AN: Hi all! Serious case of the writers' blockages. It's driving me mad. I though I shouldn't punish this little one for my block by making it rot on my hard drive. The dialogue in this is from an A/B scene that I was given as an acting exercise, but turned into an Amanda & Simon story. 'Cause, you know, I'm focused and dedicated... Enjoy!

Pair: Amanda & Simon

Set: Post series 2

Spoilers: None


"Yes." Amanda breathes, pressing herself more firmly to Simon. This is hardly possibly, given their current position – their lips meshed, their tongues battling, their bodies flush against one another.

"No." Simon manages, sounding physically pained at the denial. He attempts to press her body away from his by her hips, but she senses his lack of conviction.

"No?" The lawyer queries, her tone taunting him.

He summons his much coveted and much admired self control and manages to utter the word: "yes."

"Oh." The blonde replies, moving an inch or so back from him.

"Yes." The surgeon nods, loosening his grip on her.

The lawyer's face breaks into a terrifying expression and she grins the word "again," pressing herself back into his arms. Simon can't resist the attack, and momentarily he succumbs to her soft lips and teasingly searching hands, before he controls himself. "No. No." He insists, pulling his lips from hers but not really breaking contact with her.

"Perhaps – " She begins teasingly, as she un-tucks his shirt from his waistband and runs her fingernails over his abdomen.

"No." Simon half laughs at her, finally beginning to think he can win this war and actually get them to work on time. When she seems to concede, however, and pulls away from him he loses his resolve. He catches her and pulls her back to him, the word "yes" barely managing to escape his lips before they crash with hers.

"Yes?" She queries breathlessly, unwilling to have him change his mind again and leaver her frustrated beyond articulation.

"That's what I said." Simon assures her, eyes violently blue with desire.

"Finally." Amanda breathes in sheer relief before trailing her hands further up his chest, making short work of his buttons.

From this point, words elude them.