Chapter 3: Wishes of the heart

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"Fate is never absolute...

Sometimes it happens...Sometimes it doesn't...

Cause Fate is just about the what ifs in your life...

So choose your fate wisely..."

-Tsuki Shi (my OC)

Love is an emotion that is so rebellious no matter how impossible it maybe, it forces for two hearts to be together or it will rip it apart. Love is an emotion that never allows itself to lose for Love fights till the bitter end. Love is an emotion that is such a gamble to win this gamble is to get rid of all obstacles and all that gets in the way and to lose is when one of you leaves the game.

Haephnes woke up in the middle of the night from a dream she kept having...

Unfortunately for her the dream was so vague she couldn't understand them at all but all she knew it was about the man in the same room as she was.

She looked to her side then saw Median sleeping so well that sight made her smile. Oh how she wished she could stay here in the human world and not go back to that garden but she was a goddess not just any goddess the Overseer in her world and if anything bad were to happen to her it would have a devastating effect.

Haephness went to Median's bed then sat right next to him her floating armor appearing. She wished time would freeze, that it won't move anymore, that she could just even just for a little while be able to live like a normal person to see the world she created beyond her garden...

But deep in her mind she knew that wish will never be granted. It was simply wishful thinking nothing more. It would require her to die before she could experience that but then again gods reincarnated as gods unless the cycle is disturbed and the soul modified.

Median groaned and that was when Haephnes' floating armor disappeared.

"Elena..." Median said as he slightly opened his eyes. "What's wrong?" Median yawned.

"Nothing I was just thinking that's all. Haephnes said. Oh how she wanted to tell him her real name but she could not risk anything especially her life...

"Then why are you awake?" Median asked. Haephnes shook her head. No matter what she wanted it will never be followed.

"I couldn't sleep but there is no need to trouble yourself..." Haephnes replied trying her best to smile a bit. Well it was partially true but of course telling the truth is not the wise choice right now. "Go back to sleep Median." Haephnes said then returned to her bed.

Haephnes lay on the other bed. Her mind drift back and forth and eventually returned to a certain topic no matter what she did to distract herself it was useless.

But why? Why is she thinking of that? Why that among all the things she wanted?

That could never happen. It was impossible unless Fate was kind enough but nothing goes anyone's way and that very statement had hurt her. No matter what she did that was what she wanted.

It was a selfish and impossible wish...

To be able to live normally without the troubles of being a goddess that's what she wanted only that and she would do anything for that to happen.

Haephnes sighed. She wanted it but hated it for being so risky then again nothing went well in her life. Right now there was a silent war happening between her and Drazil over dominance of the cycle.

The Cycle...

If Drazil were to gain dominance over it then it's over utterly over. This word, her world, would shatter into nothing and into darkness and to prevent that she must always watch the situation carefully.

Oh how she wanted to finally forget about this but she couldn't...

Haephnes closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

But Median had stayed awake. Her smile was stuck in his head...

It was a forced smile just to get him to go back to sleep but why would she do that.

That question remained in his head. He wanted to help her to be able to get close to her but...

The idea of that was wrong like it couldn't be and he didn't know why.

Median looked at her. She was asleep but somehow he knew something was wrong with her. Her aura was was powerful, very powerful, and it made him wonder why such a woman had a powerful aura but of course he couldn't ask her that.

"Elena..." Median said the name she had presented to him with care. "Is that really your name?" Median thought to himself for a second when he woke up. He saw her with floating armor similarly like the goddess of their world, Haephnes.

Median shook his head. No way she could be their goddess right?

No way will the goddess of this world would go stay in the mortal's realm.

That was Median had thought. Less than he knew deep in his mind was a debate on who this woman near to him was but he knew one thing that was certain the moment he saw her...

The very moment they met...

He fell in love with her.

It was strange. He fell in love with a complete stranger and now actually allowed her to stay with him without knowing anything about her but her name and face but it seemed okay for some strange reason.

Not only her aura was powerful, it was also kind and caring which made him loss all doubt.

Median shook his head even if she was a normal woman he couldn't be with her like she would love him but his heart wished for it and continued to try and convince his mind.

Median placed a pillow on his head. He wanted to just sleep and rest his head.

So he closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep.

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