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The Case of Onodera Ritsu


"Damn this heat!" Onodera Ritsu threw his red pen down on the glass table, letting his body slide off the couch to the bare floor and groaned at the heat that engulfed his apartment. It was difficult concentrating on editing his mangaka's storyboard with the air conditioning broken. The weather finally reached the high 80s and today was even hotter.

The young editor stepped away from his work and opened the refrigerator door, scanning the shelves for a beer, letting the cool air linger on his sweaty skin before closing it again. He grabbed a paper towel and wiped his forehead of sweat, using the cold beer to cool the rest of his face and neck before he opened the bottle to consume its contents.

Onodera tried tinkering with the dials on the air conditioning system again, but only met disappointment when it still wouldn't function properly. He cursed at the machine and wondered if anyone else in the building had the same issues. The building manager went on vacation so it would be another three days before anyone came by to take a look at it. Even with all the windows opened, the summer heat that seeped in only added to his misery.

The edits that sprawled across the glass table in the living room were due first thing Monday morning on Takano's desk, which was tomorrow. If Onodera didn't deliver or if it looked half-assed, he would never hear the end of it from his tyrannical boss.

According to the editor-in-chief, he was useless, which angered him to no end. If Onodera was so useless, then why won't he let him transfer to the Literature Department? Obviously, he was doing something right, even though Takano always gave him so much crap about his work.

He stood in his living room staring at the wall behind the couch that separated his and Takano's apartment. Granted, Takano lived in the building before he moved in, but still. How could he have known who his neighbor was? By the time he realized it, the first and last month's deposit was already withdrawn from his account and was nonrefundable per the contract he signed. And no way was he going to cough up more money to relocate just to avoid the person from his past.

What Onodera didn't understand was why Takano was so persistent in wanting him to fall in love with him again. He simply wanted to be left alone and had no clue as to why Takano kept playing with his mind…and emotions.

"Never again…" Onodera whispered to himself, taking a huge chug of his beer. He made a face at the cold, sharp sensation tingling down his throat.

Sitting back down on his leather couch, Onodera sighed. He knew his work wasn't going to finish itself, but he needed a break. The young editor thought about the past and knew their short-lived relationship in high school had a big impact on both their lives, jading them in all sorts of ways, and because of it, he told himself he wouldn't give in to Takano's advances—not after trying to erase him from his mind for the last ten years.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang.

The small device vibrated around the table until Onodera finally picked it up, glancing at the caller ID. Shit. He gulped when he saw the name on the screen. It was Takano.

"Speak of the devil," he rolled his eyes, telling himself that he didn't care, although his heart beat wildly in his chest. He clutched the material that covered his heart to try and slow down the anxiety he felt whenever Takano called or when he stood unnecessarily too close beside him.

Wanting to ignore the call, Onodera knew he couldn't because no matter how irritating this man could get, he was still his boss—and it might be something important—so letting it go unanswered was not an option. His ex-boyfriend, now boss, living right next door to him was also a pain in the ass because Takano was known for banging on his door and demanding why he wasn't picking up his calls.

The one time it happened, Onodera left his cell phone on silent while he masturbated on his couch—something he would never tell his ex-lover he was doing. Takano used to love watching the smaller male masturbate in front of him, a favorite past time of his, before they actually made love. Little things like that Takano took pleasure in, and arousing him again was the last thing Onodera wanted to do. Instead, he made up some lie that he ran to the store and left his phone at home.

"H-Hello?" he finally answered.

"Onodera! Where are the copies of the data for tomorrow's manager meeting? It's not in this file you handed me on Friday."

Crap! Ritsu panicked. "I'm sorry! I forgot! But I—I have an extra copy. I'll fax it over right now!"

He was so busy with the other projects his slave-driver dumped on him late last Friday that he forgot to make copies before Monday's meeting. Luckily, Onodera brought a copy home with him.

"No. Don't fax it."


"Come over and bring it to me. It's quicker. The door is unlocked."

The line immediately went dead. Onodera slinked back down on the couch, shaking his head wearily at the request. He really didn't want to go over to his place, but it couldn't be helped. There was about ten pages he needed to give him and if he attempted to fax it over after he told him not to, Takano will most likely storm over to his place and give him shit for it.

Onodera took a deep breath and gathered the storyboard pages to carry with him so that his boss could see how busy he was and hopefully, seeing that, he could just drop off the copies and leave right away. However, making the short trip next door also provided a good excuse to get out of his stuffy apartment. He quickly finished the rest of his beer and took what he needed to bring over.

Hesitantly, Onodera turned the handle to Takano's place. He was immediately met by a cool breeze as soon as he stepped foot inside, a thankful smile gracing his face for the change in temperature. He closed his eyes and sighed happily as Takano's apartment was so much cooler than his, his body temperature finally down to a comfortable state.

"Onodera?" he heard Takano call out from the main room. He hadn't realized that he was still standing by the hallway entrance, basking in the coolness of the similar layout.

"Umm…yeah. It's me," he replied, taking his shoes off and dragging his feet to the living room.

Onodera almost dropped the papers in his hands when he saw Takano by the kitchen. He was shirtless and barefoot, only wearing black, silk pajama bottoms with a beer in his hand.

The subordinate didn't know his boss owned such garments. He could also tell Takano wasn't wearing anything underneath from the way things seemed to be hanging loosely in the front. Onodera blushed, quickly turning his gaze away to the bookcase against the wall, the image of Takano's sex lines and bare chest permanently plastered in his mind.

Takano Masamune's built was lean, yet toned and muscular, in all the right places. Onodera noticed he kept his shape up, probably looking better now than he did when they dated a decade ago.

"Don't you own a shirt?" he muttered.

"Idiot. It's summertime. Besides, this is my apartment. I can be naked if I want."

"Whatever," mumbled Onodera, averting his eyes to the floor.

"Onodera," Takano walked up to him and touched his sweaty neck with the back of his hand.

"Wha—what are you doing?" Onodera shoved his hand away.

"Are you sick? You don't look so well."

Onodera blushed again. "I'm fine. The air conditioning in my apartment is broken. Anyway, here." He placed the copies on his kitchen table with the other papers that were already scattered around and proceeded to leave. "I still have a lot of work to do."

"Wait," Takano quickly grabbed his wrist. "Since you have your edits with you, finish them here. With your air conditioning broken, I don't want you passing out in your apartment. I need those edits by tomorrow morning. No excuses," his boss said sternly.

With the commanding sound in his voice and the annoyed look on his face, Onodera knew he was dead serious. He wanted to tell Takano he was capable of finishing this assignment at his own place, but it was a big fat lie. Onodera really didn't want to go back to his stuffy apartment that made every second uncomfortable to be in, but he also didn't want to spend the day at Takano's either.

So, Onodera had two options: die from heat exhaustion in his apartment or tolerate his boss and actually try to get some work done.

"Fine…" he mumbled, blushing again, "I'm not going to stay that long though, just enough for me to cool off." He sat down in one of the chairs at the kitchen table and made space for his edits among the pile. Takano smirked to himself, handing him a red pen, which Onodera quietly took and began working quietly.

Takano inconspicuously grinned at his subordinate's pink features, thinking on how cute Onodera looked whenever he got him flustered—an affect he was proud of still having on him. He was also happy that he didn't resist his offer, even though he wouldn't have let him leave so easily anyway.

The older male needed to have a cold exterior toward him to keep the lines of boss and subordinate clear, just like with everyone else that worked under him in the Emerald Department when he wanted something done. Takano knew he was a hard ass—everyone did—but it got people working and producing the results he and the company wanted.

Looking over the copies Onodera hand delivered, all Takano could see was his face among the notes. He still loved his high school boyfriend. No matter how hard he tried to forget about him, he couldn't help but still long for his touch and place his lips on all the familiar places he knew on his ex-lover's body.

He didn't understand why Onodera Ritsu still struggled with the inevitable that only added fuel to the fire burning deep within him. No matter how much he tried to resist, Takano Masamune was determined to have his way with him and make him confess he still loved him.

The day was getting late when the editor-in-chief finally decided to take a break, taking off his glasses and stretching out his long limbs. Onodera was also still there, sitting across from him, quietly working. Whenever he tried to leave, Takano gave him something else to work on. The new editor couldn't say no due to the deadlines that were set for each project, but most of it wasn't really that important.

Still, Takano threw whatever he was able to his way, telling Onodera he needed to understand every material, to stop him from leaving his apartment. Or at least not yet. The smaller male wanted to escape but the thought of entering his sauna-like apartment again didn't force him to jump out of his seat, so he kept enduring the mundane work his boss continued to pile on him.

"Here," Takano gave him a cold beer from the fridge. "Relax for a second while I make us dinner."

"What?" Onodera exclaimed, his thoughts suddenly broken free. He looked at the wall clock that read 6:47 p.m., not realizing how late it was. "You don't need to do that! I have...food at home," he said quietly. "I really should get going. We both have an early day tomorrow." He attempted to get up from the chair but two strong hands came crashing down on his shoulders, pushing his body back into a sitting position.

"You're not going anywhere," Takano whispered closely to his ear, his upper lip slightly brushing against his earlobe that sent chills down Onodera's spine and a strange longing in his groin for this man.

Onodera gulped. His heart beat like drums in his chest. He's doing it again. Takano finally let go of him and walked back to the fridge. "I'm not going to poison you," he rolled his eyes, taking out different ingredients to cook with. "You need to stop eating those convenient store meals. They're not healthy for you. I don't want you complaining that you can't make it to work because you've gotten sick from not eating a proper meal."

"I don't eat them all the time!" Onodera argued. It was only when he came home late and didn't have time to make anything for himself. Often times he just crashed on his bed from exhaustion without even thinking about any kind of nourishment.

"I told you, if you moved in with me I can cook for you and we could have dinner together every night," Takano said, getting the cutting board out of the drawer.

"No, thank you," Onodera muttered. "I can take care of myself."

"Tell me then. When was the last time you had a decent home cooked meal?" Takano finally turned around with a raised eyebrow.

"Uhh…well…I…" Onodera stuttered. His stomach suddenly growled from the aroma of the spices that fill the air.

"I thought so," Takano smirked. Onodera scowled at him.

The food Takano made was actually pretty good. Onodera never knew he could cook this well. Then again, they never really ate a meal together before. Back in high school, it was usually the library and then Takano's place where they talked a little more, then had sex in his room or on the couch.

After their plates were empty, Onodera put their dishes to the sink and washed them. It was the least he could do for the free meal. Takano went over to the window and lit a cigarette, blowing the smoke outside. Onodera never knew he smoked up until recently and assumed it was something he got into in college.

As he dried his hands on a kitchen towel, Onodera's cell phone vibrated on the table. "Hello?"


"Oh, Hasegawa-san! What can I do for you?"

"I was just wondering if you wanted to go out for some cold drinks? We weren't able to before and it's been so hot out lately. I figured now would be as good of a time as any. Besides, you're not with your oppressive editor so he shouldn't be able to tell you what to do. What do you say?"

"Uhh…well…" Onodera didn't to tell him that he was actually with his boss and at his apartment, among other things.

Takano returned to the kitchen with an unpleasant look on his features, watching Onodera's conversation take place with the editor on the other line. Onodera figured Takano could probably hear Hasegawa on the other end of the receiver since it was fairly quiet in the apartment, aside from the cars passing by on the street.

He turned his back to avoid Takano's grim look toward him. "Sure. Why not?" Onodera agreed since it was about time he left Takano's anyway.

"Great! I'll meet you at the 8 Corner Bar in say…an hour?"

"Sounds good. Bye."

Takano stood with his arms folded in front of his chest. "What was that about?" he asked, now appearing upset.

"Nothing. I just agreed to meet with Hasegawa-san...so I'm leaving," Onodera shrugged, still trying to avoid his boss's intense gaze. He thought if he just gathered his things quickly, Takano couldn't give him another excuse to stay.

"What did I tell you about being friendly with the other departments? You have deadlines to meet tomorrow, Onodera. If you have time for a drink with Hasegawa, I'm sure you have time to finish your half-assed work!"

"I will!" he glowered at him. He knew he was the subordinate, but because they shared a past history as lovers, being defiant in actions and words gave him the right to act a little unprofessionally, and Takano did it to him all the time. "I always turn in my stuff completed and on time! If I didn't know any better I'd think you were only making a fuss because you're still jealous of him or something..." he added quietly and headed for the door. "Thanks for dinner."

Takano grabbed his wrist again. "Onodera." Onodera turned around, his eyes focused on Takano's grip that slowly traveled up his bare arm to his face. He really did look upset, which came as a surprise. "I don't want you to go."

"Let go of me! You—you have no right to stop me." Onodera blushed at his reaction and attempted to escape Takano's tight grasp.

"Onodera," Takano grabbed his other wrist, the papers in his arms falling carelessly on the floor. He firmly pressed his lips against his, Onodera grunting and trying to struggle free. Takano refused to let him leave the premises, pulling at his wrists toward the couch as he walked backwards, keeping their contact unbroken. He had the advantage since he was taller and stronger than him.

The small editor gasped for air when Takano finally released his mouth. "What the hell are you doing?" he asked angrily. "Let me go!"

"Not until you admit that you still love me!" Takano shot back.

"I don't lo—" his words were muffled by Takano's mouth against his again.

Takano threw Ritsu on the couch and positioned himself on top of him, one leg between his. Onodera immediately felt his hard member pressed against his thigh, suddenly awakening desires he had been trying to suppress all day. He didn't want to admit it, but Onodera kept dreaming about his ex-boyfriend and would often find himself masturbating with him in mind.

He was always able to break free from Takano's advances, but he found it a little difficult this time, even though he still tried to get the taller male off him.

"Onodera..." Takano said softly, slowly letting go of his wrists, which Onodera didn't expect him to do. This was the perfect opportunity to push him off and run away but why couldn't he do it? He saw Takano's features soften as he cupped his face tenderly. "Relax."

"How can I?" he looked away with frustrated eyes, his cheeks still pink. "You're forcing me into something I don't want to do."

"Are you sure about that?" Takano squeezed the bulge in his pants that made Onodera gasp again, which brought an amused grin to his boss's face. "I know you want this just as much as I do." He voice was low and husky as he licked and kissed Onodera's neck, stroking his member gently in his hand against his pants. Onodera squeezes the toned muscles on Takano's arms, his body arching on impulse at his ministrations.

"No. Stop…Takano-san…" Onodera tried to protest, but his words lacked conviction.

It became even more difficult to resist after Takano unzipped his pants and snuck his hand inside, his warm hand making Onodera even harder with each action. A quiet moan escaped Onodera's lips that fully arouse Takano's lustful desires for him, knowing how much he was finally enjoying himself. Takano slid his hand further under and cupped Onodera's balls, massaging them. "No! Takano-san!" he bowed against him but he was blocked by Takano's body still pressed against his.

Takano took one of Onodera's hands and placed it inside his pants. "Touch me," he begged, panting in his ear, his warm breath making his subordinate feel weak. Takano took Onodera's hand and made him stroke his hard-on. He only let go of his hand when Onodera finally started doing it on his own without any assistance from him. Takano could no longer resist and took off his silk pajamas and lifted the man he loved into a sitting position so he could take off his shirt.

"Takano-san…" Onodera stared at his naked body. He was even more amazing to look at from what he remembered.

Takano smirked, unzipping Onodera's pants and removing them with one big tug along with his boxers. He felt embarrassed, exposed in front of him like that, and turned brighter red. Onodera attempted to cover himself by lying sideways, hiding his parts. Takano suddenly got off the couch.

"Wh—where are you going?" Onodera asked confused since he thought this was what he wanted.

The brown-eyed man only smiled at his question and dimmed the lights. The sun was slowly setting over the horizon so it gave the perfect, romantic lighting in the apartment. "Still shy about your body?" Takano chuckled softly.

Onodera had never been comfortable about his body around him so he always wanted the lights turned off whenever they had sex. The young editor blushed again, not thinking Takano would remember something like that from their past. Takano returned and gently lied back down on top of him. "I always loved your body," he whispered, softly pressing his lips against Onodera's.

Takano coaxed Onodera's mouth open and invaded it with his tongue; Onodera's own tongue playing and sucking on his. Takano tasted of beer and cigarettes. Onodera didn't know what suddenly came over him. After his boss's persistence, Takano finally broke down his walls. But, will it last after tonight?

The taller man licked and nibbled on Onodera's earlobe causing another moan to escape his lips. Onodera bit his lower lip as his ex-lover trailed butterfly kisses down his body, resting on one of his nipples, sucking and biting it with his teeth while he played and pinched the other with his thumb and forefinger. Ritsu grabbed his hair, gently pulling it, his body arching again from the sensation Takano elicited on his entire body.

Patiently, Takano's tongue traveled further down, licking his lower stomach, driving his subordinate crazy. Onodera pulled his hair even tighter, making Takano moan against him. He loved it when Onodera had his hands tangled in his dark locks. Takano saw how his cock begged to be pleasured and finally took Onodera's shaft into his mouth.

The editor-in-chief could already taste Onodera's pre-cum on his tongue as he sucked it in an up and downward motion, while massaging his balls again in his hand. He sucked the head of his cock—hard—like a lollipop, then took his entire member into his mouth again. "Ta—Takano-san…" Onodera moaned, his breathing ragged.

Takano suddenly pulled him off the couch and bent him over it, legs slightly apart. Onodera placed his hands on the back rest of the couch for support, still panting heavily. Takano stood behind him, kissing the back of his neck and the small of his back, getting down on his knees. He kissed Onodera's buttocks, and spread his cheeks open, licking, sucking, and flicking his tongue at the small opening in the back.

"Fuck!" Onodera moaned again, gripping the couch with all his might, pushing against the assault that felt so good. Onodera grabbed his own cock and began to please himself while Takano's tongue and saliva stayed focused behind him. It had been so long since Onodera felt such pleasure. Suddenly, he felt a hand come up from in between his legs that took over jacking him off.

He placed his hand back on the couch as Takano did everything he knew he loved done to him. The touch of his big hand stroking his bulging cock and his tongue trying to force itself in and out of his anus made him want to come so badly! "Ta—Takano-san…I can't take…much more of this," Onodera said in between ragged breaths.

Onodera finally turned around and made his boss stand. It was now Onodera's turn to please him. He took Takano's own bulging cock into his mouth, taking as much of it as he could, his tongue moving around its contours before he began sucking on it forcefully. Takano felt so big in his mouth. He placed his hands on Takano's hips to keep him still while he sucked, his head bobbing back and forth in a smooth rhythm that drove his ex-lover crazy.

Takano moaned from deep within his throat from the pleasure Onodera's mouth was ministering—one hand pulling his hair with his head tilted back toward the ceiling, thrusting his member into his mouth, in sync with Onodera's movements. "Fuck! Ritsu…I missed your mouth around my cock...so much," he growled again.

Like Onodera, he couldn't take it much longer since he had been waiting for this moment for so long. Takano bent Onodera over the couch again and inserted himself into him, both men moaning at the same time at the penetration. Takano hugged his love's body close to him as his hips thrust deep into the object of his affection. Onodera started stroking his own cock again to make himself cum faster, Takano thrusting even harder in him which meant he was going to cum soon as well.

"Fuck…Ritsu…I'm…cumm…ing…" he struggled to say.

Onodera only moaned at his words, which triggered his own climax. "Senpai!" he yelled out in ecstasy, shooting his seed on the couch while Takano exploded inside of him, his seed trickling between Onodera's legs and onto the floor.

They both collapsed on the couch, panting from the heat and exhaustion of their sinful act. Takano held Onodera tightly in his arms as they lay quietly together. Onodera felt too tired to resist or move and actually didn't mind being held by him. It stirred old familiar feelings deep within him. Takano was the first to get up, hovering over him with a smile.

"What?" Onodera turned away, blushing once more, annoyed with the goofy smirk on his face.

"So, you do still love me."

"What? I never said that!" he protested. Takano took his subordinate's cock in his hand and licked the remaining white liquid from it. "Sto—stop that!" Onodera struggled to push him away since he still felt sensitive from their intense love-making.

"Mmm...you taste sweeter than ever," the editor-in-chief softly laughed, going into the kitchen to get a damp cloth to wipe off his own mess. "You better get cleaned up."

"I know that..." Onodera grumbled. There was cum on the floor and on the couch but luckily, none on his clothes that were scattered around the floor. He grabbed them, quickly escaping to the bathroom. He decided to take a quick shower to make sure every nook and cranny of him was cleaned.

The semi-cold shower also felt good in the summer heat. By the time he returned to the living room, Takano was in his pajama bottoms again, cleaning the mess they made with some sort of cleaning product. The smell in the room was also different. He must have sprayed air freshener to get rid of the smell of sex in the apartment.

"I'm leaving," Onodera announced quietly, picking up his edits off the floor. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"You're not going to still see Hasegawa are you?" Takano had a displeased look on his face again.

"Well…I still have time to meet him," he answered back, Takano following him to the door.

"Onodera…" he placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Stop it, Takano-san, please." Onodera spun around, frustrated. "Stop worrying about him. If it will ease your mind, he's actually married. She happens to be out of town for business this weekend so he wanted to grab a drink with a friend. Okay?" He opened the door, almost colliding into someone who was about to knock. "Yokozawa-san!" Onodera was startled to see him just as Takano's old college friend and also ex-lover was to see him standing by the doorway.

"What are you doing here Onodera?" he glowered. Yokozawa Takafumi was carrying groceries that Onodera noticed he was gripping onto tightly, the whites of his knuckles showing. Yokozawa saw the edits tucked under Onodera's arm and scoffed. "Still can't do anything by yourself, Onodera?"

Takano rolled his eyes at the comment and wasn't that interested in seeing the Sales Manager of their company at his doorstep right now.

"I…I was just leaving. Have a good night." Onodera quickly bowed and walked as fast as he could back to his place. Luckily, it was only a few feet away.

"Wait, Onodera," Takano called after him. After telling Yokozawa to wait for him inside, he left the door ajar.

Onodera slowly turned around, his face still hot from the brief interaction. Yokozawa's grim look toward him hadn't faltered even when he finally disappeared into the apartment. Takano walked passed Onodera's apartment toward the end of the hallway and opened a small electrical box against the wall. He flipped a few switches and closed it again. "There. So you don't die in your apartment tonight," he winked at him.

He didn't understand what Takano meant and proceeded to own apartment. Upon entering, he heard the air conditioning on full blast, the sweltering heat in the room subsiding. He was relieved that he didn't have to spend another night soaking wet from the heat. Had he known earlier that the electrical box was right outside his door Onodera would have fixed the blasted problem on his own hours ago!

Then, it finally hit him. Onodera groaned at the realization, wanting to strangle Takano. "Takano-san, you bastard!" he yelled at the wall they shared, not caring if he couldn't hear him. "You knew flipping that switch was all it took to fix my air conditioning yet you made me stay in your apartment! And do…that with you." Now he understood what that wink of his was for. "I will never admit I love you. Never!" Onodera threw his edits on the glass table and stomped out of his now cooled apartment to meet Hasegawa, looking forward to more than one drink.


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