Author – Just a weird little thing I wrote one day for the prompt – "Seasons". I own nothing of HP except for seven books and five DVDs.

They were perhaps four of the greatest fighters the Wizarding World had ever seen. Together, they formed a unified whole – strengths enhanced and weaknesses balanced. No one would have ever predicted that this particular group would ever come together. Overcoming rivalries and old prejudices had been hard, but they had persevered and now formed a group to be reckoned with. The Light shone brighter than ever.

First came their Spring. A gifted young witch with the ever-changing personality of the season she personified. At one moment, she could be drifting and dreamy, but the next she would become focused and intense. Her outbursts were few, as she had a more pacifistic character. However, when she did see fit to lose her temper, it was well-known to be deadly. A healer knows that sometimes one must destroy the infection to help the patient. Such a woman was she – her preference was to heal, but she had long since accepted one of the oldest truths of the healing world. Sometimes one must cause hurt to bring a greater healing.

Next came their Summer. This witch's character could be easily described as steady. She was their rock, their foundation. They could always depended on her to give them a guiding light. In an uncertain world of volatile tempers and wavering certainty of who could be trusted, her instincts were never wrong. As steady as the earth beneath their feet, she would focus on the main goal, and bring them back to center whenever they got sidetracked or misled. Some had described her as boring, or plain, but they knew better. No one knew better than this understated young witch – sure and steady wins the race.

Third came their Fall. Their leader, their alpha, this young wizard's very presence seemed to crackle with energy. Like the season he embodied, the storms his coming brought shook the very foundations of the Wizarding World. It had been a long time since the powerful families with their old and overblown bloodlines had felt this much concern. Much like his counterpart, he could be mild and gentle one moment, only to become wild with anger the next. More than one had faced him and come out bruised and broken in mind, body, or spirit for daring to harm the innocents he protected. They should have remembered the old adage – never tickle a sleeping dragon.

Finally came their Winter. This wizard kept his own counsel, keeping his thoughts hidden in shadows and distracting his enemies with misleading words. Once the hated rival, this son of ice found his loyalty won by the man he once scorned. With his sharp eyes and sharper wit, he hid the softer heart beating within his breast. In tune with his counterpart, he tends to help keep the others on their path when they are tempted to turn aside. He knows that they have to solve the problem of true Darkness before they can spend time on the smaller battles. Those who earn his spite should have learned by now – what does not kill him, makes him stronger.

And so the Wizarding World can only watch and marvel at this powerful quartet face down their enemies. The world will never forget the names of Luna Lovegood, Susan Bones, Harry Potter or Draco Malfoy.