He finally had her where he wanted her. With his right hand he drew up her gown as he kissed from her lips down to her neck, "So soft." He whispered, "And mine."

"I will never be yours so just get it over with." She said once again trying to ignore the feeling running through her body at this moment.

"Patience." He smiled against her skin as he kissed his way down her body, "I told you I wanted to see what else tasted good." He said and settled between her legs.

Bella sat up on her elbows and looked down at him, "W-what are you doing?" she asked.

Dean just smirked up at her as he pulled her white cotton panties aside and began sucking on her clit. Bella's arms went weak and she fell back onto the bed, "Oh…Oh God." She moaned and couldn't believe what he was doing to her. She had never heard of such a thing before. She wanted to fight him but the more he licked and sucked the more she felt herself losing all control of the situation.

Dean pulled the panties off of her and he roughly inserted a finger into her wet pussy and she gasped at the intrusion. If this is what his finger felt like she was worried about the rest of the night.

With his strong arm holding her legs apart his finger slid in easily. A soft moan escaped her lips as he continued to roughly finger her. The first finger was quickly joined by a second, then a third. Her moans got louder, drowning out Dean's sniggers. "You like it don't you." He asked between licks. "Tell me Bella."

"I-I like it." She said. In my land of ecstasy she began to forget why she hated him. Dean had a habit of doing that to women. He was able to wipe everything that was on their mind with his masterful technique.

Bella's body tightened as she reached her first climax and she moaned out in pleasure, "Dean...uh...Dean." By now she had forgotten everything. The fact she was ready to kill him about five minutes ago as well as the fact that he was terrible…..well outside the bedroom at least.

Dean continued to finger her. Every so often he would replace his fingers with his tongue. It was like he was able to touch places that only he knew existed. Her moans by now could've been measured on the Richter scale. With a final thrust of his fingers she came and her body went limp and covered his face in with juices.

Dean slid back up her body and pulled the night gown over her hear without any word for Bella, "Told you I knew what I was doing baby and that was only the beginning." He said and threw the gown off the bed.

"I-I hate you." She said.

"I assure you I hate you more." Dean said and leaned down and kissed her hard and rough.

Dean parted her legs and brought his cock closer to her pussy. He teased it with the tip, only giving her an inch or so at a time. He looked down at her and smiled, "Try to remember to breath." He winked before slamming into her hard, breaking her barrier.

Bella threw her head back onto the pillow and screamed out loud. She was in so much pain at this moment she felt like all of the air had been sucked out of the room. Damn him for doing this to her. Should have known he would be gentle. A man like him didn't know the meaning of the word.

"Told you to breath." Dean said. "Don't worry I'll go slow…for now." He said.

"B-bastard." She said trying to move away from him.

"I wouldn't move if I was you. Tonight and forever you are mine and only mine."

Dean pushed back into her and when it was fully buried he brought it out again and began teasing her a little. The more he did this the more she moaned in anticipation. The pain was gone and now she was anxious to see what he had. She had heard stories and wanted to see if they were true.

When Dean was sure she was ok he buried his entire length into her pussy. Once again Bella screamed but this time in pleasure as his length was drawn out and buried up to the balls again and again. He slid all the way out and then drove back in, gradually increasing the speed and force of his thrusts. Dean lifted her legs over his shoulders as he continued to pound her pussy mercilessly.

"Oh fuck! Yes baby. Take it all." He said ad he smiled down at her. Who knew a wife could be so good.

"I'm….I think….Oh Dean…I ….DEAN!" She screamed as another orgasm raked through her body but Dean wasn't even nearly finished with her.

He grabbed her and roughly forced her onto her stomach. Bella looked over her shoulder and before she could say anything he entered her from behind. Her climax died down momentarily but then came back, twice as strong. "Oh shit! DEAN!" She screamed in pleasure as a torrent of juices erupted from her and covered Dean's cock.

When Dean felt her walls pulsing he let go and came deep within her with a loud moan of her name, "Oh Bella!"

Dean collapsed next to her, both of them exhausted. They lay there for a few more moments, panting, Dean on his back and Bella on my stomach. "She had nothing else to say to him right now. At least he was good for something. She never knew sex would have been so painful and oh so pleasurable.

The next morning Bella woke up and saw that Dean was no longer next to her. Maybe this was a good thing. She got out of the bed and took a shower before getting ready for the day.

She made her way down stairs and into the breakfast area where Dean and John where sitting at the table joined by Sam and her father, "Morning." She said and a servant came over and pulled out her chair for her.

"Morning Isabelle." Her father said, "I trust you had a pleasant evening?" he asked.

Dean looked at her and winked and she rolled her eyes as she winced a little as she adjusted herself in her chair, "Yes thank you. Are you leaving today?" she asked.

"Yes unfortunately I have to leave very soon. There is business to tend to back at home."

"Will you be back soon?" she asked.

"Yes." He smiled at his daughter and got up from his seat. He looked over at Dean as the Dean stood up from his chairs to see the King off, "Take care of her."

"You have my word." Dean bowed.

Isabella got up from her chair and gave her father a hug and said her goodbyes before he was escorted out of the palace.

She took a seat just as her plate was placed in front of her, "Thank you." She said and the servant bowed as he walked out of the room, "So….what is going on today?" she asked and took a bite of eggs.

Dean wiped his mouth and stood back up and threw the napkin on the table, "You have nothing to do but sit around and look pretty until I need you." He winked.

"Dean mind your tone with her." John said and smiled over at Bella, "You are welcome to do as you please. If you leave the grounds make sure to take a guard with you."

"Yes sir." Bella said.

John placed his napkin on the table and stood up, "Now if you all will excuse me I have some thing I need to do."

Isabella stood up along with Sam as John walked out of the room. Once he was gone she took her seat. She glanced over at Dean who was whispering something to a maid that made her giggle and Bella rolled her eyes, "Do you think that is appropriate to do when I am still in the room?"

Dean turned away from the maid and looked over at Bella, "I can do what I want when I want. You belong to me. Not the other way around. Remember that. You aren't in charge here."

Bella smiled and once again got up from her chair and walked over to Dean, "You forget that I am your wife. I now own as much as you do. What's yours in now mine."

"I don't think so." Dean said, "I have to head out. Try and stay out of trouble and don't make me look bad." He said and walked out of the room.

"I hate him." She said.

Sam laughed and walked over to her, "You'll get use to him but dad is right. Feel free to do whatever you want."

"Thank you Sam and I can assure you I will. Dean wants a perfect wife then he will get one." She said.

She had a few ideas on how to show Dean was a wife was really like. This was her kingdom now and she was going to make a few changes starting with replacing a few maids and doing a little cleaning out. Dean was going to have a surprise when he got back.

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