After a long weekend and long class periods, the end of school finally came on Monday. The weekend and class periods wouldn't have seem so long if it weren't for the fact that each club member was on pins and needles to meet Hirasawa Yui. Mugi had left her class early to prepare for the club meeting. As for the drummer and the bassist, they stayed in class until the very end. Once the final bell ran, both girls shot out of their seats and ran to the music room.

Upon reaching the music room's door, they were immediately bombarded with the smell of boiled Earl Grey tea. With suddenly parched mouths, both girls walked into the room. They walked over the cluster of four desks and took a seat to wait for the coming of their newest club member. While they waited they sipped at the tea to calm their nerves.

About twenty minute had passed before the trio started to feel disappointed that the new member hadn't shown up. The disappointment really got to Ritsu, who stood up, slammed her fists on the desk and let out a loud growl, "I can't believe this!"

Mio placed a hand Ritsu's hand, "Calm down."

"Calm down? How can I? You know if that girl didn't really want to join the club then she shouldn't have put her name on the piece of paper and brought our hopes up."

"Maybe she didn't know we were meeting today," Mugi interjected.

Her words seemed to do the job, since Ritsu slumped into her seat, "I never thought of that. Maybe we should have sent her a note or something through the use of the office."

Mio was relieved by Ritsu's behavior. She hated seeing her angry. Of course, nobody liked seeing someone angry. Although, she was edgy and disappointed that whoever this Yui girl was, she failed to show up. She noticed how both Ritsu and Mugi made a good point. Her mind went back to the signup sheet Mugi had made and thought about what it said:


If you have interest in music, then we're the club for you.

We need people willing to be involved in discovering what makes music tick.

We meet every day for about an hour or more in the Music Room

Mio shook her head. Although she wanted to agree with Mugi, she realized the dirty blonde was wrong. What was odd, Mugi was the one who wrote the signup sheet. How could she forget? On the other hand, Mio knew how Mugi could be scattered brain sometimes. The only reason Mio knew what the entire sheet said was that she was blessed with the gift of a photographic memory; although she never let on she had it. Her parents knew and that was enough for her.

However, as she was going to correct Mugi, the sound of the opening of the music room's door sounded. All three heads turned towards the door and found a girl with her head peeking in. Mio was shocked to see it was the same girl she had run into about a week ago. She was about to get up and greet her, but the sound of the girl's voice stopped her in her tracks.

"Excuse me, but is this the light music club?"

""Yes, it is!" exclaimed Ritsu, who jumped up from her seat and ran over to the girl. "Are you Hirasawa Yui?"

"Uh, yeah."

The drummer grew a huge smile on her face and dragged the girl to the desks. Being very rambunctious, Ritsu shoved Yui into a chair, "We are so happy to have you here."

"Ah, thank-you," she said nervously. "Uh, I…"

The drummer cut her off, "Oh, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tainaka Ritsu and I play drums."


Ritsu then spun Yui around so she was now facing Mugi, "This cutie here is Kotobuki Tsumugi, but we mostly call her Mugi. She plays piano."

The dirty blonde stood from her seat and extended a hand towards Yui, who gently took it. "Hi."

"Hello Yui," said Mugi with a bright smile on her face, "I am so glad to meet you. Oh," she turned towards the warming tea pot and took a minute to fix up a cup for Yui.

Upon receiving the cup, Yui brought it to her lips and took a sip, "Mmm, this is really good."

Mugi blushed at the compliment. She always blushes at compliments. "I'm glad you like it."

Impatience overcame Ritsu as she turned Yui around to face her girlfriend, "And Yui, this girl is Akiyama Mio."

The said girl watch as Yui's eyes went wide as she took in the sight of her. It was almost as if Yui had just registered the girl's presence. "Oh, you're from the other day."

Ritsu looked over at Yui as if seeing her for the first time again, "Yui, you know Mio?"

The other brunette shook her head, "No, I don't, but we ran into each other the other day. She looked really cute as a cat."

It took a moment for Ritsu to remember when that was. As she remembered, she started laughing, "Oh, I agree, she does look cute as a cat."

Mio, who also recalled that day, felt a little irritated as she remembered how it was because the drummer that she looked like a cat. Of course, she was also irritated that Ritsu was laughing at her, which was uncalled for. Letting her anger taking control of things, she smacked her upside the head.

"Ouch, Mio!" exclaimed Ritsu as she touched the sore spot on her head. "You need to stop with the hitting."

"Yes, but you need to stop being…" Mio couldn't think of anything to say. Well, she could, but it was hard to articulate.

Before the drummer could question Mio, she heard someone's soft voice drawling her attention away. She turned to see Yui. "Um, I don't know what happened, but I don't think you two should fight." Fearing she might have over stepped her bounds (mostly fearing getting hit in the head by Mio) she added, "Um, I'm sorry if I said anything I shouldn't."

Both Ritsu and Mio looked from Yui to each other. They both sighed and shrugged their shoulders in hopes to end any strife between them for the moment. "It's fine," said Mio as she settled back in her seat.

Seeing how things seemed better, Yui put on a bright smile; however, no one really noticed how there was still a hint of nervousness. As for Ritsu and her bipolar behavior, she smiled brightly as she pushed Yui into a seat and tucked her under a desk while Mugi brought over a plate with a slice of cake. Upon seeing the cake, Yui looked on hungrily, but hesitatingly. Before she could decide to eat or flee Ritsu broke into her thoughts.

"So, did you have any problems finding the music room?"

"Ah, no," said Yui still looking at the cake.

Mugi sat by amused at how the new girl seemed to be drooling over the pastry. "You know you could eat that," she finally said.

"Ah, yes," the new member said as she timidly picked up a fork and tore off a bite to eat. Once it was in her mouth. Her eyes grew huge at the taste of the most delicious cake she had ever eaten. "This is so good," she groaned as if she was relieving some sexual frustration.

Upon hearing the groan, Mio's heart started to beat faster in her chest. She couldn't deny that she was attracted to Yui, but to hear her practically making out with the cake was an unbelievable turn on. Fighting from tuning into Yui as she moaned over the cake, Mio picked up her cup and started to sip away at her tea.

Mugi on the other hand smiled brightly at the girl's love of cake. "I'm glad you liked it," she said as she picked up the now empty plate to get the new brunette another slice. A part of her couldn't wait to hear Yui make love to another slice of cake again.

As for Ritsu, she could have cared less, instead she decided to get to know Yui some more, "So, what made you join the Light Music Club?"

At this question, Yui started to look a little uncomfortable. "Um, I should said that I did, but I didn't mean to join to the club," she confessed.

The drummer looked appalled, "What do you mean?"

"Well, it's a funny story. I had wanted to do something fun meaningful when I started high school."

"Oh, you're a first year," Mugi interrupted as she placed the new piece of cake in front of her.

"Yes!" Yui confirmed as she tried not to look at the slice of cake. "Anyway, I wanted to something good in high school so I looked into joining a club, but I couldn't find one that I wanted to join until I saw the flier for this club. I thought cool, you do music or something, but when I told my friend about it, she told me the club was probably not what I expecting."

Mio, who loved the sound of the brunette's voice, looked over at Yui and asked "What were your expectations?"

"Oh, I thought I would come here and play the castanets or something like that."

Mio smiled at Yui's simple mindedness along with Mugi, but Ritsu ended up busting a gut, "You got to be kidding me."

"Ritsu, don't antagonize the girl," scolded Mio with an edgy tone.

The drummer waved it off, "I'm not tiring to, Mio. I just think it's funny that she should worry about something as small as that. I take it you don't know how to play an instrument."

"Yes," stated Yui getting the truth off her chest. "That's why I think it would be better if I left the club."

Ritsu shook her head, "Yui, you don't have to worry playing an instrument, although it would make my day if you did, but it's okay to come to the club. We need the members and with you here we can keep the club." The drummer was nothing if not honest.

"Ritsu is right," stated Mugi, "it's okay if you don't know how to play an instrument. If anything, you could always learn to play one."

"That's right," exclaimed Ritsu.

Somehow Yui felt more comfortable and liked the idea. She found that she liked Mugi and her cake already. She also liked Ritsu and her outgoing and honest personality. As for Mio, she just liked how cute she is, but she wasn't sure about the bassist's violent tendencies. Shrugging it off, she beamed her brightest smile, "Okay, I'll stay."

"Awesome," Ritsu said and she went to give Yui a hug, "Okay, now answer me this, do you want to learn how to play an instrument?"

She thought of declining, but somehow she felt a pull to learn one, "Okay."

"Perfect, now there is one instrument I want you to learn how to play, but I won't pressure you into learning it so I won't tell which one it is." Ritsu paused for a moment, "I think we should go to a music store tomorrow after school so you could look at the many different instruments and get a feel for what you want to play.""

Yui sat there thinking it over, "I guess it would be all right."