Author's Note – Written for a challenge at HH Writer's Block on LiveJournal – Use 42 in some way. I went with 42nd Street – think Broadway! Just a random scene…Disclaimer – I do not own HP – JKR does.


Hermione's suffering voice floated through the connecting door and Ginny walked over to peer in. Her friend had fallen back on the bed, eyes closed and a fine line etched between her brows. Ginny grinned.

"Too much excitement, Hermione?"

A soft snort echoed up from the prone figure.

"You know, Ginny, I'll never understand the fascination so many girls have with shopping! This is supposed to be a vacation, but here I am trailing Fleur from one store to another. I swear, we must have walked the entire length of Fifth Avenue's shopping district three times! We've been to Saks, Tiffany's, Versace, and Christian Dior at least five times. I know Gabrielle's wedding is in a couple of months...I know how important this is to Fleur, but why me? Of all people, why is she dragging me along? I want to go to the museums, theatres, and the library, not be stuck all day in the land of retail."

Ginny bit her lip, trying hard not to laugh. Her friend's suffering tone had dwindled to a near-whine as she continued to rant. Sitting at the desk, she waited for Hermione to wind down. As the woman's voice faded away, Ginny smiled.

"Don't be too upset, I'm pretty sure she's dragging me out tomorrow."

"You like shopping!"

"That's not the point."

"There's a point?"

The redhead started laughing.

"Yes, believe it or not, Fleur has a point. Think about it, other than Gabrielle and Luna, we're the only two girls that she is really close to. Now, Gabrielle can't come since the gift is for her. Luna...I'm not sure it's a good idea to take Luna into the muggle shops. She still says the strangest things to people. Remember last week at the airport? Anyway, that leaves us."


"Let me finish, Hermione. When Fleur looks at us, she sees a tomboy with too many brothers and an only child bookworm. I'm pretty sure she thinks it has become her duty as the 'oldest daughter' to try and convince us to be more girly."

Hermione sat up stretching her hands over her head.

"Do you think if we acted more interested she would leave us alone?"

"I suppose it could be worth a shot...anyway, Fifth Avenue connects to 42nd Street, doesn't it?"

"Yes, at the library."

Ginny snorted and lifted an eyebrow.

"You would know tomorrow we let her drag me to a few stores, and then I drag her over to walk down 42nd Street. We ask a few questions about the stuff she's seen and point out that we simply can't go back to London without having been down to see Times Square and some of the other sights. It wouldn't be quite the thing, you know. If we act interested in the shopping, she''ll have to do the same for sightseeing."

Hermione frowned at her.


Ginny sighed.

"Its one of the girl rules. I'm sure there's a handbook somewhere, but take it from me, it is an accepted rule."

The brown-haired girl huffed out a breath.

"All right, I suppose. After all, 'there's no business like show business'."