Job Offering
Summary: Dean is offered a job.

Location: Unknown, Outside of Colorado Springs
Time: 1100-May 16,1996

Dean sighed softly as he pulled slightly at the cuffs that held his arms together, at least they had been nice enough to put them in the front. Now only if he could get his hands on a paperclip he would be on his merry way. His father and brother never needing to know that he had been picked up after a run of the mill salt and burn. Wasn't his fault it was out in the middle of no where, Dean had read about the deaths, attacks and such around the base. Going back years, just an angry ghost, perhaps a native. Dean really didn't care it was taken care of, he was now focusing at the task at hand.

There was nothing around him that could be used to break the lock on the handcuffs and Dean kicked back, his feet up on the table as he looked around the room He nodded the camera's, two perhaps three, they were well hidden and Dean wondered just where he had been taken after being shocked by some weapon that Dean had never seen before. Which in itself was interesting, there weren't many weapons that Dean had been trained on. He let himself drift in thoughts for a moment before knowing that he wouldn't get anywhere until he spoke with someone he cleared his throat and then started to talk.

"Hello, nice not in anyway creepy kidnappers, think we can have a chat?"

"Sam, I don't get your interest." Jack admitted as he looked into the holding cell, as the boy searched for a way to get out then seemed to kick back.

"Nor do I." Teal'C confessed also, a puzzled tone in his voice. Jack heard the Carter sigh and she fought the urge to roll her eyes, that was the oh can't you see what clearly I see.

"Spit it out Carter," O'Neill stated finally looking over at the Major, waiting for a moment before turning back to look at the young man that was currently calling for a chat. Jack snorted and shook his head. "At least he's semi-interesting."

"He's more then that, his family, well its an odd background. Father was a decortated Marine. Married, had two kids than one night the house is set on fire, wife dies and John Winchester drops off the face of the Earth, swears it was a demon and was going to hunt it down."

"Just what are you getting me into, Sam?"

A few minutes later Dean heard the door open and an older gentleman walked in, a file landing on the table across from Dean and he couldn't help but take a look at it. He wasn't surprised that it was his name on it, what was shocking was the size of said file.

The man held himself with an ease that Dean envied and knew would only come with years of practice, he was good looking; not like Dean was into guys. He just had classical good looks, blond short hair that was slightly peppered with grey hair. From the amount of medal on his chest and shoulder Dean assumed he was high command, and a well hidden shiver ran over his body again wondering just what this place was. His eyes sparkled with amusement that only he knew and Dean couldn't help but think that the man reminded him slightly of his father, he wondered if he had been in the special forces.

"Dean Winchester?" The man asked and Dean simply nodded.

"That would be me,"a smile in return and another gleam in the man's eye. "Colonel Jack O'Neill."

"Nice to meet you, sir." Dean said tacking on sir at the end. His fingers drumming out an old CCR tune on the table. "So, mind telling me what's going on?"

"I've been authorized to give you a job." Dean raised an eyebrow at that, stopping his fingers from drumming and leaned over the desk slightly.

"Authorized to give me a job. Sorry to break this to you but I already have a job."

"Hunting, yes we are well aware of your fathers...habits." Dean narrowed his eyes and found himself moving back into his seat crossing his arms not liking where this was going.

"You don't know anything about me or my father. Now, I wasn't invited out here, so I would really love if you untied me. I have places to be, and not a single one of my plans today had me tied up talking to your lot."

The man seemed to just ignore him and kept talking, "did you know Dean, that the marines have been interested in you, they were going to reach out to you last year in school, but you suddenly went off the radar. It was also before we got a hold of your admission information, there are a great number of people that are interested in seeing if you were like to get a job here instead." Jack said leaving the statement about his father's work alone for the moment. In truth the SGC didn't know much of anything, they just had put a large amount of data together to get as much information as possible at the Winchester boy. There wasn't much on file for the boy, other then his home town, and some random testing that had been done for the lead up to going into his first school. After that the entire family just falls off the grid. The father was the key, which they had used to find as much as they could.

"Oh yeah, and just what would that job be?"

"I'm not that easy my young friend, there is a little bit of paper work you would have to sign before I could say anything else. All I can say is that it would be a challenge, and I can promise you would never be bored."

"What kind of paperwork?"

"Non-disclosure," came the short but cheerful reply. Dean frowned slightly at the short response.

"What about my family? I can't just up and leave them."

"I'm sure that something can be arranged. We can talk about that all later, will you sign the papers?"

"Yeah sure, why the hell not. Not like I really have a choice." Dean muttered watching the older man move slide the paperwork and a pen over to him.

"Now you are getting it," he teased, a bright sparkle in his eyes and Dean hated clever kidnappers.

Location: SGC Sublevel 18
Time: 1300-May 16,1996

Dr. Daniel Jackson was too busy with his latest translation work to hear the door open, which also meant that he didn't hear the two sets of boots walking in. He did however notice the file that was tossed on top of his paperwork, he looked up to see Jack and a young man standing there. Jack while being his normal self had already claimed a seat across from Jackson.

"I brought you a new project." He said before Jackson could ask what was going on, his eyes darted from the file on his desk to the man. Clad in torn jeans, a leather jacket and what appeared to be a few layers of tops, the boy looked much older then he probably was. Short spiky blonde hair was sticking up randomly over his head, his features delicate, which matched the bright green eyes that flickered all over the room. At first glance most would pass the boy over as a nobody, a hick even but when you looked closer Jackson could see the intelligence and desire in his eyes.


"Oh please Daniel, I have other things to do, I just need you to show -"

"Dean." Came the correction from across the room as the boy walked over to them. " is my father."

"Dean, I just need you to show Dean around." Jack said and Jackson raised his eyebrow, it wasn't often that Jack let someone cut him off or correct him without getting a tongue lashing and he knew there had to be more then what met the eyes going on.

"I have this translation from PX-"

"Daniel! It will take a couple hours, show him around here, I'm sure there is someone that you can assign this to. Take him down to see Sam, and then meet up with me in say a few hours time at the gate room. He's been given all the paperwork and the basic run down. I just need you to be my legs, and to convince Mr-Dean here to join up," Daniel really hated when Jack did this to him.

"Fine, but you owe me!" He replied to the already retreating back. Daniel turned back to face Dean who was studying the work on the desk before pointing out the sentence that Jackson had been stuck on for the last few hours.

"You got that word wrong," Dean stated as if it was a matter of fact. "It says, redeemed in God's eyes. Not, abandoned."

Dean was use to being tsked at when he tried to correct someone's work, told that it was wrong and then have the person, normally Sammy hum and haw until realizing that Dean had been right all along. Scrambling over paperwork and humm's was an entire different story, but the look he received unnerved Dean further, it was the same look that Sam got, just when he realized that he had a new fascinating toy to play with.

"How did you know that?"

"Basic Latin," Dean gave in reply, it was only half truth, which didn't make it a lie. "Dad thought it would be useful," another humm was his reply before the Doctor seemed distracted. Mumbling as he fumbled around the desk and handed Dean a tablet that was laying underneath all the stacks of disordered papers.

"Think you can translate this?" The Doctor asked as Dean took it into his hands and flipped it the right way up, which received a smile.

"This isn't traditional Latin," Dean commented looking up for a second before looking back down at the puzzle in his hand, another wide smile directed at him.

"No, no it isn't."

"This would take a while," Dean stated after a few moments of looking it over.

"Could have all the time in the world if you joined us."

Location: SGC Sublevel 21
Time: 1430-May 16,1996

Dean wondered behind Daniel as they made their way down the hall, the underground bunker was more like an active military base. Dean couldn't help but watch in awe as they moved along the halls. Witnessing things that he had only imagined of. They came to a stop outside of a lab, Daniel walking in first, before holding the door open for Dean to join him.

"Carter?" He called to a woman that sat on the far side of the lab, her hair short yet framing her face. Dean had to admit it worked for her.

"Daniel," The woman replied as she turned around to face them, "What can I do for-" She stopped as Dean finally came into view and he waved slightly at her.

"Hey, Dean Winchester," he said with a smirk as she seemed to gather herself within seconds.

"Colonel O'Neill, finally dragged you in I see."

"I guess so, said I should look around, that there was a lot to learn around here."

"Well there is, but you don't look old enough to have the courses needed."

Dean just shrugged slightly, "real life application can speed up the learning curve."

Sam smirked softly at that and nodded her agreement with his statement. Dean wondered if it was that easy to get her onto his side. If he really needed a side, he was just a little over his head at the moment.

"So, what do you do?"

"I'm part of a team, and while I'm not on mission I work for the Air Forces Deep-space radar telemetry."

"Right, I bet that its really important...all those space things."