Chapter 15

This is the fifth teen chapter of 'Two Worlds, Collide'


HIM glared down frightfully as he sat on his throne, like a true emperor. Ashley, Marline, Sarah, and Lizzy were put under arrest, and flanked with a row of burly looking guards.

HIM spoke, "You four have been nothing but a nuisance in my court ever since you've met my sons. All you do is try to seduce them, and apparently, you can't accept the fact that they've found others that they love."

Ashley was quivering with fear as she looked around. All four girls' parents had been contacted, and were currently watching everything from the sidelines. Her father looked extremely angry, and her mother was crying.

'Nothing or nobody will save us now, not even our social status or wealth. Maybe I can talk my way out,' "Your Majesty, I…" She was cut off by HIM, "Silence! I don't want to hear a single word from anyone of you." His face showed nothing but irritation and rage.

Calming down a bit, he spoke in a silky voice that sent chills down everyone's spine, including Brick, Blossom, Butch, Buttercup, Bruise, Bloom, Boomer, and Bubbles, "I've easily decided on your punishment. Considering that your families have been loyal to me, and your parents have nothing to do with this, I've decided to strip all of you of all your power and wealth, and have you exiled from all of Russia. If anyone of you four are ever seen again here, you will be beheaded on the spot. "

Marline shouted, "What! You can't do this. We'll be nothing!" HIM snarled calmly, "You four are already nothing. Now, you'll be lower than nothing."

He turned towards the guards, "Get these girls out of my sight, and see to it that they are gone from all of Russia in one week. If not, kill them." The guards bowed, "Yes, Your Majesty," and forcefully dragged the sluts away, them howling in protest, trying to get HIM to reconsider.

HIM turned to a guards next to him, "About Steven, Keep him the coldest dungeon cell for the next two wekks. Then beat and torture him within a inch of him life. Lastly, throw him to dogs. This is the punishment I have decided for him. His parents have already and easily agreed to it."

The guards bowed deeply, "Yes, at once, You Majesty," and walked out of the Throne room and towards the dungeons to carry out orders.

The Russian emperor sighed, then turned to the parents, "I'm terribly sorry, but I had no choice." Marline's mother smiled, tears still shining in her eyes, "I-it's quite alright, Your Highness. You had to do what had to be done. We have objections."

HIM smiled, "Very well. Thank you for being so understanding." He turned to a page next to him, "Escort these four families to the gate. Four carriages will be waiting for them to take them home." The servant bowed, and led the parents away.

The emperor sighed, and smiled towards the boys and girls, "Well, now that that's over, I've been meaning to tell you all something. I've decided to bump up the marriage date to three days, since the wedding preparations have been finished ahead of schedule."

Bubbles was the first to react by drawing Boomer into a tight hug, "Did you hear that Boomie? We're getting married in three days now!" Boomer chuckled, and hugged his bride back, "Yes, Bubbles, and I couldn't be happier."

Blossom smiled, and slightly blushed as Brick kissed her cheek and hugged her, "I'm also very happy. I can't wait." The carrot top giggled, "I can't wait either, Brick," and kissed him on the corner of his mouth.

Buttercup was pulled into a fierce hug by Butch, who whispered, in her ears, his breath ghosting over her ears, causing her to slightly shiver, "What about you, Butterfly? Are you excited, like I am..?" Buttercup's face bursted into a fierce blush, considering she isn't used to all this attention (remember, she and Butch just recently got together), and playfully punched Butch's arm, "Shut up you pervert."

Butch grinned widely, "That may be true, but I'm your pervert, and you love me." Buttercup glared at him, but placed a chest kiss on his cheek anyway, "Shut up."

Bloom hugged Bruise, and he hugged her back. TO anyone else, it would've seemed like an ordinary hug exchanged between friends, but to them, it was the hug that actually got them together (I'll let you imagination run wild and let you guys tinker with that situation). Bruise smiled in Bloom's hair, "I'm so happy to have met you, and I'm even happier that I'm getting married to you in just three days."

Bloom smiled, a light pink blush dusting her face, "I couldn't be happier," and placed a deep kiss on his lips. Bruise was more than happy to return the favor.

HIM clapped his hands, "Alright, that's enough of that. We'll begin the preparations tomorrow. For now, why don't we all get some sleep? You lot must be exhausted having to fight an entire army tonight."

The boys escorted their brides to their wing, kissed them good night, and split for the night

The next two days were absolutely pandemonium within the palace. Seamstresses were practically torturing the eight for fittings, fabrics of all kinds were imported for the clothing, new furniture was also bought form all sorts of different countries, invitations were sent out to the four corners of Russia, the cooks were working day and night preparing the wedding banquet, and most of all, it took five of Russia's best pastry chefs to make the wedding cake, since it was going to a quadruple wedding

The girls' finally got their wedding dresses from the seamstresses. They were made of the finest, whitest, purest silk ever made, with sparkling gems of all kinds woven into the fabrics.

Blossom's gown was a strapless, very tight around the waist, but loose and flowing at the bottom, shards to pearl woven into the bottom, the entire thing embroidered with Honiton lace, a fancy diamond-ruby necklace around her bare neck, ruby earrings carved into the shape of roses glittered from her ears, the engagement ring Brick gave her was properly polished, sparkling on her ring finger, and a pair of stiff but lovely and comfortable white high heels with soft white rabbit fur lining.

Buttercup's dress was slightly tinted lime green, a spaghetti strapped dress, with light emerald shards woven in flower designs all over the piece, embroidered with Binche lace, an emerald-diamond necklace around her neck, teardrop emerald earrings dangling from her ears, the emerald engagement ring Butch gave her brightly sparkling on her finger, and a pair of silk slippers embroidered with white roses.

Bloom's gown was barely tinted amethyst, a comfortable fit around her chest, a seemly sparkling sash around her waist, with light shards of amethyst skillfully woven into the fabric in beautiful peony designs, an amethyst-pearl necklace around her neck, amethyst earrings carved into the phoenix shapes dazzling from her ears, the engagement ring Bruise gave her professionally sheened, glittering on her finger, and a pair of slippers matted with a pair of white pompoms.

Bubble's dress was tinted blue, but looked like a sparkling white in the light, the sleeves at her upper arm, revealing her shoulders, with light shards of sapphires woven into the pattern of the Russian court symbol: the mighty eagle (I just made that one up, I don't know if the Russian court had a symbol or not, so bare with me) a sapphire-pearl necklace around her neck, along with a navy blue chocker with three teardrop sapphires dangling from it, teardrop pearl dazzling from her ears, the engagement ring Boomer gifted her, polished beyond perfection, sparkling on her finger and a pair of tinted blue heels embroidered with the eagle.

All in all, the girls looked even more beautiful, and dazzling than they did when they attended the ball, if that was even possible. Buttercup sighed, "I can't believe I'm getting married today."

Bubble's maid was doing her nails, "I know, isn't it wonderful? I've always knew you would fall in love with Butch. He seems like your type." Blossom chuckled while Bloom laughed, as Buttercup blushed harshly, "Shut up Bubbles."

Bloom's maid adjusted her veil, "At least we all fell in love, especially you Buttercup." Blossom saw where this was going, and quickly dismissed all the servants and maids. Buttercup's eyes shot open, "W-what..?"

The younger brunette smiled warmly, "I see you smile, with no pain anymore. Your happiness is completely, pure and serene. The hole Ace left in your heart in now gone, all thanks to Butch. Thanks to him, you're happy, and so are we."

The ravenette looked at all her sister, and they all had that same serene, smile on their face, not bursting with healthy joy, but not burdened with regret and guilt. It was completely pure, avoided of any type of pain. That's how Buttercup felt at the moment: serene, calm, happy, as if a huge burden she had been carrying all her life, had been lifted off. The green Utonuim smiled, a tear of joy at the corner of her eye, "Thank you all, for being there for me. I am with Butch, and that makes me happy, so you three can be happy too."

Blossom hugged her younger sister, "I'm so happy for you, Buttercup. Be happy, let Butch replace Ace, and be joyous." Bubbles grinned, "Now, smile, Buttercup, without pain or misery hindering the beauty of it."

The ravenette did just that. In truth, Buttercup possessed the most beautiful and purest smile of all the Utonuim sister. It was completely hindered when Ace cheated on her, and it formed that extremely scary scowl, but now, it's returned. Just then, a servant came in, "M'ladies, it is time for the wedding. Master Brick, Butch, Bruise and Boomer are already in the church, ready to start the ceremony."

Blossom nodded as the four stood up, "Very well, lead the way," as the girls followed the servant, their long veils covering their faces, considering tradition say that nobody was allowed to see the bride(s) before the actual ceremony, especially not the groom(s).

The grooms were already at the alter, waiting. They were all dressed in a white lacy, button up shirt, a long coat tail in their respective colors, a pair of black pants, and a pair of fancy dress shoes. The high priest was standing there, also waiting. Infact, every guest in the large chapel was waiting for the four brides.

Finally, the trumpets blasted loudly, announcing the arrival of the four brides. One by one, starting with the oldest, aka: Blossom, the four brides came practically floating down the aisle, their veils still covering their faces.

When the girls stood at the alter, next to their fiancé, one by one, the boys lifted the girls' veils, each one completely dazzled at their bride. The priest spoke that regular stuff (I'm too lazy to actually type it out, plus I don't know it) and after all the 'I do's, the couples kissed. After their lips parted, the guests stood up and cheered loudly.

When the party was finally over, the couples moved into the same room, preferably the boys' rooms. The entire palace was racked with loud screams and moans all through out the night.

HIM sighed as he turned in his enormous bed as another scream rang out again ,"I swear, they've just only got married several hours ago, and they're already going at it like in bunnies in heat."

*Time skip, 3 years*

Blossom looked through the large window from her and Brick's bedroom, overlooking the immense gardens. HIM had retired just a year ago, and all four boys were ruling Russia just as well as their father did.

The orange haired vixen watched as five young children were playing outside with Buttercup and Bloom. One of them possessed deep orange hair tied in a satin ribbon, and crimson red eyes. She was Angela, her and Brick's daughter.

Another boy had spiky raven black hair and forest green eyes. He was Kanon, Buttercup and Butch's son

There were a pair of boys that looked quite similar. One had umber brown hair, and amethyst eyes, while the other possessed chestnut brown hair and deep violet eyes. They were Sarron and Leon, Bloom and Bruise's two sons.

The last girl had pure blond hair held in adorable pigtails, and nave blue eyes. She was Helena, Bubbles and Boomer's daughter.

Blossom then heard the door open, and turned to see Bubbles, "Hello Bubbles. You alright?" The youngest Utonuim nodded, "Yeah, I completely over that nasty cold. How are our children doing?" Blossom chuckled, "Come take a look."

Bubbles giggled, "I'm so happy now. I have a brilliant daughter, a handsome husband, and three wonderful sisters and brothers-in-law."

The orange haired woman laughed her bell tinkling laugh, the laugh that made Brick fall head over heels for, "Indeed, life has been good."

That 's the last chapter. I hope you liked it. I may need some ideas for another story. I'm thinking of writing a story for anime, like bleach, or something.