Gilbert cursed the day he found out he had too little money to live on.

It had lead him into searching mindlessly for jobs, looking all over the town, papers everything he could find.

He also cursed his brother, who kept on what Gilbert told him the day he left his house in anger.

"I can live alone! I'll prove it! If I crawl back, don't even talk to me!"

Goddamned his stubbornness. Goddamned everything.

Gilbert stood out in the rain now, covered by nothing but the jacket he was wearing. It was the middle of the autumn, and the rain had just kicked in, like it usually would do in this weeks, every year.

He wasn't really expecting it today, though.

It kept on falling and falling onto the ground, onto those silver locks of his.

They where shaking, just as the man himself did.

He huddled his arms to his upper body, rubbing them both to try and gain some warmth.

Standing right beside the post office was he too, where he had just run in to see if there was any jobs up for grabs, but there was no luck. It turned the man's mood down until it went to the bottom, casting his ever so hopeful face into a thoughtful and desperate expression.

It was the last place Gilbert could look for today, he had to wait until tomorrow to see around the places he had been if anything had been updated.

But the problem was, he didn't have time for that. In just a month, exactly on the clock, Gilbert would loose his apartment if he didn't pay off the bill.

Then he would end up on the street, in the cold rain.

He looked around, glaring at people with suitcases and formal wear. Women with their children, trying to shield their clothes from the rain by running home.

Snorting, Gilbert decided to start walking back home.

He held his collar up to his cheeks, trying to keep his warmth. He swore he already could see his breath while he stared at the ground as he continued on.

Turning the key, he pulled it out and went inside, soaking wet. It wasn't so warm as he entered, because he had been gone all day.

This place wasn't really a place to stay anyway, neither cosy or looking anything like a home.

It was messy, just as messy as Gilbert liked it.

Everything about his home was just as he liked it, but the loneliness wasn't really how he liked it. It was more fun to live at West's house, where he could bother him. And go to everyone else's house to bother them much more easier, because West would pay off travel.

But no.. Here Gilbert laid in only his boxers in his bed, staring up at the dirty ceiling. He knew he would be hungry as hell when he would wake up tomorrow, so why the fuck not just skip food today, so he could eat when he felt hungry for once.

Then his eating wouldn't be in vain, and the food would last longer…

These thoughts just kept him awake. He continued like this for about an hour, before turning to his stomach and wrapping the covers around him, clinging to them for warmth.

He hoped that something would had been updated tomorrow, so that he could be saved.

… Maybe they would even treat him for lunch…

Gilbert woke up the next morning, heading straight to the kitchen to make those last packs of noodles he found on the table.

While he waited for the water to boil, he headed outside and got the paper from his mailbox, to read while he was eating.

It was common for him to do so, it made him feel less lonely, though he found it stupid, since everyone else was doing it too.

He didn't care though. He had a better reason than them.

He rushed inside, putting the noodles to boil while he got dressed.

He then headed back to the kitchen, starting to eat.

… He barely spit out his food as he turned directly to the job section of the paper.

Down to the left, hidden between two other offers Gilbert didn't care about was a small notice.

It read;

"Miners needed for a coal mine.

Insurance is fixed if you accept the job offer, and you will be paid greatly.

Call - for more information. ( It is important with info. )

Gilbert figured it would be rough work. But fun as well.

He had played a lot in the mountains as he was smaller, and he loved exploring caves, to find new things and even mine out some rocks that he thought was cool. Especially with that boy, who turned out to be a fucking girl!

Gilbert reached for his phone in almost a hurry.

His face grinned with hope and excitement as he dialled the number, and waited for the owner of the number to pick up.

And indeed he did.

He sounded like a older man, maybe in his 50ths. He had a gentle voice, though.

Gilbert told him that he needed the job, if there was any spots ready.

The man said yes, he could never have enough men. This made Gilbert almost wishing to scream out in joy, but it was best to not do so while on the phone.

Then the man's voice got serious.

He would only accept Gilbert offer if he would agree to a few terms and rules. Also to the risk it was to have this job.

He told him the cave they where digging in was a unstable and old cave, but still bearing much coal left to be taken out.

Though it needed to be in haste, because the cave could collapse any second of the day as the workers would be inside, but also with care, to not risk lives.

That was also the reason why insurance would be paid by him, to make sure that there was no involvement of the law.

He also asked Gilbert if he had any family. Gilbert answered with his brother, and that was all.

Then there was a few others questions before the man gave the address to him, because Gilbert had told him many times it didn't matter what kind of risk it was, as long as he got the job.

The man would send over money to Gilbert so that he could take the buss over there, since it was quite the long trip.

Holy shit how happy Gilbert was when they hanged up.

He screamed with joy, hugging whatever he could find in his way as he did.

He jumped around for a bit as well.

Never in those months he had been living alone he had felt this happy. … And hungry..

This fact made his joy turn down a few volumes. He had to eat so he would be alive until he would get there.

And then he recalled the man, or boss as he would like to be called, told Gilbert he would be served free food.

Man.. I'll love it there.

He picked up his bowl with noddles and slurped it all up.

Fuck, he couldn't wait until he would get there.