I suggest reading "The Best of Both Worlds" along with this story. This story happens to be a spinoff of the other story.

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Sakuragaoka Girl's High School shown in front of two girls as they approached the place where they would be going to school for the next three years.

One of the girls had long black hair and stood about a head taller than her companion. She looked down on the shorter woman with a nervous look in her eyes, "Ristu, do you think we'll be recognized?"

"It would be cool if we were," replied the other girl, who had short light brown hair with a head band, "but we did change our appearances slightly."

"You mean, me taking out my braids and you with a headband. Seriously, you think this will work."

"I do, I mean Clark Kent wore glasses and no one knew he was Superman."

Feeling angry, the taller girl hit the smaller one, "That's a comic. This is real life."

"Mio, my love, please trust me, things will work out. Besides I heard this school has a nice light music club."

The raven haired girl looked down at the other as if she lost her mind, "Are you being serious? We can't enter a light music club, when we play, people will recognize the way we play."

"Then we'll just have to do a style change, like our hair. Trust me it'll be fine."

Still feeling uneasy, Mio followed her girlfriend into the school.

The day went all right for Mio as she looked around. Most of the students seemed to be too self-adsorbed to actually pay attention to the little things. Her fears were put on ease as no one paid attention to her. Well, that's not true. Quite a few people did pay attention to her, but it's only because she was breathe taking beautiful.

While Mio didn't notice much, Ritsu did and it bugged her to no end to see other girls gawking at her girlfriend. That's right, this Punch-and Judy pair were a couple and have been dating for about six months. Ristu still couldn't believe that she had such a hot girlfriend.

They had been friends since they were little, since their families lived so close together. Together they found a great love for music and began to play music at the age of eight. Ristu took up the drums and Mio the bass guitar. At first their parents didn't approve because the sounded awful at first. When it seemed like they didn't improve much, their parents told them if they didn't get better soon, then they would take away their instruments. Needless to say, they improved greatly and real quickly. It was so amazing, that as soon as Elementary school had ended, both of their parents had arranged for them to enter a special school for those gifted in the art of music.

While they were there, they became friends with a sad little red head, who was a great singer and a child progeny when it came to playing the piano and guitar. Together they formed a little band together. Little did they know, they would later be approached by some agent from Hanazono Records. Over time they became known as Blue Water, one of Japan's top pop bands. After two years of working, they decided to take a break to further their education in a normal school.

The two friends came back to their home town, while their band mate went to some other school. They had grown to like the other girl and watch her change from a sad little girl to a happy one. Mio had figured that the red head didn't have many friends and was happy to have them. Since they were now a part from each other, the lovers worried over the fate of their friend.

Mio was glad when she heard that she would be in the same class as her girlfriend, at least she knew someone else. It might seem strange to think this, but Mio was quite a nervous girl, despite going on stage to perform. She was thankful that her red headed friend had agreed to become the lead singer. The raven head thought she would have passed out after few seconds.

Lunch time came and Mio brought out a bento from her desk as Ritsu brought hers. As they ate their ears perked up from a group of neighboring girls. "Did you see Blue Water's final concert?" said one girl.

"Only on pay-preview," said another. "Weren't they just awesome?"

"I know what you mean," said a different girl. "I really like Azure; she's so cute and her light blue hair is amazing. Oh, how that girl can sing."

Both Mio and Ritsu couldn't help but laugh at the hair remark, since the hair was actually a wig. The group of girls looked at them as if they were nuts, "Do you find something funny about Azure?"

Ritsu looked at the girls with a big smile on her face. "I don't. What I find funny is girls swooning over Blue Water. I mean they're the best band of all time, but it sounds like you're in love with someone you don't really know. I think it's kind of funny."

The other girls blushed and turned away from them and began to share secret whispers with one another.

The end of the day came, in which Ritsu was so excited about. While she sat separately from Mio, she asked around for the location of the light music club. She had gotten a few stares, but was told the club might have met in the music room on the top floor. The door was located just left of the stairs. Having this information, Ritsu grabbed her girlfriend's hand and dragged her up the stairs.

They entered the classroom and found no one there. "I don't understand, I thought the light music club would be here."

"Maybe they're somewhere else or nor longer exist."