We swore up and down that we wouldn't write a collection of drabbles... then we talked each other into it! This is how we wound up writing fan-fiction in the first place... We have a terrible habit of swearing to not do something before talking each other into it. We're posting this now because I'll gone in a few hours for several days. I'm not! Don't you post anything. What? I'm as innocent as the day I was born.

Anyway, these drabbles are focused on Morgause. Don't judge. It's okay because we're making fun of her ;)

Mandatory. Pointless. Repetitive. Disclaimer! We don't own Merlin. Or Morguase for that matter.


Morgause stood speaking with Cenred. She needed the fool for a half-baked plot. It was pathetic how easy it was to talk him into her glorious plans.

Now all she had to do is stride across the room and touch something. Now, what to grasp? What to honor with her fingers?

In the middle of the room was the perfect subject. It glowed.

She curled her hand around it tightly. Then—

She screamed.

"How dare you!" She chastised, "I gave you an honor!"

The fire brazer didn't care.

Morgause huffed angrily, "See if I honor you again?"

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