Unicorns and Such

"Tell it to me again!"

"I'm glad my pain amuses you, House, but I know what I saw."

"Why were you standing on the file cabinet anyway?"

"I told you. I was changing a light bulb in the track lights."

"New invention, Wilson, it's called a step ladder."

"Which YOU left on the balcony, and the rain rusted it."

"So … where was the penguin again?"

"It was a FLAMINGO, House. It landed on the balcony – by the rusty ladder ..."

"And the force of its landing knocked you on your butt?"

"It … surprised me. I stepped backwards and went too far."

"I always miss the good stuff!"

"Yes, it was quite entertaining. Next time I break a bone I'll invite you to the show."

"Please do! Front row seat! Maybe you could ride in on a unicorn?"

"Shut up and turn up the tv volume, the news is starting."

***"Zoo officials and City Animal Control Officers spent three hours this afternoon rounding up a flock of exotic birds after vandals broke into their enclosure at the Princeton Wildlife Park-" ***