AN: Writer's block, posting spree. You get it. The quote & title are from Shawn Colvin's "So Good To See You".

Set: Three years after season 2 ended. Season 3 is allowed to exist with this story, it works with the canon.

Ordinarily I'd have the decency to hold my tongue...

But it's so good to see you

She'd be lying if she said she hadn't recognised him straight away; she had. Whether it was the tint of his hair, the set of his shoulders, the curve of his spine, she couldn't say. It was probably a combination of these factors, probably just the fact that he was Simon, and Simon Lloyd was an inerasable part of Amanda McKay's past. The breakup had been quite cordial, but the pain it had caused her was beyond quantification; was more than Amanda would be able to survive again.

Given that fact, she'd had long moment of internal debate regarding whether or not to approach him when she spotted him on Chapel Street several years later. He was deeply debating an old record in a bargain bin outside a CD shop when she noticed him; it was spectacularly like him.

Any other day she probably would have slipped into a shop or turned tail and walked in the opposite direction, losing herself in the sunny Saturday afternoon crowds; it would've been easy enough, but that morning her first thought had been of him. It was virtually inexplicable why she'd dreamt of him, and why she'd remembered the dream when she never remembered dreams, but she had and she figured maybe that was some kind of sign. Yes, any other day she would've left the encounter unacknowledged, but this particular day she couldn't.

"Simon?" She called out his name softly and saw him register her voice even before he looked up. He set the record back in its place and turned to her with a smile that somehow managed to be both affectionate and a little apprehensive.

"Hello." He said in his all too familiar and once beloved baritone. Amanda smiled broadly, and on pure impulse bounded up and hugged him tightly. Simon stiffened at the familiarity of her arms around his neck, her body against his. Strong arms curled around her and she couldn't help grinning to herself. She pulled back from him and studied his familiar features – virtually unchanged after three years.

"It's so good to see you." She breathed.

His blue eyes sparkled with agreement. "Yeah. It's good to see you, too." Out of sheer habit, his hand tweaked the ends of her curls. "Your hair's longer." He observed.

"Yours isn't." She quipped.

"It really suits you." He said earnestly.

"Thank you." She smiled; it was only a couple of inches longer, not really a significant change, but he still noticed. "So, how have you been?"

"Fine, really. The Children's is great." Amanda nodded. That wasn't what she really wanted to know. "How's MDA?"

"Pretty much how you left it. With a notable exception." She said it lightly, there was no pressure, no implication, but the truth was MDA had been profoundly changed the day he left it.

"How's Richard?" He grinned as a personal joke flashed between their eyes.

"Exactly how you left him. A selfish prick with an overinflated ego."

Simon's laugh caused a simultaneous pang of loss and a moment of pure affection within Amanda. She tried not to analyse it too closely at that point.

Amanda gave up on phrasing her next question eloquently and just said it. "So. Are you... seeing anyone?"

"No. No, not at the moment. You?"

"No." She said with a shake of her head and a smile that he couldn't help interpret as a suggestion.

"Listen, I uh – do you want to get some lunch?" Simon asked, scratching the back of his head in a gesture only she would recognise to be Uncomfortable-Schoolboy-Simon coming through.

Amanda beamed. "Sure."

Simon tipped his head in the direction of a cafe further down the road, and she nodded her acceptance. As Amanda and Simon walked down the street she linked her arm through his. It felt like coming home.