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Night on Felucia

Knowing the future and fate of billions would you save it by destroying the one responsible for it to fall to darkness, or save the one responsible and risk the future of billions.

Felucia (19 BB, Michael's pov)

Two years have passed and a lot of things have changed since we helped destroyed the two Malevolence ships on Hoth. So far the war is still going on but the republic was starting to get the upper hand on the separatist. But despite the war still going on there has been some changes, those changes were with Zach, Barriss, Ahsoka, and I.

Zach has grown to be around 6ft 8inches which was another big surprise to the jedi council. His outfit was still the same and he still allowed his hair to grow but decided to cut it short a year ago so he wouldn't let it get in the way of his fight. Barriss still wore her same outfit but this time she no longer wore her hood, which for Zach was good because he had wanted to see her more without her hood on. She even grew a bit more and thanks to Zach she has lighten up a bit, allowing herself to have some fun.

Ahsoka still was wearing her outfit but her lekku grew a bit more and her headtails grew down to her chest. From time to time though she would wear her jedi robe and grew a bit taller reaching Barriss's height. Ahsoka became a jedi knight a few months after we destroyed the Malevolence. Then a few months ago they had given her a jedi padawan who was actually Obi wan's kid Jay. I was happy to see Jay was a jedi and who better to teach her then Ahsoka.

I also became a jedi knight around a few months after we destroyed the weapon. I haven't been given a jedi padawan yet like Ahsoka had but I didn't mind at all. I grew around 6ft2inches now and I am still wearing my old outfit except I am wearing shoulder pad armor. I kept my hair short and also have matured a bit. Yet there are some times where Zach and I do act a bit immature and the girls would watch us sighing in disappointment on how their boyfriends still acted like children.

Anyways Zach and I were on a mission out in the outer rim for two months now when we received a message from the jedi temple. They informed us about a special drug a doctor on Felucia was making. We didn't know all the details but we knew whatever it was must have been important to send four jedis to protect and retrieve the good doctor. They also said we would be joined by Barriss and Ahsoka who would be accompanying us. Jay however wasn't coming since she was still too young to go on dangerous missions. So once again the four of us were once again going to work together again, this time to rescue a doctor and her experiments.


Ahsoka, Zach, Barriss, and I were heading to the planet of Felucia to help a scientist by the name of Erica and she was one of the best research scientists of the Republic. She came to Felucia to make some medicine from the plants on Felucia. Erica believes she can make different kinds of medicines that could help the people throughout the galaxy. Even some that can help combat diseases that have been impossible to cure. She has been on Felucia for five years and two before the clone wars began.

The separatist believe she is creating a medicine where if she can perfect it, it will help protect the people and clones from any kind of poison or viruses the enemy may come up with. Hearing about this the jedi council send the four of us to assist and get Erica out of the planet before the enemy finds her and takes her research.

Once we arrived to the planet we took a dropship to head down to the planet. Fortunately for us the separatist ships hadn't arrived yet. But we knew they would be soon which meant we needed to work fast to get Erica out. Zach, Barriss, Ahsoka, and I got on our dropship and we entered the planet's surface as we headed towards Erica's base.

As we headed towards the base we saw the sun was going down which meant we would need to wait tomorrow to get Erica out. If we tried to take her off the planet there was a chance separatist droids would spot us since our night vision equipment got damaged. If we took off we wouldn't be able to see the enemy, and they could blow us up without us knowing. So we decided to wait till morning where we could see if the place would be secure for us to take off.

As we were approaching the base Zach turned to me while the girls were talking with some of the clones about their plan. "So explain to me why we're risking out butts for this woman?" Zach asked wondering why we were risking our lives for Erica.

"Don't tell me you were asleep through the meeting again Zach?" I said to Zach who nodded. "Fine apparently this woman has created somekind of special medicine where if she perfects it then no matter what poison the enemy tries on us we will be unharmed by it."

"Huh that's it why would the enemy care? It's not like they need it for their droids" Zach said who didn't seem to think this was a big deal.

"If the enemy gets their hands on it then they could change its purpose and make it powerful enough to not only kill us but to wipe out a lot of innocent lives Zach" I said telling Zach the risk of what will happen if we fail.

"Ah okay well now I see the point then" said Zach who understood our plan. "So we just go in, get her out, and run off before our droid friends come…brilliant plan General" Zach said as he saluted me.

"Very funny, actually that was the council's plan. General Grievous is going to come for her and we don't have enough ships to fight him or his army" I said as I told him why we couldn't stay long on Felucia

"Ah right I see…good point well I guess we better work…fast then" Zach said as he looked over to Barriss who had her back turn to us and was talking to Ahsoka. I looked over and saw Zach checking Barriss out but mostly checking out her rear view.

"Dude what are you doing?" I asked as I noticed what Zach was doing.

"Huh what sorry I was just um…I thought I um…what's up?" Zach said stuttering as he snapped back to reality.

"Zach I thought you told me you weren't going to let this bother you? That you and Barriss were going to wait till the war was over" I said to Zach. Zach began to have some urges towards Barriss ever since they went to the beach one time to relax three months ago. There on the beach Zach saw Barriss naked and soon his boy hormones began to affect him. He told Barriss this and she understood why he was feeling the way he was towards her. But she told him they needed to wait till the war was over before they can try that. Zach agreed but since then he has had trouble controlling his urges.

"I can't help it I'm weak, I'm trying my best man but it's really hard. Besides don't tell me you or Ahsoka haven't felt that way either?" Zach said as he tried to change the subject from him to me.

"What? Of course not" I said trying to deny to Zach that Ahsoka and I don't feel that way towards each other. But Zach knew I was lying and kept his eyes on me which was freak me out. "Urgh fine yes we have but their just small ones. It's been that way since she went through that whole changes. But we have been able to control our feelings and are okay."

"Uh huh sure look Barriss and I are having trouble but I can control it. You two on the other hand if you do feel that way try to go for it. Just do it somewhere where no one can see, hear, or feel you two doing it" Zach said as he placed his arm over my shoulder. "But before you do I think it's time we have the 'talk'."

I soon felt super uncomfortable around Zach and knew what he was talking about. "Zach shut up I don't want to hear it I know all about it Master Ziva told me and it was the worst experience of my life" I said not wanting to hear the talk again as I saw flashes of images of Master Ziva explaining to me about the talk and the whole thing involving…sex.

"Yes you heard her explain it to you but you haven't hear my way" Zach said as he cleared his throat and was about to explain to me when I saw the doors open and knew we were close to the base. "Now then when a boy and a girl have certain feelings for each other they tend to…" before Zach continued I pushed him out of the gunship and he fell to the ground. We weren't that far up so he didn't land hard on the ground. I looked down and saw him yelling at me. I knew I would be in trouble with him soon but it was worth it.

Republic Base (Ahsoka's pov)

We arrived to the laboratory where the scientist Erica. When we got off the gunship we noticed Zach wasn't onboard and we asked Michael what happened to him. He told us he was being annoying so he threw him off the gunship. We soon rolled our eyes and understood what happened.

Michael stayed above while we went inside into the facility and down the elevator to meet with the scientist. While we were heading down Barriss and I continued with our talk about the urges she has been having for Zach. It felt weird talking about this with Barriss since I have had my own share of urges as well, despite though mine being small I was still having trouble controlling them. But I had to show it was nothing for Michael since we promised we would wait till the war was over. For Barriss however they were becoming harder and harder to control. I convinced her to try to control it with mediation and maybe not seeing each other for a while but neither one was helping.

"Barriss I don't see why you or Zach can't just do it. Doing it now before they get out of control will cause less trouble" I said as I tried to convince Barriss to get it over with if it's bothering her so much.

"There are risks Ahsoka, especially if the council finds out. I don't want to ruin what Zach and I have for each other. I don't want to risk it" Barriss said.

I could tell she loved Zach and she didn't want to ruin anything that would affect their love for each other. Same with Michael, although my urges are small my Togruta side of me has been making these urges more than small ones. I knew I wasn't ready and nor was Michael. We want to do it when we're ready and only when there is a perfect time to do it.

We soon arrived and saw a woman in her 30's in a lab coat working on something in another room. We walked in and tap on the window when she heard us come in she pointed to the entrance for us to come in. We entered the room and soon we were being blown by somekind of white gust. We knew it was cleaning us because the lab was a clean room and needed us to be clean from germs and bacteria to keep it from contaminating the experiments.

Once the machine marked us clean we entered the room and were greeted by the woman. "Welcome jedi I am Erica I trust your trip here was good?" Erica asked as she shook our hands.

"We're glad to be here Miss Erica how are your experiments going?" Barriss asked.

"So far well in a few more days I will have finish and we will have the medicine we need for our troops and our people" Erica said as she told us how close she was to finish.

"We hope it's sooner ma'am we have received word that the enemy will be here in two days and we will need to get you out of here before then" I said telling Erica how we needed to get her out before the enemy arrives.

"I understand that but while we wait could you help me get some of my samples out of here as well and board them on your ship?" Erica asked as she pointed to the containers near us. "I have finished making some of my other experimental samples and I need to get them out please."

"Very well we'll get them out of here while you finish with the medicine" Barriss said as we both headed to the small containers and checked them before we lifted them up.

"Hold on Barriss I think something is leaking?" I said as I saw one of the container flasks leaking. Barriss told be the same thing as we looked back at Erica.

"Its fine their not dangerous the ones on the bottom are the dangerous ones but I made sure there is no leaks or cracks on them. I haven't tested the ones on top yet but I have an idea on what they are" Elizabeth said as she returned to her work.

Barriss and I checked on them to make sure when we cut our fingers and felt some of the liquid on our fingers where we got cut. "Um Miss Erica what did these two flasks do?" I asked concern what the liquid in the flasks did.

"Not sure I think if I remember correctly they are meant to help boost a person's stamina and power depending on how much they drink from it" Erica said which made us sigh in relief till she spoke again. "The side effects not sure haven't tested them yet but I believe all they do is cause some urges. Either food or sexual urges not sure which one but don't worry if they did get in your system it will only be affective for 24 hours."

We looked at each other worried and decided to help move the experiments up to the ship before the effects happened. This cannot be good.

(Michael's pov)

I was talking to one of the clones about the enemy's advancement towards the laboratory. I told the clone to make sure the cannons would keep them from firing range. I would send out some tanks but we were short on them and if they were in firing range, they would get blown up. Which would leave us with less defensive weapons to protect the base with and giving the enemy an upper hand when they do make their move. We do have a shield generator to keep the base safe from being bombarded but we needed to save them since they didn't have much energy left.

I saw the sun was setting so I had the clones set up the lights and keep their guards up. Since we never know when these droids would come out. Just then I saw Zach heading towards me limping and holding a wooden stick for balance. I saw the look on his face which was an angry look so I decided to make a run for it. I ran into the facility and locked the door so that Zach wouldn't come after me. I waited by the door when I heard some knocking. "Oooooh Michael could you please open the door my dear brother?" Zach said in a calm but scary voice.

"Um Michael is not here right now please leave a message after the beep….beep" I said as I waited to hear Zach's response.

"Michael I have had a long walk to think about this and I realized that I have no reason to be mad at you. No you had every right to push me out the ship it's cool I'm calm now open the door so we can speak" Zach said who did sound calm and cool. But I could sense he was lying and I knew the moment I opened that door he would kill me.

"You know what I will open the door after the mission is over" I said sounding like I won when I saw the doors ripped open and in came Zach looking very mad. "Wow you look mad…peace?" I said as I had my hands up.

Before Zach could kill me we heard the elevator doors open and out came Barriss and Ahsoka. They were carrying some small containers and they didn't look good. "Hey you girls okay?" Zach asked as he checked on Barriss who seemed to sweating a bit.

"We're fine it's just a little hot down there" Barriss said as she tried to act like nothing was wrong.

"You guys sure about that?" I asked as I placed my hand on Ahsoka's forehead and saw she was heating up a bit. "You're a little hot why don't you guys go get some rest. I'm sure there are some rooms to sleep in. Use them and get some."

"We're fine Michael we…" Ahsoka stopped when she felt her body heating up. She could tell this was the side effect of the drug that she got infected with.

"Enough you two go and rest while we take these off your hands" Zach said as he took the crates from Barriss and I did the same to Ahsoka.

"Fine just be careful those are Miss Erica's experiments and they need to get on the ship" Barriss said feeling her body heat up as well. "Oh and be careful one of the vials is broken so don't touch it."

"Why is it supposed to turn us into a four arm mutant?" Zach asked who imagine himself as four arm mutant destroying droids. "That would be soooo cool."

"No but according to Miss Erica it suppose to have somekind of side affect…mostly either food or…sexual urges" Ahsoka said embarrassed by what she said.

Zach and I looked at each other and were surprise by what the top vials could do. We looked at the girls and wondered if they got some on them. "Hey did any of it got on you guys?" I asked.

"We got cut by the vials but that's it we didn't drink it" Barriss said as she forgot to mention some of the liquid did get in them through the cut.

"I see well if you're fine then go get some rests and we'll check on you two later" Zach said as the girls nodded and headed to their rooms to rest.

"Think they're okay?" I asked.

"They're fine, though I am a bit concern about what they said. Just in case we better go check on them soon to see if they are okay or not" Zach said.

"You really think they got some in them?" I said thinking that some of the drug from the vial got inside of them.

"Maybe….now get these on the ship and don't drop them oh and don't ask the clones for help or else" Zach said as he put the cases on the ones I was holding and left me to carry the heavy cases to the ship alone. Bastard I thought as I went to drop the cargo off to the ship before going to check on Ahsoka.

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Ahsoka's room (Normal's pov)

Ahsoka laid in her bed, trying to cool down, but she couldn't. This heat inside of her was unbearable, especially in her lower regions and chest. She felt like she needed to be touched. She wished Michael was here with her. He could help her with this. She thought she should go find him. She got up and went to the door, but when she opened it Michael was already there.

"Oh, Ahsoka I was just coming to check on you. Are you feeling okay?"

"Actually, I'm not and I need your help with something."

"What is it?" She grabbed his shirt and kissed him. They felt all kinds of feelings explode inside them. This is exactly what she needed. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to him. She rubbed her tongue against his lips, begging him for permission to enter. He slowly opened his mouth and her stuck her tongue in. Their tongues met with a familiar dance. Ahsoka loved this, but she wanted to more. She took his hands and led him to the bed, their lips never parting. Ahsoka laid on the bed, bringing Michael to lay on top of her. She went to take off his shirt, but he stopped her. "Ahsoka, what are you doing?"

"I want you, Michael. I need you."

"Ahsoka, you don't know what you want right now." Michael then remembered the vial that Barriss told them about and knew that some of it must have gotten in Ahsoka. "Ahsoka it's the drug it's messing with your mind."

"I don't care. I love you and I need you."


"Please, Michael. I'm going crazy here. If we do this, these urges will stop and we would've finally made love. Don't you want me?"

"Of course I do, but I don't know about this. Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Yes. I've never been more sure." He kissed her. She reached back down and lifted his shirt. They broke apart and he took it off. Ahsoka was turned on by his chest. She slowly ran her hand up and around his chest. He kissed her again. She loved the way he felt. She loved feeling his warmth against her. She felt his hand slide down her waist to the hem of her dress. She lifted her hips as he pulled it up and over her head. It's a good thing she decided not to wear a bra today. He stared at her chest with his mouth open.

"They're beautiful, Ahsoka." She couldn't help but blush. He lightly grabbed them and squeezed them. She arched her back. She loved the feeling of his warm hands on her breasts. She moaned as he started massaging them. He's good at this. He lowered his head and kissed her nipples. He then took one in his mouth and sucked on it as his other hand played with the other. She moaned even louder. She felt his tongue swirl all around her nipple.

"Oh, Michael..." He moved over to her other and did the same. She knew only Michael could do this to her. He released her breasts and started leaving kisses along her stomach, going to her lower regions. He reached the top of her leggings. He looked up at her and she nodded, giving him permission to remove them. He gripped them and slowly pulled down her leggings and panties. He stared at her in all her glory. Ahsoka didn't know what to think. His expression was unreadable. "Michael?"

"You look... incredible." She felt her face get extremely hot. He went lower and touched her womanhood. His simple touch made her squeal. He moved his finger up and down her womanhood. She moaned louder and started moving her hips. He moved his finger inside her. She let out a squeak of slight pain. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No. Keep going." He pushed his finger deeper inside her. She felt pain mixed with pleasure. After a while, the pain went away. He slowly pulled his finger out and pushed it back in. He picked up his pace after a while. Ahsoka couldn't control her moans. The pleasure she was feeling was too much. He lowered his head and kissed her. He kissed it over and over before softly sucking it. She moaned louder and arched her back. He slowly sucked harder on it and began to lick it. She let out cries of pleasure. She loved what he was doing. He inserted another finger. There was more pain, but it went away. He kept his pace, then increased it. "Michael..."

His pace picked up more and more. Ahsoka started screaming. Turned on by her screams, he went faster. "MICHAEL!"

She screamed louder and louder until she finally came. Her whole frame shook from her intense orgasm. Michael licked her juices clean. He moved up to her face and she smiled.

"That was amazing. Let's go further."

"Ahsoka, are you sure you want to do this? We can always wait. There's no rush."

"I don't want to wait, Michael. I want you now."

"I don't have a condom."

"Forget it. We don't need one."

"Ahsoka, what if you get pregnant?"

"I don't care. I just want you. I want to have your baby."

"Ahsoka, you don't want that. We'll get expelled from the Order."

"We'll still be together."

"We can't raise a baby on our own. We're too young."

"Michael, please." He looked in her pleading blue eyes. He couldn't resist her. He always wants to make her happy. He never wanted to deny her of anything she wanted, but he didn't know about this. This was much. He would risk getting her pregnant and kicked out of their Order. He was torn. He wanted her just as much as she wanted him. If she got pregnant, he would still want to be with her. He would never leave her alone with his child. He would never leave her alone at all.

"Ahsoka, I love you more than anything. I am willing to do this for you. If you get pregnant, I promise I won't leave you with it. I'll always be with you." She nodded. He unbuckled his pants and took them off. She looked down at him and gasped.

"Michael, you're so big." He blush a dark red. He kissed her again and positioned himself at her entrance. He was afraid for what was going to happen next.

"Ahsoka, this is going to hurt."

"I know. I trust you." He slowly entered her. She slightly whined in pain. He stopped when he reached her wall.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes." He pulled out until just his tip was inside and thrusted into her. She let out a cry of pain. His heart broke when he heard it. He kept still and kissed her face. He wiped away the tears that fell from her eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Ahsoka." Her breath trembled.

"It's okay. I knew this was coming. Just give me a minute." She took a few deep breaths. He was growing impatient because of her heat. He was tempted to move, but he didn't want to cause her more pain. She moved her hips against him, telling him she was ready. He gripped her hips, pulled out until his tip was left and pushed back in. She moaned in pleasure. He picked up his pace a bit. He loved the feeling of her. He used all his self control to keep his pace slow and steady for her. "Michael, move faster."

He complied and moved his hips faster. They both felt intense pleasure. Michael went even faster. Ahsoka's moans grew into cries of pleasure. Michael got an idea and flipped them over so that she was on top of him. Ahsoka smiled at him and continued to move her hips. He held her hips and thrusted up into her. Ahsoka gripped the sheets as she moved faster. Her cries echoed through the room. They were music to Michael's ears. He loved that he could make her feel this way. He sat up so that she was in his lap and thrusted faster and harder into her. Ahsoka screamed at his actions. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on for dear life. He grabbed her ass and squeezed it.

"MICHAEL! I'M SO CLOSE!" He went even faster. She screamed as came, hard. Her heat and her clenching walls caused him to come as well. They both collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily.

"Wow... that was... wow."

"Yeah. We should've done this a long ago."

"Well, I just wanted to make sure you were ready."

"With you, I've always been ready." He kissed her forehead.

"I love you, Ahsoka."

"I love you too, Michael."

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Meanwhile deep in hyperspace General Grievous was on board his ship that was heading to the planet of Felucia. He had orders to go after a scientist who was creating a powerful drug that would help the republic and their soldiers. The separatist couldn't allow that to happen so they send Grievous to find the scientist, take her experiments so they can use them in any way to hurt the republic, and then kill her.

"Sir we're receiving a transmission from Count Dooku sir" said one of the battle droids as Grievous walked over and bowed to his master.

"Greetings Count Dooku" greeted Grievous.

"General are you almost to Felucia?" asked Dooku.

"I am a few hours away my master it won't be long till I arrive" said Grievous.

"I need not to remind you General that if the good doctor has finished with her experiment that it will help the republic's forces be immune to any kind of dangerous disease that we may come up with. And would help their forces become strong enough to take on our most dangerous droids" said Dooku as he reminded Grievous what was at stake.

"Bah it doesn't matter if their clones get stronger I can still kill them without even trying" said Grievous who didn't seem worried.

"Maybe you don't but our droids may have a difficult time dealing with them. Just make sure you stop her from completing her experiment and to bring back the data. If we can get our hands on that data we can cause more damage to the republic and their forces" said Dooku. "To the point where we can weaken the jedi and the clone army, enough for us to end this war for the separatist."

"I understand I will bring the data back the woman. As for everyone else?" asked Grievous.

"Kill any who stands in your way. Leave no survivors General Grievous" said Dooku as he gave Grievous his orders.

"Yes my master" Grievous said as he bowed to his master.

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