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Waiting for Ethan to Return

I lay on the bed in the hopes that my rolling stomach will settle. A couple weeks

ago I have really started experiencing the full force of pregnancy. Especially the

morning sickness and mood swings. Let's say being pregnant hasn't been a bit kind to me

and I haven't been a bit kind to Ethan.

I haven't eaten in days despite his pleas. The nausea never seems to go away; I can't even keep a glass

of water down. And if Ethan is able to coax a couple bits of food down my throat

it always comes back up in a few minutes. And the mood swings hit me hard too. One minute I

will be happy and bright the next minute I'm crying and wishing I was dead.

All Ethan can do is hold my hair back when I'm sent to the toilet by my rolling stomach time after time,

calm my anger spells, and console my sadness. I feel bad for putting him through it but

it feels like it's out of my control.

As if on cue my stomach lurches and I am sent to the bathroom for the sixth time

this morning. I dry heave until I just can't anymore. I feel like something is wrong

but I just can't figure out what; pregnant women shouldn't be this sick, should they?

Either way I feel wrong and unsteady with everything that's going on.

All Ethan and I can afford is fast food, which what I do manage to eat still comes up,

so literally I am staving. And I'm not on any prenatal vitamins which are important to a baby's

development. And to top it off I'm actually losing weight. And my head feels

like its full and its hard to think.

It takes me awhile to pull myself of the floor feeling as weak as I do.

Walking back to bed is difficult as well my vision is blurry and I feel kind of dizzy. I remember thinking

if I could just make it to bed I would be okay, but then it just…. all…. goes…..


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