Authors note: Thank you to everyone whose read We got Married so far. This is a 4th of July present for you all, though some of you might not be in the America area =] either way this is a present for you.

When Edward pulled onto the road where Bella's house sat he had to park on the street because another car had taken the spot that was his. He examined the black car with tinted windows, and headed for the door. Even if it was their marriage house he didn't feel right just walking in without knocking.

He bounced on the balls of his feet and rocked back and forth waiting for the door to be answered. He hadn't seen Bella since the end of the last show. She'd smiled at him, though her eyes still looked sad.

"I should have told you more about the house before you just agreed." Her phone had rung and she'd excused herself muttering something about her manager, and he watched as she walked to the corner and talked in a low voice that was lost over the hum of the audience and crew. After that Edward had been pulled away from the set forcibly by Rosalie who lectured him for an hour before she needed to take a breath. By the time she was done lecturing Bella had already left.

The woman who answered the door had long brown hair, and behind a pair of red rimmed glasses her grey eyes looked into Edward's. She smiled at him and stepped out of the doorway to let him through.

"Hey Edward, Bella's getting ready," She held her hand out, "My name is Angela and I'm Bella's manager and best friend." Her hand was slim and her fingers were long.

"Nice to meet you." He was confused why Angela was here today. And it must have shown on his face.

"Bella has a concert tonight. She's getting all of her stuff ready to go." Angela reached into a bag and pulled a lanyard with a laminated card on it. She offered it to Edward, who took it confused, "That's your ticket to get in and stick around for the taping and the show."

"Ang have you seen my book?" Bella's voice floated down the stairs before she came into view. Her hair was still wet, but she'd pulled it back into a messy bun. She was wearing a pair of green and black rimmed glasses, a pair of green shorts that fell to below her knees and looked to be made out of sweat pant material. A black tank top peeked through a green and white striped sweater that ended mid thigh. She was wearing black converse with doodles in black and blue ink. She looked casual and when she looked up and finally saw Edward she let a heartbreaking smile loose.

"It's already in your bag Bells," Angela held the straps out to her and Bella grabbed it. Angela and Bella grabbed another couple of bags and headed towards the car.

"Where's the concert at?" Edward asked folding his legs into the backseat next to Bella, Angela and her husband Ben were in the front. Bella's seatbelt clicked and she folded her legs up under her.

"San Francisco." Angela answered from the passenger seat.

"We have a company jet that we use for out of state. We usually don't use it but this concert was a last minute kind of schedule. The company president set it up without checking with us. Which is why our plans have to change." Bella answered flipping a page in a thick book she balanced on her knee.

"How often do you end up using the Jet?" Edward angled his body towards Bella, leaning his head against the cold tinted glass.

"Since I started singing three years ago I've used it one other time." She closed the book and angled to look at him, "there are some of the other talents at the company that use the Jet every time they have to drive an hour." By the way Bella said the last part he could taste the disgust on the tip of his tongue.

"That bad huh?" Edward was amused.

"Have you ever met Lauren Mallory? What about Icky Vicky?"
"Who?" Edward was intrigued.

"Victoria Price. You know the red head who kind of follows Lady Gaga's footsteps with the weird costumes and stupid music."

The car was parked and they were loaded onto a sleek jet, though Bella stopped Edward from sitting in certain seats. "Mile high club" was her excuse as she pointed to weird stains in the area. She ushered him to a safe row where they settled in for the short flight they'd have. Edward felt better about what he'd said last week, and he learned how to edit himself in front of the camera. There was something about casual Bella that put him at ease. And for one of the first times in his career he didn't feel the pause his heart usually went through when the wheels of the plane lifted them into the air, or touched onto the ground.

Traffic was terrible despite the fact that most people should have been at work. They zig zagged through the busy rush. Edward was forced to change into tight pants, a sweater vest, a beanie to hide his unruly hair, and a pair of black framed glasses. He kept catching glimpses of himself in the windows of the shops lining the airport hallways. Every time his eyes would meet the stranger in the glass he would mistake that person as a hipster stalker.

Bella's fingers were laced with his and she kept looking around and then beaming back up at edward. She'd added what she called a "skate cap" to her image. Before she'd placed it over her hair it looked like a blob of black fabric someone had thrown into an electric mixer and then turned the machine to high. The hat itself was made of strips of fabric sewn together. There was a little bit of a brim that curved around her forehead. The hat looked like a basket. The kind of basket Edward would rather not see again. It looked nice on Bella but there were hundreds of she-he-it-male-girls wearing these hats. These were the individuals who gave no impression of their general sex but left it up for you to decide.

The real crowd started outside the airport doors. A limo stretched suspiciously outside the doors and as soon as Bella's foot had stepped outside the air conditioned threshold flashing cameras and shouted questions made the rest of the world melt away. Edward's and Bella's were shouted each anchor waving a microphone in the air, each lens stared unblinkingly at them, waiting for them to glance or look. The sounds swirled together ebbing and crashing against his ears. He felt the bodies of the security guards pushing against his, jostling it uncomfortable.

There was a spot that Edward couldn't pinpoint, that was filled with warmth. Where the nerves stood on edge, and where the meaning of life and all of the universe rounded. A startling cool rubbed along the edge of the space pushing and pulling the awareness of the world with it. A tightening of the space, a pull. Edward watched as the back of Bella's head flowed into his view. She was pulling him towards the open car doors, her hand locked in his still.