Title: Starnatural
electricgurl aka:calamuse; parttimewriter
Fandom: Supernatural; Stargate SG1/SGA
Pairing/Characters: Dean Winchester; Sam Winchester; John Winchester; Jack O'Neill; Sam Carter; Daniel Jackson; Teal'C assorted others.
Disclaimer: I do not own either Supernatural or SG, I just use the characters and timelines to set my own plot ideas into motion as I'm too lazy to come up with worlds as fantastic as these two.
Rating: PG-13 (cursing)
Category: AU; Action; Suspense; Horror; Supernatural; Fantasy
Word Count: 9,903
Spoilers: Probably some, I would suggest a little bit of knowledge on both shows.
Notes/Warnings: Not Beta'd; currently do not have one...randomness ahead, fair warning.
Summary: A collection of Stargate/Supernatural crossover starts, looking for readers ideas of which they would like to see more about. Summeries of all stories below.

1. RECRUIT: Smart!Dean recruited at the age of 18 to the SGC. AU crossover.
2. Righteous Is The Only Way: Sometimes the only way to fix things is with a little Righteous help.
3. Meeting Their Match: The Winchesters finally meet their match in Law enforcement.
4. Ripple Effect: This time the wraith have a battle when a descendant of the seraph/Ancients tag along with the SGA team. Established SG1!Dean.
5. Experiment: Dean is taken from Earth by Nirrti, what does this hold in store for his family and the SGC? What does it mean for Nirrit when the unlucky group bands together?
6. Job Offering: Dean is offered a job.

A/N: And just so this isn't a intro page here is something that I just randomly thought of...

Don't Touch The Shiny Things

Dean huffed slightly as he followed Sam, he knew that he had managed to piss his brother off for the simple fact that he couldn't keep up with him. The giant was using his impossibly long legs against him and making Dean practically chase after him. It wasn't like he wanted to be transported to where ever they had managed to land, but it happened. He felt for the small blue device that he was still holding onto. After all maybe it just needed to build a charge or something. The two of them had come out in what looked like a city, a beat to shit city, but none the less. Picking a location they had started to walk, after about half an hour they hit a zone where the lighting kicked on when they walked.

"Hey Sammy, look," he pointed ahead of them where the lights were also turning on as if they could read the boys thoughts and knew just where they wanted to go. Sam just huffed at him and marched on, whinnying about older brothers who would be better suited as a crow. Dean would have shared his thoughts but figured for the moment it was better if he kept his mouth shut for the time being. It was about another twenty minutes before they ran into anything else note worthy, but once they did. A group of small marines were headed their way, odd guns if they could be called that pointed at them, calling for them to stop. Both brothers raced their eyebrows slightly but did as they were asked.

"At least they are human,"Dean muttered to his brother, who just grunted back at him, the leader walked forward and eyed them up and down. "Okay boys, we have a lot of people with a lot of questions about just how you got onto this base." Dean grinned, and just shrugged his smirk never leaving his face and he could practically hear the steam coming out of Sam's ears.

"That's good, we have a few questions about where here is," Dean replied as both brothers were taken by the arms and moved along the halls. Lights turning on as they walked and as they moved deeper into the city other things started to turn on also, lights on the walls, buttons that screamed to be pushed but Dean held himself back, sure that he would be shot if he tried. Sam would probably even beat the military dudes to it. Dean moved along letting them think he was just a normal person, as he scanned the building making sure he noted anything worth notice if they had to make a run for it later. Ushered into what looked like an elevator Dean found himself humming a song along with Sam. Both brothers looking at each other before stopping, not seeing the shared look from the marines around them. Dean wasn't a hundred percent sure but he was sure they looked shocked more than anything else.

The rest of the trip was short, both the brothers being moved into what was the nicest interrogation room that Dean had ever seen before and than left along for the moment. It didn't take Sam long to break the silence, "fuck Dean, you just couldn't help yourself!"

Dean just grinned at his brother, "oh come on Sam, I know you love a good conspiracy theory, I got ya one."