd always liked Riza, still did in fact, but the way she'd look at you, almost knowing why you asked for something in the first place, unnerved him. He'd forgotten how good she was at reading people and that just didn't sit well with him. It hadn't in the past and even now it still made him uncomfortable.

"That works too but he mustn't known that the former Fullmetal Alchemist is here. I want it to be a surprise. Just tell him a foreign soldier comes to have a word with the Fuhrer."

"Seeing as your uniform looks like Cretian and Regalian garments, I feel that that would be a wise choice to inform him of. Consider it done."

Yup, he'd just have to find a way to close himself off a bit more if not completely to Riza's hawk eyes.


He had just received a phone call from Hawkeye that had informed him that a Colonel from the Regalian Army was asking an audience with the Fuhrer himself about personal matters. There were two things that had popped into the raven haired man's head during the brief phone call: 'What the hell had he done to piss of the Regalian Army,' and 'Why hadn't he been hearing anything about being close to war with them?' It hadn't been easy dealing with the Regalians and their Monarch government. They believe d that the military should not be in power but should follow orders from a King or Queen. The King, Henry Edwards, had made it inconspicuously clear that he would be glad to take over Amestris once its military government fell into ruins.

The older man had had a field day trying to calm Hakuro down about the blunt transgression. It had not been a simple matter to repair but they had signed something like a pact that stated that each nations, or rather country, would keep its nose into its business. My problems are not your problems and vice-versa and he had actually rather agreed with it. Who needed another country that was far west to tell you what to do? It was a ridiculous idea. He hoped that Regals stuck to their own business and he would make sure that Amestris stuck to their business.

He set to work planning anything and everything possible to try and at least postpone the Regalians from doing something stupid while having one of their men visit "frenemy" territory. He was somewhat glad that he had 'till tomorrow afternoon to get it all set up. The question was, why was Hawkeye at home when she had to be working and how had she gotten hold of the information on their guest?


The older woman had gone off to work late for the first time in her life after making sure that Edward was well situated. She had gone as far as ordering him to stay put or risk getting a bullet to his leg. He had promised her that he'd be here once she got back but told her not to hold her breath.

After the woman had left, the young blonde had realized something Hawkeye might feel was uncharacteristic of him; he had not once asked how Alphonse was. He knew that that conversation was bound to take place and it was only a matter of time. He might be interrogated by her until she got a decent answer from him. He figured that once she asked, he'd just tell her that he had seen Al before even coming to Central. Even though that was a blatant lie, she didn't need to know that. She might find out later but that was fine with him.

The problem lied with Alphonse. The younger man knew that if he had been his younger self, he'd be ashamed of even forgetting about Alphonse but not the him right now. His little brother wasn't his top priority. His top priority was to snag a spot in the military so he could continue to work like before, being able to kill people or not. He already felt like a caged animal not being able to go out and hunt. How could he face Al with the way he was right now?

The reason why he wouldn't meet Alphonse was that he knew that the younger boy would quickly know what was different about him. He'd like to save his brother from that little revelation, or at least postpone it for as long as possible. He knew that his brother would give him that disappointed look he'd give you when he had been younger and when mom had still been alive and he knew that it would be the same. He'd ran the scenarios in his head when he had gotten the job in the first place and now and he realized that regardless if Al found out what he was, what he did now to people, how easily he could extinguish a life, he wouldn't change anything. It was that that would kill the younger Elric but he had had to learn the ways of an assassin, a mercenary in order to survive. If he had to do it again, to ensure that he was safe, he'd do it over and over again 'till he couldn't anymore.