A/N: Something short and vaguely amusing (hopefully) to show I'm not dead yet.

…So, does anyone know where I'm going with this? I can't remember any of the ideas I had.


"Well that went well," Nick commented as he and Jimmy leaned back against a wall.

"Hey, neither of us got killed and the ghost is gone," Jimmy pointed out. "I'd say that's a success."

"Yes, but you're going to be limping for a week or so."

"Like that's any different from usual."

Nick rolled his eyes and slung an arm around Jimmy's shoulders, pulling him close for a moment. It was all he allowed himself, when what he really wanted was to drag Jimmy somewhere safe, undress him and reassure himself that his companion wasn't seriously injured. Unfortunately, that fell under the 'too close to affection' subheading of interactions. So a quick squeeze it was.

They waited until the bones were completely gone, burnt up into ash, before scraping up the remains into a small container. The corpse had been buried under a pile of rubble during an earthquake, the only body to not be recovered, and the ghost had subsequently been interfering in the construction of a new building on the site. Since the girl didn't have a grave, they were going to bury her themselves.

"So, got any ideas for where to take her?" Nick asked as Jimmy carefully sealed the container. He had the feeling that a cleaned-out margarine tub wasn't the most dignified of final resting places, but it was all they had at the moment.

"There's a cemetery a few minutes away," Jimmy offered. "Her brother was killed in the same building collapse, he's buried there. They'd like to be together, I think."


"Shapeshifters suck."

Nick let out a grin as he and Jimmy watched the body burn, and finished wrapping a bandage around Jimmy's hand. Hunting was about as glamorous and easy as Nick had imagined – as in, not at all – but Jimmy seemed disappointed by the way their lives were turning out. Sometimes Jimmy seemed so child-like in his innocence that Nick almost forgot that he'd been through so much.

Almost being the key word. He never quite forgot what it was like to hold the other man down and take, even if neither of them were in complete control at the time.

"So, what did we learn from this?" Nick commented lightly.

"That shapeshifters suck." Jimmy continued to pout at the burning body. Nick couldn't help himself and leaned forward to nip at Jimmy's mouth.

Jimmy let out a startled noise, but happily nipped back. When they separated, he looked decidedly more cheerful.

"Also learned that burning bodies turns you on," he didn't appear entirely put out by the discovery.

"You're impossible. I was referring to the fact that shapeshifters are faster than we expected."

"Oh yeah, that."


"Y'know, I'm pretty sure most hunters don't do the debrief standing around a burning body," Jimmy pointed out as he leaned against Nick, nursing his ribs.

"Probably not," Nick agreed. "I guess we're just odd." He wiped off Lucifer's blade and kept an eye out for unwanted company.

"I mean, it's hardly the most inconspicuous place to stand around chatting. And what are we meant to do if someone does come across us?"

"Lie like our livelihoods depend on it."


They waited until the werewolf's body was completely consumed before they scraped the ashes together to take to the graveyard. Rather, Nick did the collecting while Jimmy tried not to breathe too deeply – he was fairly sure that he'd at least cracked a rib or two in the scuffle.

Once the salted ashes were buried, Nick insisted on taking Jimmy to the hospital to get his ribs checked. As much as he tried to keep Jimmy safe on hunts, the shorter man had a habit of injuring himself in one way or another. Nick had the strangest feeling that it might have been subconsciously intentional.