Author's Note – an attempt at direct comedy…not sure how I feel about this one, but wanted to try! Disclaimer – Again, I don't own HP.

They just needed fifteen minutes. That was all they needed to set up a wonderful prank on Percy. However, to get that kind of time, they were going to have to distract Professor McGonagall.

"She'll hear us."

"Percy's room is just on the other side of the wall."

"We need a distraction."

"What about…"

"No, did that…"




Finally, George snapped his fingers.

"Got it! She spends her rest period…"

"In cat form! Of course, why…"

"Didn't we…"

"Think of that…"


With a quick change of direction, a pair of redheaded, chaos-inducing twins rushed back up to their room.

An hour or so later, they crept down the stairs, eyes glued to the map in front of them.

"Okay, she's…"

"Napping. Time to…"

"Put our plan…"

"Into play."

Casting a silencing spell on the door, Fred eased it open and George bent down and released a mouse into the office. Carefully shutting the door, they exchanged high-fives and wicked grins before sprinting off to prank their elder brother's room.

Inside the office, a squeaking noise woke the small grey cat. Sharp eyes with dark spectacle markings peered around trying to pinpoint the noise. Finally, her eyes caught the movement of the small white creature. Stretching, she stood up. Planning to transform back into her human self and use magic to catch it, she jumped down to the floor. Before she could change, her sensitive nose caught a unique fragrance in the air. It was coming from the mouse. As the scent hit her nose and registered in her mind, all of her thoughts went blank.


Her mind empty of everything except the intoxicating smell, she proceeded to chase the mouse all over her office. Papers went flying and lamps were knocked over. In addition, curtains were torn and the upholstery might never be the same again. Finally just as cornered the creature and went to catch him in her jaws, the scent charm wore off.

What in Merlin's name am I doing?

Transforming into a stern-faced woman, Professor McGonagall stared down and drew her wand. Casting a quick revealing spell, she could clearly see the faces of her two most troublesome students. With a sharp inhale, she pivoted on one foot and stormed out of her office.

At that moment, the two twins were jostling down the staircase into the common room. As they joked and laughed over the great prank they had just set up for their brother, they failed to notice the stormy eyed professor waiting for them. At the last moment, Fred spotted her and stopped, his face going pale. George closed his eyes for a long moment before turning his head to peer over his shoulder.

A frosty look met his gaze and a single finger gestured both of them to stand in front of her. As they took their places, they remained uncharacteristically silent. McGonagall took a deep breath. However, she could not seem to decide which one of them she wanted to start in on first. With a huff, she reached up and grabbed one ear on each of them and began pulling them down the hall to her office.

"Detention for both of you!"

They did not try to struggle, and allowed themselves to be dragged off. Fred looked at his twin.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."