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In the country Prussia, there lived a small family in the city of Zerbst. They were the Utonium family. John Utonuim had four daughters, the Utonuim sisters.

The eldest possessed silky, calves long, orange hair held in a high ponytail with a deep pink ribbon, and cotton candy pink eyes. Her name was Blossom Utonuim. She was the most mature and intelligent of the four girls. She can mostly be found with her nose in a book, but that doesn't mean she had no life. She liked to go out with friends, hang with her sisters, and go for long walks.

The second eldest had soft, short, raven black hair that when brushed, just barely brush her shoulders, but is normally kept a shaggy mess (like Kaoru in Powerpuff girls Z), and emerald green eyes. Her name was Buttercup Utonuim. She was a major tomboy. She liked to spend the majority of her time outside, training in fencing and swordsmanship. She also liked to play rugby, go swimming in the pond, wading in the creeks and go horseback riding. Everyone wanted to stay on Buttercup's good side, considering her temper is like an exploding volcano. Even with her tomboy personality, when it was necessary, she could become an elegant and well mannered young lady.

The third eldest possessed glossy, waist long, chestnut brown hair held back with a lavender hairband, and amethyst purple eyes. Her name was Bloom Utonium. She was the calm type of tomboy. She also liked to fence, play rugby, go swimming/wading, and go horseback riding. Though she can keep on a calm composure and a cool head on her shoulders, when she did lose her temper, it's like an imploding glacier, the complete opposite of her hotheaded sister.

The youngest had beautiful, pure blond hair in pigtails on either side of her head, which reached her shoulders, with a slight twist it the bottom, and baby blue eyes. Her name was Bubbles Utonuim. She was the most innocent, elegant and lady like of the Utonuim sisters. She spent most of her time learning proper etiquette and manners. She loved to pick flowers and beautifully arrange them in porcelain vases. Even with all her happy-go-lucky personality, when, it was urgent, she was very reliable.

All four girls were around fifteen years old, roughly the same height, and all had perfectly curved bodies, ripe B-cups, long, slender arms and legs, dainty finger and toes and pale, cool, smooth and flawless skin. Their beauty was legendary all over Zerbst. John had his girls learn fencing, for self defense. Blossom and Bubbles only mastered the basics, while Buttercup and Bloom were fighting legends all over Prussia.

But, even with all these positive qualities, the family remained lowly and not very well known. That's because John is just a mere general in Prussia's vast military. But they didn't complain. They were happy with each others' company and didn't really care about status or wealth. But, Imma Utonuim did, the girls' stepmother did care. She yearned for pomp, fame and wealth all her life. She only married John to bump herself up a little more in society. Her family was an even lower family. In fact, they were more of a middle class family. The girls didn't really like her, nor did any of the other nobles that were the Utonuim family's friends. Her not-so-threatening temper explodes at the slightest things, and it wasn't at all scary. It was childish, shameful, disgusting and annoying.

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