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After he died everything seemed to turn to black. I now viewed my world in black and white, without him the color was drained, non-existent, bland.(1) Today was one of my 'good' days so they let me out of my home where I've been cooped up for the last few years with an over whelming depression. Today I was heading to the old and run down opera popular(pop-u-lare) for an auction.

After what seemed like forever the black automobile I was riding in stopped in front of a old building with four roman style pillars in front, the building was old and had a wooden ramp where the stairs used to be, the main stairs anyway. There were children playing, jumping on and off of the ramp and other structures in the area, they seemed to be playing tag and enjoying their youth. I smiled as my assistants helped me into my wheelchair, I envied the fact the they could still enjoy their youth, but I myself had a very exciting and adventure packed life so I really couldn't complain. I was brought out of my musing when one of the nurses that had come with me to the auction started pushing me forward. We passed under a sign that read 'PUBLIC AUCTION TODAY' and then entered the building, leaving the crazy wind behind us.

"Sold! Madame, thank you. Lot 663 then ladies and gentlemen, a poster from this house production of cannibal by shalomow." As the nurse pushed me up to the front by the stage where the man who was selling items stood by his tall podium with a mallet, I could only hope that I could find what I was looking for here.

"Showing here." An unknown man said who sounded to be in his twenties.

"Do I have 10 franks then?...5 then? 5 on bid. 6? 7? Thank you sir. 8? 8 once, going twice, sold! Misère Afriar. Lot 664, a wooden pistol and three human skulls from the production of dara deabla by maramay. 10 franks for this. 10, thank you. 10 still. 15? 15, thank you. 15 on bid…."

I started to drown out what the man was saying when my eyes met with a very old friend of mine, but just as quickly as I had drowned him out he caught my attention again with the swing of his mallet and the harsh sound of it hitting the wood.

"Your number sir?... Lot 665 ladies and gentlemen. A handmade music box in the shape of a barrel organ, attached a figure of a monkey, dressed in Persian robes, playing the symbols. Discovered in the volts of the theater, still in working condition ladies and gentlemen."

"Showing here" The same man from before held up said music box for everyone to see. He then wound it up and let it play its beautiful song of high and low pitched notes combined in harmony. The man who was selling the items then continued to talk after the music had died down.

"May I commence at 15 franks? 15 thank you. Yes, 20 from you sir, thank you very much. Madame kuchiki 25, thank you Madame. 25 on bid. Do I hear 30? 30! And 35~?...Selling at 30 franks then. 30 once. 30 twice. Sold! For 30 franks to the vecount de Chagny~, thank you sir." I breathed out a sigh of relief as the stagehand handed me the music box. It brought back so many fond memories, as well as some harsh and cruel ones too, but none the less I had found what I was looking for and could now leave when this was over with a content heart.

"A collector's piece indeed~. Every detail exactly as he said…Will you still play when all the rest of us are dead?~"The man selling all of the precious items of the theater interrupted my train of thought once again with his talking.

"Lot 666 then, a chandelier in pieces…Some of you may recall the strange affair of the phantom of the opera, a mystery never fully explained; we're told ladies and gentlemen that this is the very chandelier which appears in the famous disaster. Are workshops have repaired it and wired parts of it for the new electric light…perhaps we can frighten away the ghosts of so many years ago with a little illumination….Gentleman." At his last word some of the workers pulled of the tarp that had been hiding it until now and the others pulled on a rope to rise the chandelier back up in its rightful place. As the masterpiece of glittering glass rose higher and higher the color started to come back to the world as I started to remember the first day I came to the theater as a young man, and how beautiful it looked. The seats were a beautiful red stain, and there was a dark but majestic wood that made up the seat handle, all the pure gold statues seemed to come to life and the other gold accents sparkling just as vibrant, the stage lights lit up with a bursting flame and the once dusty and cobweb covered performing area looked brand new. Everything came back to life, even my dear sweet Ichigo.

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(1)In the movie it starts out in black and white and then turns to color then back to black and white, yta yta yta. It would make more sense if you saw the movie. XP