The third and concluding part to my Susan trilogy, the first stories are Susan's Escape and The Granddaughter and the Clone.

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The Return to Reality.

Crossing the void.

The Doctor stood by the TARDIS controls, had been for an hour. The events of the planet in the bubble universe, finding out it was a Bermuda triangle of Time lords and TARDISes, actually speaking to his beloved TARDIS face to face for the first time for centuries.

The Doctor's face dropped into a scowl as he recalled the heartbreaking moments of the brutal way House had torn the TARDIS's mind out of the ship. The way " Sexy " as she thought she was referred to died.

The Doctor sat down on the chair near the console and put his face in his hands. The attack House had waged on him, bringing his hopes of another Time lord survivor, or survivors, only for them to be shot down when he'd opened the cabinet that contained the psychic distress calls, their heartbreaking pleas for help, help that would never come, not now the Time lords had died.

House had paid the ultimate price, for an entity the size of a planet, he was nothing but a speck of mud to the TARDIS. The Doctor had heard the way she'd spoken on that hill overlooking the TARDIS junkyard, her voice sad, but holding an undertone of fury, but that fury was unleashed as she attacked House on her own turf.

House had lost the battle, just as the Doctor had known he would, his TARDIS was the best ever created by the Time lords, she may've been an antique when he first " borrowed " her, but she was special to him. He smiled as he recalled her in human form, her quirkiness and the way she bit him, ok maybe not the biting, but she'd been placed in a small shell than that she was used to.

" Her thief," that was what she called him. It made him tingly inside.

The Doctor knew it technically true, he had stolen the TARDIS, just like many of his people of the years had done, including the Corsair. The massive forearm on Auntie's body made him shudder, the news that the Time lord he'd befriended centuries ago had been taken apart for body parts the same way a mechanic would cannibalise a car for parts horrified the Doctor.

When the Doctor had seen that arm, found out the truth, he'd almost, not for the first time, want to kill someone in genuine cold blood, and in unrelenting fury.

Looking up at the Time rotor, he heard a grunting sound and a change in tone of the engines. The Doctor smiled grimly; there was anything he'd learnt over the years was that his ship was attuned immensely well to him, she sensed his mood and the turn of his thoughts.

She knew how he felt, because the TARDIS had felt the same. She'd taken great delight in destroying House, tortured him, shown his images of the numerous TARDIS deaths she'd seen during the Time War. The TARDIS tore him to pieces, infected him with her consciousness and dissolving him.

House may've been a tremendous force on the planet they'd discovered him on, he may have been able to torture and mentally hurt " pretty, " she called Rory, and the " orange girl " as she called Amy, but he was tiny compared to the TARDIS' living mind. The TARDIS had been so confused that she hadn't been able to concentrate on the little things. The body of Idris had decayed the moment she'd entered it, and the death of her body had put considerable strain on her. The TARDIS made it up to them, giving them a bed instead of a bunk.

Now, she was watching over her Time lord, just like she'd done over the years.

The Doctor was still hurting, not just from the way her human self had died, but the way he'd discovered the violent and merciless way the Time lord survivors of House's relentless hunger had been killed, their body parts used for his servants.

The TARDIS had a mental shudder, House had endured her memories that it was only decent that she'd seen his own. The things he'd done….it would be a long time before she showed the Doctor those memories. She only hoped he had the good sense not to ask about it.

The Doctor was about to go to bed, when the TARDIS sounded an alarm. It wasn't loud, but it was enough to grab both their attention.

" What now ? If its another psychic call I'm not going," The Doctor grumbled.

The TARDIS studied it, it wasn't a psychic call. It was from the walls of reality. Something was coming through, and judging from it, it was powerful but gentle to the state of the structure of the universe, something that was in more flux because of the affects of the war.

There was something else…it was a song of all things.

The TARDIS was puzzled, then on closer examination they touched. The TARDIS gasped. It was another TARDIS, another sister. Only this was genuine.

The Doctor examined the controls, then noticed something, " Why have you brought the shields down ?"

He asked that question just as Amy and Rory appeared, " We heard a noise ? What's going on ?" Rory asked, his face drawn with fatigue.

Amy folded her arms, " What now ?"

The Doctor threw his arms up, " I dunno. Something's come through the walls of reality, which shouldn't happen. Ever."

Amy didn't get it, " Why not ?"

" Because Pond, the structure of the universe is like an egg shell, it isn't an egg shell, but it's the best I can come up with. If somethings' coming through…" he trailed off, the implications staggered him.

The TARDIS mind heard the song, it was closer now, homing in on them, and found something interesting….smiling mentally, she opened herself up like a flower opens its petals.

Amy was the first to feel it, followed by The Doctor, " What's that ?"

It was like a …vibration in the air. The Doctor frowned as he felt a change in the timelines. He looked around as they heard a familiar sound.

A TARDIS materialisation sound.

Rory looked at the Doctor, " Is that ….?"

In the corner of the room a tall dove grey pillar appeared in the console room. The Doctor ran over to it, running a hand over it.

" A TARDIS." he murmured to himself, but Amy and Rory heard him. They were about to speak to him, to find out what the hell was happening when the door opened and a woman stepped out.

She was a red head, like Amy, dark red hair, an angular face, green eyes, she was tall but shorter than the Doctor by the head. She looked into the Doctor's eyes and their minds touched.

The Doctor gasped.

The woman smiled, lighting her face up as if it had been illuminated by a sun.

" Hello Grandfather."

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