Getting a little out of order here; randomly inserting some missed moments in the DDSGF series. Hope you enjoy!

Drabble 1: The Invisibility Cloak

Harry Potter enjoyed a reputation as a tidy, rather fastidious infant. Never fussy. Not fussy at all. However, he did not tolerate dirt, grime, grease or clashing patterns, and he made sure to use his limited vocabulary and limitless lung capacity to let everyone within earshot know this.

As vocally as Harry disliked ugly, out-of-season, and knock-off accessories, he was just as outspoken in his appreciation for beauty, good taste and sparkles. One thing that had all three was a shimmery piece of fabric, the corner of which was poking out of a dusty old cardboard box in the corner of his parents' room.

Being the curious, fashion-forward, currently unattended infant that he was, Harry grabbed at the material and gave a mighty tug. Harry pulled so hard that when the fabric finally became dislodged from the box, along with several other items Harry paid no attention to, the infant fell backwards onto his chubby bottom in an embarrassingly inelegant manner. But, he reasoned, his newly-acquired, fabulous accessory more than made up for it. This wonderful, shimmery, sparkly… something could make a Tasmanian devil look like a graceful ballerina prince of ponies… however such an indescribably graceful being would look. He immediately covered himself with the wonderful, silky material.

He heard three pairs of footsteps headed towards him. Wonderful! He couldn't wait to show off his fabulous new outfit! Harry stood up as gracefully as he could without letting any of the wonderful fabric fall off of his small body. He was surprised by how well he was able to see through the silky material and by how light it felt on his tiny frame.

His mama and dada entered the room, both engaged in a conversation with a man who had a beard that would turn Father Christmas green with envy.

"Harry?" his mother asked in concern, her green eyes anxious. "I could have sworn I left him in here playing. Where could he have gone?" She bent over, looking under the bed while his father opened the door and looked in the closet. Harry huffed and put his hands on his hips. Didn't they recognize him in this fantabulous outfit?

The old, bearded man's eyes twinkled as he approached where Harry was standing. He patted the infant kindly on the head, then whipped the silky fabric right off the fashionable infant.

"Harry!" both his parents cried, as though they have not seen him in a long time. Sure, they're going to ignore his brilliant fashion choices, and then act happy to see him after his new garment was stolen from him. Parents just don't understand. As much as Harry loved his mama and dada, sometimes, Harry secretly dreamed of not having parents and being free to show the world his own fashion choices. He would be a worldwide fashion sensation! But, he knew, as his father squeezed him and his mother kissed his forehead, that it was not to be.

"Weren't you asking to borrow that cloak last week, Albus?" Harry's father asked, gesturing towards the shiny fabric in the old man's arms.

"Indeed, I was, James," said the old man. "I would be most grateful if you would allow me to examine it for a few days."

"No problem," said James, while ruffling his son's hair.

So, the old man wanted that shiny silk something, did he? Well, let him have it! If Harry was any judge, he'll wear it once, see how horribly it clashed with that long, snowy white beard, and hurry to return it. It was hard to accept, but one can only wear so many shiny things at once.

Personally, Harry did not care whether or not the old man came to his senses and gave it back or not. Harry would never touch it again, no matter how pretty it looked. He had learned a valuable lesson about power that day- all the power, greatness, and sparkliness in the world means nothing if nobody can see the person underneath. Especially if the person underneath was as fabulous as one Harry James Potter.