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Another thing is that this story will take place near the end of the clone wars. So for those who don't know how old everyone is let me write it down. Michael is 18, Zachary is 22, Ahsoka is 18, and Barriss is 23. Oh and also just found out the planet I named for where the boy lived in exists…I know it's too late to change the name so please if you read the name don't tell me about it because I already know. I wanted to change it but my friend says it's too late so please don't say anything negative about us using the name we didn't know.

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(Michael's pov)

It has been two years since we destroyed the two Malevolence ships Count Dooku was building. And so far the war is coming to an end. A lot has changed in two years and during that time so has Zach, Ahsoka, Barriss, and myself.

Oh and before I forget my name is Michael and I am a jedi. I was born in the outer rim on a planet that my parents never told me about. But I do know where I was raised, my parents and their friends landed on a planet called Kiros We have lived on the planet since I was young with my parents, their friends, and my best friend who I look to as an older brother named Zachary. Zachary or Zach as he likes to be called was born on the same planet I was born on, and his parents have been best friends with my parents since they were little. One day our planet was under attacked and we fled till we crashed landed on Kiros, where we lived in harmony. That was until pirates came and killed our parents. Zach and I survived but we were left alone on the planet. But it didn't take long for the pirates to find us.

They had us cornered till suddenly one of them was lifted up and his neck was snapped. The others soon followed as we saw a woman in her 30's with long black tight pants, black tube top that reached her stomach, long black sleeves, gloves, she wore a black battle skirt, and black boots. Her black hair reached to her shoulders, her eyes were blue, and her skin was light dark. Her name was Ziva and she was a former sith lord. She left the sith when they betrayed her and killed the man she loved. We were surprised to meet a sith, our parents had told us the sith were evil but we could tell she wasn't evil at all. When she found out we could use the force, Ziva began to train us to learn how to control our powers. At first we were happy but soon her training became much harder and more difficult. She always woke us up early and always put us through some dangerous training that nearly got us killed half the time. She even taught us how to withstand the pain of a force lightning that she says a sith uses against his or her foes.

It was painful but we endured and in the end she told us if we survived the pain without complaining. Then she would teach us how to use the force lightning. But not at a sith level, since it takes emotions for us to use it, and if we use it out of anger it could turn us to siths as well. We learned a lot from our master, despite everything she had us go through, the results of her training was worth it. We became strong with the force, we learned how to control our emotions especially when we're fighting, we also learned how to fight hand to hand, and how to use a lightsaber.

Why she trained us and kept us safe we never knew till the day she died. She had told us she had been sick for some time and told us the truth why she trained us. She told us she had grown tired of being a sith and wanted to live a life of peace. When she fell in love she was happy and wanted to have a family of her own. But she was betrayed and lost her love one and her child she was bearing. She left the sith and when she came to Kiros she finally found her peace. She looked to us like her children and we were the reason she finally found happiness…and even inner peace. We were sadden when she died but knew she wasn't gone, she was still with us in our memories, our hearts, and the force.

A few years after her death we were living on Kiros alone with no other people. Except for the wildlife on the planet, though they would actually either try to eat us or annoy us. But we didn't care, till one day I found an unconscious Togruta girl. She appeared to be 15 years old and she was injured. I took her home and took care of her wound. After I took care of it I found out my friend Zach found her friends and we were told on who they are and what they wanted.

Turns out they were jedis from the Galactic Republic and they came to our planet because they thought they found a sith lord. Turns out they found someone but it wasn't a sith lord it was Zach and me. We told them about us and they told us who they were. One was Obi wan Kenobi who I thought was a good man, Anakin Skywalker and from what Zach told me he seemed hard headed, and the girl I found her name is a name I would never forget…Ahsoka Tano. The girl who I would soon one day fall in love with and she would return my love too.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. We went with them to the jedi temple where they asked the council to allow us to become jedis. The council didn't seem to like the idea since we were too old and that we were trained by a sith lord. But they decided to give us a chance. I was to be Obi wan's padawan while Zach was stuck being Aayla Secura's padawan. It was also at the temple where Zach fell in a love with a good friend of Ahsoka named Barriss Offee. She was a padawan also and she was as Zach called her a beautiful angel.

Our time in the order helped prove to the jedi council we were good and we weren't evil like some thought we were. We helped them on missions and even defeated two of the most dangerous agents of the separatist. When we joined the war we had gotten the attention of the sith lord Dooku who send his two best agents after us. One Zach confronted her name was Assajj Ventress, a sith who was trained by Count Dooku. As for me I faced the leader of the droid army General Grievous. We both defeated them while trying to save our loved ones Barriss and Ahsoka. Bu then we even got kidnapped by Count Dooku who wanted us to join him. We refused so he tortured us a bit until we joined him. What no one knew though was how Ahsoka and Barriss came after us to save us. Which was funny because usually we are the ones who do the saving for them, not that they couldn't take care of themselves I'm just saying…never mind moving on.

Zach and I escaped before the girls got to us though and we ran into them as we made our escape. We told the girls to sabotage the ship while we confronted Dooku. Who we defeated, took his lightsabers, and escaped the ship before anyone else got hurt. When we got back we told the jedi what happened and how we defeated Count Dooku. They were so pleased that they wanted us to take the trials to be jedi knight. We refused and told them we needed time before we were truly ready. They understood and told us when we were ready we could take the trials, but only if our masters felt we were ready. After the meeting was over Ahsoka and I saw Barriss and Zach kissing, which had Ahsoka and I guessed Barriss fell in love with Zach. While they kissed, Ahsoka and I went into her room for some alone time where we both kissed now till we got back home to Coruscant.

Since then we have had many missions together. Some that nearly killed us and some that helped keep our relationship alive. We met many new allies, one who would be Ahsoka's padawan. While we also met some new enemies, including one that killed Ahsoka and where she almost died is where Zach and I found out about our destiny. We knew what our destiny would be and the only thing we needed to do was figure out when we needed to stop the evil and save the galaxy. When the evil would rise didn't happen till we least expected it and the one who we thought we could trust almost helped destroy us all if it wasn't for Zach and me.

Now then I guess it's time for me to get started. I will start on Felucia where the jedi masters are sending us. Where it will be the beginning of the future Ahsoka and I would one day have.

You all will find that out in the next chapter. Sorry to cut it so short but I just thought it would be better to wait till next time so you all will find out. Okay also I hope you all liked how I started the story with Michael explaining his past and present. Sorry it was short but I promise it will be longer in the next one. And you know me I keep my promises when it comes to my stories and to my readers who read them and leave amazing reviews.

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