The dreaded, yet informative author's note:

Hey, guys! Sorry it took so long to update. I was working on what was originally going to be a new chapter for this fic, but it became so long and involved that I decided to make it a fic just about that concept. I just posted it today. It's called "Nowhere Near Normal" and features plot elements of "Dudley Dursley's Sassy Gay Friend," along with themes from a musical I am rapidly becoming obsessed with called "Next to Normal."

It can be read here: s/9942055/1/

In it, Petunia seeks therapy. With the strange, unbelievable secrets she's been carrying around, the results of unburdening herself may not be as universally positive as one might think. Events of the story lead her to question her own sanity, along with coming to terms with being a Muggle and losing her sister. Vernon tries to hold the family together as their carefully-constructed "normal" life falls apart. Harry and Dudley grow apart as Petunia's mental health fluctuates, neither of them knowing how to make her well again. Harry receives his Hogwarts letter as Dudley navigates the ups and downs of having his first girlfriend.

It will probably be four chapters when I finish. I have one chapter up so far, and I am almost done with the second. I promise you, it is well worth the read.

Sorry for the author's note. But now you have an entirely new fic filled with flamboyantly gay Harry and random musical numbers instead of just a measly chapter.

Thanks for reading, reviewing, and favoriting.