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Senate building (Michael's pov)

Anakin and I were sitting on the edge of the senate building as we looked down at where Darth Sidious fell. We all sensed it, he was dead, if crashing through all the walls of the senate building didn't kill him, then the fall and cracking the back of his head must of finished him off. We saw many clones keeping guard of the former chancellor's body while a medical group came to take the body. I looked over and saw the sad look on Anakin's face. I knew despite Sidious using Anakin since he as a kid that Anakin still felt bad for killing someone who watched out for him.

"Anakin you okay?" I said knowing it was a dumb question to ask, but I thought it was the only way to break the silence that was between us.

"I killed him Michael, what do you think?" Anakin said who felt bad for killing someone he considered a friend.

"I know it must have been not easy to do Anakin, I know you didn't want to do it. But you did the right thing, we both know he was too dangerous to be kept alive," I said as I tried to cheer Anakin up. "I know you don't like what you did, but Anakin you have to understand that if you didn't do it, then he would have destroyed everything we worked hard to achieve, peace."

"I know that Michael, it's just he lied to me. Ever since I was a kid he lied and manipulated me. He wasn't my friend, he just used me to hurt the people who are my friends, and to hurt Padme knowing she was never going to die," Anakin said who felt bad for letting someone close to him use him to nearly hurt everyone he cared about.

"I know it's not a good feeling Anakin, my master thought the Sith were her friends till they betrayed her. She didn't like it when they used her and how they hurt the person she loved, she also didn't like betraying them, but she knew if she didn't they would have hurt more people and ruined more lives," I said as I tried to get Anakin to feel better. "Anakin you shouldn't feel bad for what you did, he used you friends don't use their friends for their own personal gain. Friends don't lie to their friends or use them."

"Not to mention that friends don't manipulate their friends feelings for someone to get them to do what they want them to do," Zach said as the others saw him holding a crutch under his right arm along with a cast on his left arm.

"Hey buddy how you feeling?" I asked once again another dumb question, but it was too late to take it back.

"Oh I'm fine Michael all I got is a broken left arm, bruises all over my body, I got electrocuted twice, I have some broken ribs, not mention I injured my knee. But other than that I'm okay," Zach said in sarcasm as he came over where Anakin and Michael were and sat down next to his friend.

"Well at least your still alive," I said which caused me to receive a punch to the arm. Good thing though the punch wasn't strong enough since Zach's body was still too weak from him getting electrocuted.

"Whatever first of all look what I found," Zach said as he showed the guys their lightsabers.

"Hey where did you find those?" I asked surprised to see my lightsaber again thinking it was lost when it fell off the roof.

"Well it seems where you guys were fighting that cop guy Padme told us about was working around d the area and your lightsabers landed on his head knocking the poor man out," Zach said as he told them what happened to their lightsabers.

"Awwww how nice of him to have found our lightsabers, maybe I'll send him a fruit basket as a thank you," I said glad to have my lightsaber back.

"Anyways Anakin I think you shouldn't be sad by what happened. Sidious used you and tried to hurt everyone close to you. Don't blame yourself by what happened or feel bad that he used you. Be proud that despite falling into the darkness you came back from it and saved the galaxy. Anakin you're a hero," Zach said as he also tried to cheer Anakin up.

"Anakin everyone saw the real Palpatine, they now know he was a bad man and they won't see you as one either. You're a hero like Zach said, you saved the galaxy, the Jedi order, and possibly saved Padme and yourself," I said knowing Anakin was indeed a hero for what he did.

"Hey don't forget about you and me. We helped saved the galaxy too, hell I busted my ass more than you," Zach said who helped save the galaxy as well.

"Oh please you fought an old man I fought the chosen one, plus my fight with Anakin was waaaay tougher than your fight with Sidious," I said knowing my fight with Anakin was way tougher than Zach's fight.

"You got only bruises and broken ribs I took the most hit, plus if it wasn't for my part of the plan you wouldn't be where we are right now," Zach said who was taking the credit for saving the galaxy. "So in a way I saved the galaxy."

I sighed and punched Zach in his injured arm which caused him to yell a bit in pain as he clutched his left arm. "We all saved the galaxy not just you."

"Bastard aaaaah that hurt," Zach said as he groaned in pain.

"Truth is you two saved the galaxy and saved me, you two are the real heroes not me, and thank you for saving me," Anakin said as he thanked both the guys.

"No problem Anakin, I'm glad you turned good again too otherwise I would have had to kill you," I said relief Anakin turned good in time.

"You kill me? That I doubt if memory serves me correctly I was kicking your butt during our fights," Anakin said who didn't think Michael could have beaten him.

"Oh please I could have so beaten you Anakin, I just didn't want to kill you because we needed you to help us defeat Sidious," I said knowing I could have beaten Anakin.

"Really didn't I almost beat you in the fountain?" Anakin said reminding Michael how he almost beaten Michael in the room of a thousand fountains.

"I could have killed you too on those steps Anakin, but I didn't so Ha," I said knowing I could have electrocuted Anakin on the Jedi steps along with the clones.

"At least I didn't need help from a ki…oh man Alex I forgot is he okay?" Anakin said who just remembered he punched Alex back in the Jedi temple.

"He's fine, got knocked out but he's fine. Oh man you are in soooooo much trouble Anakin, not only did you hurt your brother in law, but you tried to kill him and Zia," I said knowing Padme is going to be pissed by what Anakin did.

"Wait what? You tried to kill Zia?" Zach said who got up after hearing what Anakin almost did.

"Well I mean it wasn't my fault remember I'm sorry Zach and do you think Alex would forgive me for what I did?" Anakin asked hoping Alex would forgive him.

"I'm sure he will, he knows that wasn't you and he knows you are still good, you just got a little lost," I said knowing Alex would forgive Anakin. "Padme…maybe you shouldn't tell her at least till maybe you're both old and when she starts losing her memory."

"Right thanks I guess we should get going to the temple then…oh man I wonder what will the others do if they see me," Anakin said concern by what the Jedi will do to him.

"Don't worry about I'm sure everything will be fine, now let's go," I said as we were about to leave when Zach spoke.

"Whoa whoa hold on I still have questions, you hurt my padawan?" Zach said as he turned to Anakin.

"Yeah well I did, I'm sorry Zach I didn't mean to hurt her," Anakin said who apologized to Zach.

"You punched my padawan didn't you?" Zach said a little ticked off his padawan got hurt.

"No…I kicked her," Anakin said as Zach set down his crutch and tackled Anakin then began to punch him with his good arm.

"You...kicked…my…padawan…you…dick!" Zach said as he continued punching Anakin.

"Zach stop it yo-"

"Your next for the punching me in the arm" Zach said as he pulled me in and began to beat Anakin and me up.

An hour later (Ahsoka's pov)

We were heading back to the Jedi temple after we managed damaged the death star. Once we got all the men off the ship I set the ship to collide to the death star. Barriss and I managed to get back to the ship and took off before the cruiser collided to the death star. We saw the other cruisers trying to take out the ship, but thanks to the shields which held on the cruiser collided with the death start destroying much of the space station, but not all of it. Still damaging it the way we did was good enough since it would take a lot of time for them to try and have it ready.

As we took off we contacted the Jedi temple and warned them about the chancellor and what he was planning on doing. To our surprise it turned out the Jedi knew about the whole thing because someone warned them. They didn't tell us who it was but we were glad the Jedi were warned. They told us also that the chancellor is dead thanks to Anakin who defeated Sidious along with some help from two other Jedi. They had some casualties including the death of four Jedi masters like Master Windu.

Despite how Windu was like we still felt sad that he passed away along with the other Jedi who died. It made a lot of us on the ship sad, but we were also relief to hear that the chancellor never went through with the order to kill the Jedi commanders that were out through the galaxy. Which mean Master Kenobi, Plo Koon, Aayla, Yoda, and the other Jedi were still okay. We headed back home to the Jedi temple where we wondered who was the person who helped warn the Jedi.

"I can't wait to get be back home, I hope everyone is okay," Barriss said who was worried about the others.

"I know, but I'm sure everyone is fine Barriss. First thing I'm going to do is take a nice long shower," I said as I felt really tired from everything we went through.

"Now that sounds like a good plan," Barriss said who agreed with Ahsoka's plan.

"I took a shower and now the first thing I want to do is see my mommy to see if she's okay," Jay said who wanted to see her mom.

"Master do you think we will meet this person who helped save the Jedi?" Makai asked who was curious to meet the person who helped save the republic and the Jedi.

"I'm sure we will I wonder who it could be," Barriss said as they were entering the planet's surface. The ship soon made its way towards the Jedi temple where it landed on a platform where Jedi Masters Shaak Ti, Cin Drallig, and his apprentice Serra.

The four Jedi walked down the ramp where they were greeted by the two Jedi masters. "Welcome back Ahsoka, we didn't know you went on a mission," Shaak Ti said as she greeted everyone back.

"Oh well um Barriss contacted me and asked me to assist her with the situation on Felucia," I lied knowing if I told them the truth of where I went I might get in trouble along with the others.

"Interesting because we contacted Master Secura and told her of what happened. She also told us that you Barriss left because Ahsoka contacted you saying she needed some help on a mission the council placed her in, yet we have no record of the council putting you on a mission," Cin Drallig said as he saw the surprised look on Ahsoka and Barriss's face when they realized they got caught.

"And I don't recall either on you going with your padawans on this mission either," Shaak Ti said who noticed Makai and Jay who were behind their masters.

I knew we were caught and that there is no way we could lie our way through this. "Masters see the truth is-"

"It was my fault masters," Barriss said who interrupted her friend. "I found out Tarkin was indeed behind the attack on Michael and Zachary. I followed him and found him deep in the outer rim where I found a giant space station that the chancellor was building. I got caught and asked Ahsoka to help me and as for the padawans well, I guess they wanted to help us and they did help us. They broke me free and Ahsoka came to help us against Tarkin. We destroyed the space station along with Tarkin who we assumed was still on the ship we used to crash into the space station." Barriss said as she lied to the two Jedi masters not wanting Ahsoka or the kids to get in trouble. "I'm sorry for disobeying the council and leaving Master Secura during the battle, if you are going to punish anyone then punish me then."

"Barriss no masters I'm the one who went on the mission, Barriss I contacted her asking her for assistance before I got caught. The kids they snuck aboard my ship and they helped me escape. Barriss came later to save us all from Tarkin. If anyone should be in trouble it's me for putting them all at risk," I said as I didn't want Barriss to take the blame for something that was my fault.

"No masters it was us, we snuck aboard Tarkin's ship to find out if he tried to kill Michael and Zach," Jay said who didn't also want her master and Barriss to get in trouble.

"We contacted our masters before we got caught and they came to rescue us," Makai said who also wanted to take the blame for his master and sister.

"We're sorry," both kids said in unison.

Both masters doubted Barriss story, the kids it was possible, but Ahsoka's side of the story seemed the most likely, especially since Shaak Ti remembered someone telling her that Ahsoka was looking for her to leave the kids with her. "Well it seems that we have three stories with the result being each of you was responsible."

"But as of there being a punishment, you don't have to worry because none of you will be in trouble," Cin Drallig said.

"Say what?" I said surprised like everyone that we weren't getting in trouble.

"We're not going to punish anyone since it seems clear to us that you four helped stop Tarkin and destroyed a weapon which we assumed was the death star that the chancellor mentioned," Shaak Ti said remembering the death star being mentioned when the chancellor spoke about his plan.

"Wait what do you mean?" Barriss asked confused by what the masters said.

"While you guys were gone we were warned what the chancellor was going to do so we got the temple ready for the clones who tried to kill us all. Meanwhile Zach tricked the chancellor into revealing his entire plan to the entire world using camera droids to have it be broadcast all around the republic," Serra said as she told the girls what happened.

"Wait did you say Zach?" Barriss said surprised when she heard Zach's name.

The Jedi masters and Serra moved out of the way as the girls and kids saw at the end of the platform an injured Michael and Zach who were smiling as they saw the girls and kids were okay.

I felt my heart beat fast when I saw Michael. I couldn't believe it, he was alive, I knew he was alive. I felt my emotions get the best of me as I ran towards Michael. I then tackled Michael with a huge hug as I hugged Michael and felt tears falling down my face. I felt Michael return the hug and held me close. I rested my head on his chest as he rested his head on my lekku. "I knew you were alive, I never believed you were dead" I said whispering to Michael.

"I'm back Ahsoka, just like promised I would," Michael whispered back to Ahsoka as he stroked her lekku.

I soon felt someone else hugging Michael. We looked down and saw it was Jay who was hugging Michael's leg. Michael broke the hug and picked Jay up carefully. "You came back," Jay said who was crying as she was happy to see her big brother again.

"I told you kid when I keep a promise I always keep it no matter what," Michael said he hugged Jay who returned the hug. Makai approached Michael who Michael noticed and hugged him too glad that his sister was happy again.

Zach smiled when he saw this, he then saw Barriss approach him. He saw the disbelief look on her face thinking this was all a dream. "Hey Barriss how are-," Barriss quickly wrapped her arms around Zach and hugged him tightly as she began to cry as well happy to see Zach had come back to her. Zach returned the hug and was happy to see Barriss again.

"I knew you were alive, I'm so glad you came back," Barriss said who was overjoyed that Zach had come back to her.

"Of course, I did say I was coming back right?" Zach said they broke the hug and Zach kissed her on her forehead.

The two Jedi masters approached the others and seemed happy by what they were seeing. The others noticed this and the girls broke the hug then wiped their tears. "It seems you four really care about each other huh? A little too much at least," Shaak Ti said as she sensed how the girls felt about the boys.

"Masters um see the thing is," Barriss was interrupted when Cin Drallig raised his hand.

"We know Barriss, Michael and Zach when they came back told us everything and it got us thinking. Once the rest of the council has return we'll discuss about lifting certain rules from the Jedi order," Cin Drallig said which confused the girls by what he meant, "Certain rules that involved attachments and perhaps marriage if we get to them."

Barriss and I were shocked to hear what Master Drallig said, they were considering removing the rules on attachments and marriage? Was this some kind of joke?

"Now then we should get going we found out where the separatist leaders are hiding so Serra and I will be heading over to arrest them," Cin Drallig said as Serra and Shaak Ti left leaving the others alone.

As soon as the masters left Barriss and I turned to the guys wondering why they told the masters about our relationship, "Guys why did you tell Master Drallig and Serra about our relationship and where have you two been all this time?"

"Girls it's a loooooong story, but first Ahsoka why did you go after Tarkin?" Michael asked wondering where his pregnant girlfriend went.

"You first," I said wanting to know the truth first.

"Ladies first," Michael said who wanted to hear from Ahsoka first.

This continued between Michael and Ahsoka who wanted to know the truth about the other first. While this went on Barriss, Zach, Jay, and Makai all left to leave their friends to continue arguing.

"Those two sound like they're ready to get married," Zach said which made Jay and Barriss laugh a bit knowing that did sound true.

"So mind telling how did you guys survive and came home?" Barriss asked wondering how Zach and Michael made it home.

"Yeah how did you guys survive?" Makai asked who wanted to know how his friends survived.

"And how did you make it home?" Jay asked who wanted to know how her big brother and friend made it home.

"It's a long story like Michael said, but the short version on how we came home. We hitched a ride with someone who helped us with the fight," Zach said as he told the others how they got home.

"Who?" Barriss asked when she heard moving the pile of rubble near them. Barriss looked over and was shocked to see it was Assajj Ventress. Ventress saw Barriss then ignored her as she went back to work. "Um Zach is that Ventress?"

"Yep why?" Zach said who didn't seem to mind Ventress being in the temple.

"Well um…never mind this has been a long day," Barriss said who didn't want to ask why Ventress was doing at the Jedi temple and fight her. "Also um Zach there's something I need to tell you."

"Sure what is it?" Zach wondering what Barriss needed to talk to him.

"Well um could we talk in private?" Barriss asked wanting to talk to Zach alone.

"Oh okay well kids do you mind?" Zach asked if the kids would mind taking off while he talked to Barriss.

"Go ahead we need to see the others and make sure they're okay," Makai said who wanted to check on the others.

"Me too I want to see if everyone is okay too," Jay said who wanted to go see the others as well.

"Okay then Zach let's go," Barriss said as she grabbed Zach's hand and led him to her room.

"Um let's go to my room, yours might me in a mess thanks to the clones," Zach said as he led Barriss to his room.

Zach's room (Barriss's pov)

I knew I had to tell him now, I couldn't wait any longer. I almost lost him days ago and I could have lost him again with what happened and what I went through. I couldn't lose him and he has the right to know. Hopefully he takes it better than when he found out Ahsoka was pregnant I know he did with me when he thought before I was pregnant. I just hope though he doesn't propose to me, at least not yet.

Once we got to Zach's room he locked the door. I saw that his living room is a mess and that it looks like there are burned marks on the walls, couch, and many of the furniture's are destroyed. "Zach what happened here?"

"Oh um the clones tried to kill us all and so they attacked the temple. But don't worry the clones were defeated. The last remaining clones left after the chancellor died," Zach said as he told Barriss what happened.

"I see, I still can't believe all this time the clones could have turned on us with just one order from the chancellor," I said almost a bit scared knowing the clones could have killed us by one order from the chancellor.

"I know but it's over Barriss we won and it's over," Zach said knowing that the war is over and so is the Sith. What I'm glad is that you and I are back together, and that the war is finally over" Zach said who was glad to have come back to Barriss.

I was indeed glad the war was over, finally after years since the war began it was over. "So am I, Zach when I heard you died it hurt a lot, I love you and I didn't know if you were alive or not. That was until Ahsoka talked to me and made me realize that we formed a bond you and I. A bond that made me know that you were still alive, it made me happy to know you were alive and that you would come back. But I was also afraid."

"Why?" Zach asked confused by what Barriss said.

"Because…do you remember the night before you left?" I said as I decided I should tell Zach the truth.

"Yeah I remember, why?" I asked wondering why Barriss brought this up.

Okay this is it, come on Barriss tell him you can do it. I thought knowing I had to tell him now. "Zach when you left and when you died I began to feel a bit sick. I decided to check if I was okay or not. I took a test and well…Zach I'm pre-pregnant."

Zach had a surprised look on his face, shocked to hear that Barriss was pregnant. Zach was unsure what to say; to him this was indeed a surprise, one he didn't expect to hear from Barriss. "Yo-you're pregnant?" Zach asked as Barriss nodded. "Huh hmmmm well this is…well…I uh…okay." Zach was unsure what to say, before he thought Barriss was pregnant and could deal with it. But now hearing it from Barriss was not something he was expecting, till he then remembered what Barriss said before. "Wait why did you say you were scared?"

"Because I thought you wouldn't want this baby and of course I was scared because truth is I'm worried on what the council will say. I was scared Zach, I didn't know what to do," I said as I sat on the couch knowing I was scared since being a Jedi they never taught you how to take care of a baby.

"Barriss its okay I'm not mad, a bit surprised but not mad. At you never, I'm a bit surprised but I'm not mad," Zach said as he sat down next to Barriss and held her hands. "I'm happy that we're going to have a baby, and don't worry I'll make sure the council don't expel us for this I promise."

"But we don't know how to take care of a baby, what if we don't do well raising our baby, and what if-," Zach raised his hand interrupting Barriss.

"I know your scared and unsure what to do, but trust me we can do this. Heck if our friends can do this then so can we. Come on Barriss trust me we can do this and think about it in nine months we're going to have a baby together," Zach said as he tried to have Barriss see this whole thing as a good thing. "You're going to be a mom and I'm going to be a dad."

I thought about it and I knew Zach was right. I knew Zach was going to be a dad and I know I'm going to be a mother. In my entire life as a Jedi I never thought I would have a child let alone be called a mother. "You really think I would make a great mom?"

"Of course we'll make great parents and we'll take great care of our kid because of how good parents we'll turn out to be," Zach said knowing they would turn out to be great parents.

I hugged Zach who returned the hug as he held me close while stroking my hair. I was so glad that Zach came back, because with him back I have nothing to fear and will not be afraid to take of our baby alone.

Eight months later (Michael's pov)

It's been eight months since the war ended. Master Cin Drallig and Serra captured all the members of the separatist leaders who surrendered when they found out what Sidious was going to do to them. With the separatist leaders surrendering the clone wars was finally over. However there were still some problems within the republic. One of them was to decide on who they should elect to be the chancellor. When Sidious revealed his secrets the senators feared that the next chancellor could be like Sidious and would use the people for another war to control the senate. Many feared this, but Padme and Senator Bail Organa reassured the people to have nothing to fear and were able to convince the people to let go of their fears to choose a new leader. The people wanted to choose Padme as the chancellor, however Padme turned down the offer and elected Bail Organa to be chancellor who took the offer and became chancellor.

After that the new chancellor returned the power back to the senate and the separatist leaders signed a treaty making the end of the war official. After the war the Jedi council had a meeting where they decided on what to do about the whole marriage and attachments. They brought it up when they found out about Zach, Barriss, Ahsoka, and me. They found out after they noticed Ahsoka's belly was getting bigger and when one of the Jedi saw Barriss kissing Zach. We told the council the truth and we told them if they were to expel them then to let us take the punishment and not the girls.

To our surprise the council didn't punish us and told us they have decided after everything that has happened they would lift the banned on the marriage and attachment rules. Earlier Anakin came by and informed the council that he was leaving the order after he told them what he did. Although many of the council members didn't want him to leave, they understood why he chose to leave but hoped one day he would come back. Ahsoka was disappointed that her master was leaving, but Anakin reassured her that they would see each other again and that he was proud of her. Ahsoka was happy to hear that from her master and did hope that she would see him again.

Zach also presented to the council Master Windu's lightsaber which he used during the fight against Sidious. His body was being prepped for his funeral along with the other dead Jedi masters who tried to arrest Sidious. We could tell Master Secura was sad when she heard Kit Fisto died, Zach knew there was something going on between the two but he didn't pay no mind to it thinking it wasn't any of my concern, or any of his business.

The council then decided to make Zach into a Jedi master thinking his fight against Sidious and how he resisted the dark side proved to the council that he deserved to be a Jedi master. They also had Barriss become a Jedi master as well, despite her disobeying the rules to go help Ahsoka they didn't punish her for that. To them breaking the rule is bad, but abandoning a fellow Jedi is not the right way. Ahsoka and I were offered the same thing to become Jedi masters, but we told them if it was okay with them we would want to wait. They understood and told us they would wait for us to take up on the offer.

They also decided because of what Ventress did assisting the Jedi and with some assistance from Zach, me, Serra, and Obi wan that Assajj Ventress was pardon for her sins which meant she was now free. Ventress was even offered by Obi Wan to stay, but she refused and said she would finally go wherever she wanted to go without being arrested or hunted down by the republic. Before she left Obi wan handed her two new lightsabers to replace her red ones. She took them and kissed Obi wan on the cheek causing some of us to be surprised by what they saw while Zach didn't seem surprise since he knew there was something Ventress liked about Obi wan. Ventress even said goodbye and said thank you to Zach and me. She then turned to Ahsoka as she just said 'bye', I could tell those two still had some problems between each other.

Then a few days later Padme gave birth to twins a boy and a girl. They named the boy Luke and named the girl Leia. We couldn't go see the kids since we were still trying to help rebuild the Jedi order and help clean up the aftermath of the war. Plus Barriss had to go show where they found the death star and the Bail Organa as chancellor removed the order that Palpatine had for the clones so that the Jedi don't have to worry about the clones turning on them. After months of hard work we finally got some vacation time where we used it to go see Anakin and Padme. I was concern about the trip since Ahsoka was nine month pregnant. I wanted her to stay at the temple, but she insisted on coming. Barriss was also coming along as well and Zach decided to let her come because of how she was. Apparently pregnant Barriss scares Zach more than pregnant Ahsoka did. We were on the ship which Ahsoka decide to give me for destroying my ship so I renamed the Twilight to the Omega since mine got blown up.

I had set the ship on auto-pilot while we all relaxed in the back in the living room. Jay, Alex, Makai, and Zia all came along as well wanting to see the babies of Anakin and Padme. They were all sleeping on the couch with their heads on the girls' laps while Zach and I were making something to drink for us.

"I can't wait for this kid to get out of me, I swear I think she's kicking my kidney on purpose," Ahsoka said who did not like that her child was kicking her on the inside. "I envy you Barriss your kid is not causing you as much trouble as mine is."

"Don't worry Ahsoka it's almost over and I wouldn't count myself lucky, my kid since I got pregnant has been causing me to crave for the strangest food these last few months," Barriss said remembering all the strange food she has eaten thanks to her babies craving. "I think Sanné got that from you Zach."

"Hey that's not true I bet our baby girl got that from you," Zach said who denied that their baby demanding strange food craving didn't come from his side. Unlike Michael and Ahsoka who didn't check the sex of the baby, Zach and Barriss did. They found out they were going to have a baby girl and Barriss named her Sanné, which Zach agreed to the name.

"I bet she did and I know it's strange my baby has been craving for a lot of meat. I can't believe how hungry my baby is," Ahsoka said as she yelp when she felt the baby kick her again. "Oh man I can't believe Kalifa is kicking me soooo much what did I do to have her kick me?"

"Maybe she got that from her mommy," Zach said who laughed a bit till Ahsoka glared at him. "I mean um never mind."

"Ahsoka it's okay don't worry once the baby comes out you won't have to worry about her kicking you anymore," I said as I approached Ahsoka and gave her a glass of water. "Except when she gets bigger then we'll worry about that."

"Yeah I know at this rate she'll probably be walking sooner so she can kick us," Ahsoka said as she went to drink her water when she felt another kick. "I can't take this anymore." Ahsoka placed her cup down on the table near her, then she stood up carefully so she doesn't wake the kids. "I'm sick of my own child kicking me when I'm trying to relax or trying to get some sleep."

"Ahsoka calm down," I said trying to calm Ahsoka.

"Yeah stressing out can't be good for you or for the baby," Barriss said as she tried to calm Ahsoka down.

"Well I wouldn't be stressing out if my baby stops using my kidneys for her to kick," Ahsoka said who was getting tired of her baby kicking her.

"Yeah well maybe whoa," Zach stopped when he and the others saw what seemed like water falling from underneath (didn't know how to say this sorry) Ahsoka, "Um Ahsoka your dripping."

Ahsoka looked down and saw that her water broke. Her expression soon turned from anger when she was mad at her baby for kicking her to shock knowing her baby was coming now. "Oh no oh no the baby is coming then."

"The baby is coming, now? That can't be the doctor said not until next week," Barriss said shocked that the baby was coming sooner than what they were told before.

"I guess she doesn't want to wait," Ahsoka said panicking.

"Okay um we better get to Naboo faster then, how far are we?" I said as I was panicking deep down too, but for Ahsoka I couldn't let her see that. We soon felt the ship shake a bit before we felt it stop. "Oh that's not good."

The girls soon were worried that something happened to the ship. "Don't worry ladies we'll check it out" Zach said as he pulled Michael with him to check out the problem. They soon made it to the cockpit where they saw they were out of hyperspace and were floating in space. Zach checked on the ship to see the problem. "Oh boy it seems the engines may have been damaged, I don't know I'll need to check on them to be sure."

"Please tell me you're kidding?" I said hoping this was a joke and the ship would get back to working as I followed Zach to the engine room.

"Wish I was, the good news is that the power is still working, but the engines if they are damaged we'll need to contact someone to help us," Zach said as they arrived to the engine room. Zach opened the door and saw that the engines had steam coming out of them and it looks like some parts have been damaged."Oh crap this sucks we won't be able to fix them like this, we'll need to have them repaired on Naboo…if we get there."

"Oh man you got to be kidding me? Okay call Anakin and tell him we need some assistance while I check on the girls," I said hoping Anakin came in time before Ahsoka gave birth.

Hours later (Zach's pov)

This was really bad for us, Ahsoka was going into labor. She was in pain and she kept yelling. Michael was by her side with her holding his hand and crushing his hand. We were all in the medical room where Ahsoka was in the other. Barriss was sitting on one of the medical beds with me next to her. Jay and Zia wanted to watch the babies being born, but we told them maybe next time so Alex and Makai were outside keeping the girls from going inside. The medical droid was checking on Ahsoka to see how far she is so in case the droid needed to deliver the baby.

"Ahsoka calm down your doing fine," Michael said wanting to calm Ahsoka down but it wasn't working.

"I like to see you calm down when you're having a kid coming out of you!" Ahsoka shouted as she was in pain.

"All right Ms. Tano it's time for you to begin pushing are you ready?" the medical droid asked as Ahsoka nodded and was ready to push her child out of her. "Okay one…two…three."

Ahsoka began to push her kid out till one of her foot accidently kicked the medical droid in the head breaking it. "Oh come on!" Ahsoka shouted when she saw the droid was broken.

"Damn it what are we going to do?" I asked wondering what we were going to do.

"Zach didn't you say you know how to deliver babies?" Barriss asked.

"Yeah so?" I said till I soon realized what it was she meant. "No no way not gonna happen I'm not doing that."

"Zach I don't like it either, but I don't know how to deliver a baby, Barriss and I don't know how to deliver babies. Please help her," Michael said pleading for his friend to help Ahsoka.

I hesitated not wanting to deliver the baby till Ahsoka screamed again in pain. I looked to Barriss who motioned for me to help Ahsoka. "Ah crap fine let's do this," I walked over and went to help deliver the baby. I looked down and I could see the baby. "Okay Ahsoka it's time to push now push girl."

Ahsoka screamed and pushed as hard as she could to get her baby out of her. After several more pushes the baby finally came out. Once the baby was out the entire room became silent till the baby began to cry.

I held on to the baby who was to my surprise a baby boy. His skin was a bit dark and his eyes were blue. "Huh guess you were wrong Ahsoka, it's a boy," I said smiling as I held the baby. I saw the look of surprise on Ahsoka and Michael. Michael grabbed a blanket and I placed the baby in the blanket as I gave the baby to Michael who brought the baby to Ahsoka.

"We have a baby boy Ahsoka, can you believe it?" Michael asked as he handed Ahsoka their baby boy. Ahsoka was tearful, she held on to her baby and she stroked his cheeks.

"Hi," was all Ahsoka could say as she held her baby who stopped crying when he saw his mommy. "We have a son, I can't believe it," Ahsoka said as Michael sat next to her happy that they have a son.

"Master can we see the baby now?" Jay shouted through the door wanting to see the baby.

I smiled and was going to respond when I looked down and saw something. "Um later Jay and uh Ahsoka did the medical droid said you were going to have one baby or two?"

"We never asked, but we assumed it was one why?" Michael asked confused by what his friend said.

"Um because it looks like you have another," I said as I saw the shock look on everyone by what I said.

"What? Are you sure?" Ahsoka said when she felt the baby in her coming out too.

"Master what's going on?" Alex asked wondering what was wrong.

"Well it seems Ahsoka is giving birth to another baby," Michael said as he told the kids about the second baby.

"Can we watch?" Zia and Jay asked in unison.

"No!" Ahsoka, Barriss, Michael and Zach said in unison.

"Okay um Michael give the baby to Barriss and Ahsoka push girl push," I said as Michael grabbed the baby and gave him to Barriss who held on to the baby who was crying as he heard his mom scream again as she pushed to get her second child out. After a few more pushes soon Ahsoka gave birth to yet another baby only this time it was a girl and it was a Togruta. The baby girl cried like her brother as Michael grabbed another towel and I placed the baby with him. Michael held his baby girl who stopped crying when Michael held her. I got up and looked at the tired Ahsoka who was breathing heavily and was sweating a lot. "Guess you were right, it was a girl."

"Told…you…so," Ahsoka said as she tried to regain her breath. Barriss got up with the baby in her arms and placed the baby boy with Ahsoka as Michael gave the baby girl with Ahsoka too. Ahsoka held her babies as her eyes became watery. She was a mother, after all she went through she was now a mommy.

"Ahsoka they're so beautiful," Barriss said as she smiled seeing the babies with Ahsoka.

"They really are and I'm proud of you two," I said glad the babies were okay.

"They got that from their mother," Michael said which had Ahsoka smile even more. "So um I guess the girl is our little Kalifa then, but what will we name the boy?"

"How about you name him Michael? I named Kalifa so why don't you name our boy?" Ahsoka said who let her husband name their baby boy.

"Well how about…Jayce?" Michael said as he came up with the name for their baby boy.

"Jayce huh? I like it…wanna hold him?" Ahsoka asked as Michael hesitated at first but picked up his baby boy and held him in his arms.

"Hi Jayce I'm your daddy," Michael said as he held his baby boy.

"Can we come in now?" the kids asked wanting to come in to see the baby.

Ahsoka nodded so Barriss opened the door and the kids ran towards where Ahsoka was to see the babies. "Awwww they're soooooo cute," Jay said who was next to Ahsoka with Makai.

"They really are sooooo cute" Zia said who was next to Alex as they watched the babies.

"I guess this makes me an uncle huh?" Makai said realizing he was now an uncle.

"I thought they were both going to be Togruta like you Master Tano," Alex said surprised that only one was a Togruta while the other wasn't.

"So did I, I guess you really can't expect everything can you?" Michael said who was just as surprise as Alex was when he saw one of his kids was human like him.

"What are their names masters?" Jay asked wondering what the names of the kids are.

"Jayce and Kalifa," Ahsoka said as she told the babies names.

"I like those names," Zia said as she gently touched Jayce's cheek.

"Those are good names sister I like them," Makai said who liked the names as well.

"Thank you oh and thank you Zach for what you did," Ahsoka said as she thanked Zach for helping deliver the babies.

"Yeah if it wasn't for you our kids wouldn't be here right now," Michael said as he thanked his best friend.

"You really did a great job Zach I'm proud of you," Barriss said proud that Zach helped deliver the babies.

"No problem still that was something I don't want to do again," I said as I sat down on one of the chairs in the room.

"Come on Zach it wasn't that bad," Michael said who didn't think the whole thing wasn't so bad for Zach.

"For me it was, I just hope I don't have to do that again," I said hoping we wouldn't have to go through this again till we heard a small gasp from Barriss and water dripping. We looked over and saw Barriss's water broke. "Aw crap."

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