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Patch POV.

Nora rested her temple on her fist, elbow propped on the tabletop as she answered her Biology test. I finished quick this time, Sex Ed seemed so familiar to me and this seatmate of mine had me far beyond simply getting inspired.

She chewed on her lip as she read her paper. I took a glance at it. Seven more lines, I estimated. Her fingers rubbed against her forehead as she wrote her answer on a blank line. Again, my eyes trailed back to her lips—her balm-less but still damn luscious lips. I imagined those pressed on mine, how they'd feel and taste against my tongue. And then, as if to distract me, the hand from her forehead went down to her right elbow, and then made its way up to her shoulder, as if to cover it from my stare.

But she was doing the exact opposite. Like she was purposely driving me mad as she diverted my attention to every tempting part of a female's body—in her case, every single inch.

I want to touch her skin. To put my hand on her shoulder and trace it lower, and lower

Stop. I warned myself. We're in class, we're in class…

Yeah, we're in Sex Education Class…..

We are in school, dammit! I could hear the Bad Patch and the Good Patch arguing inside my head. I. the Real Patch, shook my head lightly to silence the voices. I leaned back on my chair and stared at the whiteboard in front of the room. When it was peaceful again, I took a glance at Nora once more.

She was wearing a long, gray shirt, which highly complements her grayish eyes, and a black skirt that bring out its contrast from the smoothness and paleness of her thighs.

I bit my lip and suppressed a groan. What kind of being is she, turning me on so easily without even trying? I shut my eyes to distract myself from the girl. Is she a devil bringing me to temptation or a goddess commanding me to bow down before her beauty?

I looked at her as i decide who she is more like between the two. After a moment, a smile crept into my mouth as I realized the right answer.

She's my angel; my own, personal angel.

Slowly, her legs parted to give way to her hand. She reached for the edge of the chair and pulled it to fix the way she sat, her skirt bouncing in the process.

I drew in a sharp breath as I looked away to the door. I can't believe an angel can be this alluring. Why did she even wear a dress? She said she's not comfortable with it. So why, to tempt me or something? Because if that's her goal, she's doing a damn well job.

And just like always, I fly back to daydreaming.

I imagine her soft lips on mine, her hands over my bare chest. I imagine them tracing their way up to the back of my neck as I pull her closer, my hands under her shirt as she press against my body. I imagine reaching for her thighs and lifting them up, and then she'd wrap it around my waist, my crotch hard against hers…

And then, at the corner of my eye, I spotted Nora hyperventilating. I must have accidentally pushed my thoughts into her head. I turned and put my hand on her arm, grinning. "Are you alright, Nora?" I asked. She answered with a sharp shake of the head as she put her hand on her chest, still panting. Panic ruled over me. My hands tightened as they made their way up to her shoulders. "Nora!" I called out more loudly, drawing the class' attention to us.

"What's wrong, Patch?" Coach asked from his table.

"I think she needs her pills," I said, reaching for her bag. Coach began walking towards us. "I got it," I said, opening the can of iron pills and popping two into her mouth. I reached for her water bottle and watched as she grabbed it and took a few gulps. Her breathing slowed. "Oh, thank God," relief started flowing in me again.

"Are you alright now, Nora?" Coach asked.

She nodded. "Almost."

"I think you should go home early, take a rest," He offered.

"No, I'll make it—"

"I'll take her," I interjected. Nora looked up at me, horrified.

Coach turned to face me. "Are you done with the test, Patch?" He asked doubtingly.

"Yeah," I handed him the paper.

"Then you should go. I assume you're done with the test too, Nora?"


Bad liar. I grinned and took the paper from under her arm. "Yes, she is." I gave it to Coach, and he made a thorough check on the paper. Then, he pointed at the door with his thumb. "Out."

We jumped to our feet and got out, closing the door behind us. I turned to see Nora glaring at me, hands over her chest. "You did that, didn't you?" she accused.

"Did what?" I asked as innocently as I could.

"The—" she gestured with her hands shaking at the sides of her head. "Mental pictures in attempt to drive me crazy!"

I stirred her into walking. So do I drive you crazy? I asked into her mind, grinning.

"Yes," she answered quickly "I mean, no, I mean—," I had to laugh. "You are so cocky!" she said, punching my arm lightly. "You do not drive me crazy."

"Oh, really?" I asked in an unconvinced tone, followed by a mental picture of me on top of her in her bed.

"Alright, alright," she snapped. I didn't stop, even adding a few loud noises to make it more realistic. We were almost by the jeep when I spotted her wiping her forehead. I started to laugh.

Suddenly, she pushed me on to the hood, hard enough to cut the mental video off. She was breathing raggedly, hands trembling as they gripped my wrists tight. I saw confusion light her eyes, before they trailed down my body, lower and lower…

to the forming bulge on my crotch.

Shit, I muttered inaudibly under my breath. So much for teasing.

Nora looked at me from under her dark lashes, a mocking smile protruding on her mocking face.

She grabbed junior Patch suddenly, so suddenly that I don't even have enough time to register what she was doing. I failed to hold back my groan.

Her smile grew wider as she licked her lips before biting it down. She held it tighter and moved to line it up with her center. And before I knew it, she was out of my sight.

I stormed after her to the passenger side. "That's it? You're just gonna leave me hanging like that?"

"Why Patch, you do that to me every single day, don't you think I deserve some kind of sympathy here?" she was smirking sexily at me, and I swear to God she looked like a girl version of myself when she smiled that way.

I raked my hair with my hand irritably before turning for the driver's side. But before I could make a step, Nora grabbed my waist from behind and spun me around to kiss my lips. She meant it as a peck, but I held the back of her head to stop her from pulling away. She gave in and kissed me back anyway, pushing her tongue between my teeth. I gladly welcomed her in, and let our tongues play.

I pushed away gently, and looked into her eyes. I climb into the passenger seat and pulled her inside with me.

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