Cheaters Never Prosper

By: TracyCook

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Couple: Emma/Terri

Rating: M

Chapter 15


The silence that filled the dining room was awkward, to say the least. Emma's mother and father were sitting on the opposite side of the table from them, and they were concentrating harder on eating their food than attempting to start a conversation. In fact, it seemed that they did not wish to speak with the two women at all.

Terri could tell that she was not welcome.

Emma jumped and let out a soft squeak as she felt something travel along her knee, before squeezing down on it. She glanced over to look at the blonde sitting beside her, brown eyes wide with shock as she realized that the sudden pressure was her girlfriend squeezing her knee beneath the table. She went through many emotions all at once. First and foremost was worry and anxiety, she wanted to pull away, but then she started to feel comfortable under the touch, and finally she started to enjoy it and find comfort in it.

She was growing more and more comfortable in her own body every day, and she knew that despite what her parents thought, she owed that entirely to Terri Schuester.

"So, Tammy was it?"

"Terri." She corrected bitterly.

"Oh right, Terri." Emma's father said with a smile. "What is it that you do for a living? I mean, I assume that you have a job that is sufficient to take care of our freaky-deaky over here." He nodded toward his daughter.

Terri felt the councilor's muscles tense beneath her hand and she gently traced her fingers along her knee, soothing the muscles and calming her. "I am actually the manager at a local store, you may have heard of it, Sheets N' Things." Her voice held more confidence than she actually possessed, she was fully prepared to be torn down by her girlfriend's parents and that terrified her. She hated criticism.

Emma's parents exchanged a look of disbelief before laughing disrespectfully. They obviously were not impressed by her current employment. "Is that so? You are a manager at a store, and you expect to marry our daughter?"

"Marry?" She asked, blue eyes widening in shock. She was not yet prepared to marry anyone again.

"Well yeah, I mean, you are going to marry her right? This isn't just some fling to you, is it?"

'Oh god… these people are seriously deranged… I haven't been with Emma long enough to even think about marriage…' Terri had no idea how she was supposed to respond to the question, so she just spoke her mind. "I care about your daughter and I would never lead her on, if that's what you think. But, I'm not really ready for marriage."

Emma found herself looking from her parents to Terri, back and forth for the duration of the conversation. Her parents were being absolutely ridiculous. She internally prayed that the blonde would not be scared off and never speak to her again. Emma would be lying if she said that she was not prepared for marriage, because honestly she had been waiting to get married her entire life, but she knew that Terri and her were not ready for that yet.

She did not want the other woman to think that they had to elope.

"But, you do see yourself with her for a long period of time?"

"Yes, I do." Terri admitted with a soft smile as she turned to catch those large brown eyes with her own. She could see the overwhelming worry behind them, but she could also see the compassion and the happiness. Emma was happy knowing that the other woman did plan to have a long term relationship with her. That this was more than revenge, or a mission, or marriage even, this was love.

Emma's parents exchanged another look that made both girls uneasy. "I guess it could be worse. You could be a girl who is not only a virgin, but also has obsessive compulsive disorder, giving advice to a bunch of horny teenagers for a living."

"Oh sweetie, that isn't fair—" Her mother tried to stop him from insulting the councilor, but her interruption did little to stop him.

"—Of course it is! I mean how pathetic, what in the world could she possibly contribute to those children? They probably know more about life than she does. Am I right, Emma?" He asked, wearing a smirk as his eyes caught Terri's. He was enjoying making his daughter uncomfortable and that really upset the outgoing woman. If she were not trying to make a good impression on them, she probably would have stood up and screamed at them, before walking out of the house.

Emma stared across the table at her father, and she tried to think of what to say in response. It was the truth. He was right. She usually did not contribute much to the children, but she liked to believe that their lives were better having her in them to speak with. Sometimes that was all people needed, someone to talk to.

"I-I um—I mean, it is—" Emma tried to defend herself. Suddenly she felt overwhelmed with the contact on her knee and moved away from Terri's hand. "I should um—I should probably uh-clean up." She moved to stand but her girlfriend stopped her.

"What the hell is wrong with you people?" She finally caved. Allowing people to walk all over her without saying a word was difficult enough, but there was no way she was going to allow these people to attack the woman that she cared for. Not when it was probably their teasing that had made it so difficult for her to get over her disorder, in fact they had more than likely only caused it to intensify.

"What did you just say to me?"

"I asked what the hell is wrong with you people." She repeated, glaring across the table at them. Her hands were shaking and her voice held obvious anger. Terri was still holding back though. "I mean, you both tease her endlessly for her disorder and treat her like shit. Do you think that you are really helping her with her problem? Can't you see that you are only making her feel worse about herself?"

"Don't you dare tell us how to raise our daughter! It is easy for you. You have only been with her for a short period of time; you don't understand how difficult it gets to deal with her problem. We thought that we could handle it, and we did, for some time, but eventually she needs to grow out of this."

"First of all, someone needed to tell you how to take care of your daughter, because you are doing a shitty job at it. Second of all, you are wrong about that."

"Really, now? Wrong about what exactly?"

"You are wrong if you don't think that I understand how difficult her disorder can be." Terri stated bluntly. She could already feel the tension and anxiety surrounding the woman beside her, so she further explained. "I may not have known her over her entire life, but I do know her, maybe better than you both, and I know that she is getting better. That she is happy when she is with me. That she smiles brighter and her eyes sparkle with excitement. I would never not be able to handle her flaws 'cause honestly I love them, and everything else makes her worth it to me."

"So, that's what you are trying to do then. Save our daughter?"

"No. I am not trying to save her. Even if I was trying to save her, it would only be because she saved me. I mean I don't even know when I last cared so goddamn much about someone to make some corny speech about them being worth it. Maybe I never have."

He stared the blonde down, crossing his hands and watching her closely. As if he was attempting to read her. Finally he asked a question that seemed completely random. "Have you?"

"Have I?"

"Have you ever been in love before? Cared about someone like you do my daughter?"

Terri thought about it for a moment and she realized that she probably did care for Will like this at one point in her life, back in high school. She must have or she wouldn't have married him right? Perhaps it had always been because of the popularity and that it was what had been expected of her.

"I'm not really sure. I actually got married right out of high school and I never had the chance to experiment or date many people. Sometimes I think that I married him because it was expected of me. We were happy in high school and all of our friends and family thought we would get married, so we did, but I don't think that I was ever as happy with him as I am with your daughter. So, I guess the answer to your question is no."

"You're married?" Emma's mother asked in an appalled tone of voice.

"Was married, we got a divorce." 'Ironically because he wanted to start dating Emma…' She thought to herself, but of course she kept that part hidden. Although, she could tell that Emma was thinking similar thoughts.

"Who was the man that you were married to, if I may ask?"

"I'd rather not say." Terri tried to keep the answer to herself, knowing that Emma's parents had probably met Will when they had been dating, and knowing that this would only give them more ammunition to attack her with.

"I insist." She pressed on. She was able to tell that the blonde woman was hiding something from them that she did not feel comfortable sharing, and that only made her want to know more.

Terri cast her blue eyes to the young woman sitting beside her. She needed to know what she should do, if Emma wanted to tell them that she was her ex-boyfriends, ex-wife. She was unable to hide her shock when the councilor shrugged her shoulders, wearing an expression that said that she could tell them if she wanted to.

"My ex-husband is Will Schuester. He works at the high school with your daughter."

"Works with her? Is that what you tell yourself? We know Will; he is the one that she was dating before you. He was not perfect, but I can safely say that I would prefer it if she was still dating him."

"Well than it's a good thing that you aren't the ones that get to choose who she dates, because I care about your daughter and I will actually take care of her, instead of cheating on her with some slut because she doesn't put out right away."

They both looked shocked, as did Emma, who was looking from her girlfriend to her parents. She was terrified as to how they would respond to what Terri had said. Would they get angry with her? She did not have much experience with standing up to her parents, so she did not know how they reacted to retaliation.

Emma's mother looked to her daughter, showing slight compassion as she asked. "He cheated on you, sweetie?"

"Um—well, yes."

Terri glared at Emma's mother as she stood to her feet and walked around the table in an attempt to comfort her daughter. She realized that the older woman did not actually touch Emma out of fear of how she would react, and it sickened her. They had inhibited this behavior and undoubtedly made Emma feel as if she did not belong. They treated her like a freak. "Maybe you guys would have known that if you actually cared to talk to your daughter, not just talk at her. She is a human being and she deserves to be respected."

"As do you."

Terri was about to respond with a snide comment, but she lost her voice in her throat as she realized that he was complimenting her. He was saying that she deserved to be respected. But why would he say something like that. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that I was wrong about you Terri." She smiled proudly when he used her correct name. "Maybe you are more than capable of taking care of my daughter, maybe you are capable of actually loving her, and that is what she needs. This will take some time to get used to, and I do not wish to see anything physical, but I respect you and I give you my blessing."

Tears welled in her blue eyes and she quickly pushed them away, not wanting to show how much their acceptance meant to her. She hated showing her emotions and lately she had been showing them all of the time. It made her feel vulnerable and pathetic.

"Thank you."

"Welcome to the family."


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