A.N. I know what you're probably thinking, "Why is she starting something new when she hasn't finished anything she's started to write yet." The answer is that once an idea starts swimming it doesn't stop circulating until I eventually start writing it out. This is kind of sort of based on the Korean television show "We Got Married" however I'm tweaking what I've seen of the show and I'm going to write it my way. Also I have a hard time with punctuation, tenses, and grammar so if you have problems with those things this is your heads up that I've got them. I apologize in advance for any errors I make, and I hope that you enjoy reading this.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any recognizable content. They belong solely to those who created them in the first place.

"I hate you." Venom spread through the words looping them together to form an arrow to drive straight into his heart.

"I hate you more." He hoped that his words penetrated the blonde hair which had been styled in a way that needed enough hairspray in it to smother a whale. The table was small with a bouquet of roses in the middle of it and two chairs next to each other. They'd pushed the chairs as far away from each other as they possibly could while still giving off the couple feel.

"Did you even brush your hair today?" She snapped pushing a lock of her hair away from her eyes and letting the over head lights hit the jewels on her manicured nails.

"The show is starting soon." Mike Newton, the male host of the show said running a comb through his hair and trying to smile in a way that girls found dashing. Neither of the two at the table mentioned the fact that he had something on his teeth.

The lights on the set went down slowly leaving spots dancing across the eyes. The chattering audience slowed their conversations and were almost silent when the the opening credits played on the two big screens on either side of the tables where the actors sat.

"I'm Mike Newton," He smile looked disgusting on the big screen, the speck on his teeth projected to hundreds of times bigger, "And this is 'We Got Married' the show where we take actors, musicians, and models and we put them together to form married couples" The producer made a motion to Mike about his teeth and the speck but the idiot leaned against his table, too close to the venomous blond.

"For those of you who tuned in last week you'll know that the Hale-Cullen pair doesn't seem to be working out. For those of you who missed it we'll show you a short clip of last weeks show we compiled together." The lights went down again and the screens started to light up the room.

"Get off my chair." Rosalie angled her body away from Mikes, but that put her closer to Edward. She hated this show

"You have something in your teeth by the way." she called as Mike walked away.

The room on the screen was full of boxes and bins it was cluttered in a way that moving always is. The couches were red, there were pictures of Rosalie already hung up on the wall. The house was two stories, the kind where most of it is made of glass or glass like substances.

"You can have that bedroom in the corner behind the stairs." Rosalie didn't look up from her laptop. "It looks out onto the pool. You can also use the kitchen but the rest of the house is mine so don't go there." the clip rolled showing arguments, Rosalie storming up stairs and slamming her door, and then Edward putting all of his things in the u-haul truck.

"Since things didn't go so well for you two we've decided to annul your marriage and try again with a better match." Mike had gotten rid of whatever was on his teeth by this time but he couldn't get rid of the mustard stains from his tie and when he threw his arm over in the direction of a curtain the yellow stains popped uncomfortably against the lavender tie. Edward felt sorry for him for a moment before Mike threw wounded eyes in the direction of the curtain.

Two bodies didn't fit through the door at the same time, though the first person through the door was draped in a veil leaving her face hidden behind the opaque fabric. The dress had two lacy straps that clung to the shoulders delicately starting and ending at the shoulder blades. The top of the dress was beaded and modest but still gave the image of sex appeal. It wrapped around giving a hint at cleavage before sweeping inward and to the left side where it draped her hips before sloping in a long line to the floor, ending in a short train. There wasn't a distinct click of heels, and what little jewelry there was was elegant on slim wrists.

One of her manicured hands wrapped around a bouquet of sunflowers while the other reconnected with the bulky muscles on the other figures arms. Edward recognized the groom instantly as his friend Emmett but the lady was still beyond his recognition.

"If Rosalie and Edward would come and join us we'll have you return your wedding rings and get you set up with your new spouse." Mike's voice sounded nasally and Edward was more than happy to drop the cool silver ring back into his open palm. He moved to stand next to the mysterious person they had arranged for him and tried to compare her height to others he'd met before. She was 5'7" and he stood over her at 6 foot. She was curvy, but still slim and from what he could see there were no tattoos or any other distinctive sign to tip him off.

Edward looks at Emmett trying to get a hint from him. Despite the fact that he was "marrying" the woman of his dreams Emmett looked like he always did. Massive, curly haired, and like a total goofball. Rosalie looked bored standing next to Emmett, except for the nervous tempo her finger tapped against the white of the dress Edward had "married" her in a week ago.

The wedding march started even though both couples stood in front of Mike who would play the part of the priest in their wedding. "We are gathered here today to join these two couples together in holy televised matrimony. If anybody objects to why they should marry then they can find the exits to the back of the room." He grinned at his own lame joke and turned to face Emmett and Rosalie. Edward didn't care about their marriage, the "I do" came and went and then Mike was looking right at Edward with eyes filled with jealousy. Mike made a motion for Edward to flip the opaque veil onto the top of his brides head.

The fabric was smooth against his hands and although Edward wanted to throw it on top of her head to find out who she was he resisted the urge and slowly he moved up past her chin to her lips, which were red and plump. He wondered briefly how no lipstick had gotten on the veil before he continued past her nose before losing his patience and swinging the veil to rest at the top of her head. Isabella freaking Swan wasn't making eye contact with him, but was staring nervously at one of the buttons on his shirt. Her bangs parted over her left eye, they curled against her face framing it delicately. The rest of her brown hair was pulled up away from her face and left to curl naturally under the veil. Her eyes finally met his and the brown pools swirled with the gold eye liner into warm pools. Her smile was shy but white and perfect. Edward could understand why Mike was jealous of him.

"Do you Isabella Swan take Edward Cullen to be your lawfully and televised husband?" Mike's voice held the hint of dread he must be feeling.

"I do." Her voice was loud and steady despite the shaking in her hands.

Edward squeezed her hands and waited for Mike to stop talking before answering. The ring he slipped onto Isabella's finger wasn't like the rock Rosalie had chosen. The ring itself had a slim band and a single diamond cradled between a crossed section.

"You may kiss the bride." Even if it was a television wedding the kiss always happened. Edward had kissed Rose on the cheek. This time however he swooped forward and planted his lips firmly on hers before lacing his fingers with hers and taking her to the table that was set up.