My favorite book by Ellen Hopkins is Burned, even though I read it last out of all her books it is by far the best. I really felt betrayed at the end though, it made me upset. So instead I'm going to try to continue it and change a couple things. Disclaimer I am in no respect Ellen Hopkins, she is a beautiful amazing writer and I just do want to let Burned end that way. I am never going to be as good but its nice to try to get a crack at it. Alas happy reading. It starts off with Pattyn and Ethan driving, running away, so to speak.

I Have a Lot of Time to Think

while Ethan drives carefully on the ice slick roads.

Don't want to talk to him right now; I want him focused on the road,

No need for an accident in these kinds of conditions.

I'm on edge, not only could there be police hunting us, the weather is not helping us escape.

Were we escaping?

Yes, I was escaping.

Some might call me selfish for doing this.

Leaving my sister's and mother with an abusive alcoholic man.

But what else could I do? I hate that man, all I ever tried to do was love him, but he didn't return it, he only beat the living hell out of me with drunken rage.

If I wanted to figuratively and physically live I had to run away with Ethan.

Figuratively, because I knew I couldn't live without him especially not now, like Aunt J said you only have forever love once. And by no doubt in the world Ethan is and always will be the other half to my heart and my forever love.

Physically because by no hesitation, my father would beat me to death, to punish me for my sinful ways.

It's not a sin in my eyes or Ethans. We knew what we were doing and we loved each other so it wasn't wrong… was it?

The fact is I have no idea what were going to do. What's in store for the future, or how our little family will get by.

But I do know one thing, and that is that I am burned. Branded by my family's dysfunction and a social pariah.

Red hot, and burning, there's no way to escape my past. Only looking to the future and hope the burn will eventually cease to exist.

Hope is only a small fraction of what I need, the other is Ethan and our baby tucked away in my belly, to heal my branded heart.

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