Title - The Sunset Room
Author - Ashley aka Ginger
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June 19th, 2001 - 1:26 AM - Apartment of Annabelle Jackson + Regina Faye - Boston, Massachusetts

"I'm not doing it anymore!" a young girl with dark brown hair and oval shaped dark brown eyes screamed to an unknown person.

"That's your biggest mistake Miss Faye"


June 19th, 2001 - 11:56 AM - Apartment of Annabelle Jackson + Regina Faye - Boston, Massachusetts

"Regina!" a young woman with blonde hair bellowed as she kicked the door shut with her foot. "Sorry I got in so late, Jonathan can go fucking all night long! I'm so glad I had last night off."

The girl immediately went to the refrigerator and started swigging out of a diet coke bottle. She walked down the hall, kicking off her shoes as she went.

"Regina! Don't tell me your still sleeping?"

Slowly the female walked down the hall, sensing something wasn't right. Her friend was a light sleeper and would have woken up with all the noise that she was presently making. Quietly and quickly, the girl shoved open the door to Regina's room to find the bed made.

"That's weird," she commented. "Reggie never makes her bed."

Turning around without closing the door, something told the girl to check the bathroom. She walked towards the lavatory and slowly pushed the door open, which opened with a creak. The young woman held onto the door frame to keep from collapsing when her knees gave out when she viewed the sight in front of her.

Blood covered the tile floor and Regina was strewn across the floor, her brown hair hanging over one side of her face, blood still flowing from both wrists and her dark eyes opened with all life extinguished.


December 19th, 2001 - 5:23 AM - Granger, Ave - Boston, Massachusetts

The morning sun was just beginning to rise in the North End of Boston, Massachusetts. The putrid smell of fish could be caught from within a mile of Fannuel Hall, much to the dismay of those around. It was the middle of winter, yet the sun rose extremely early this particular morning. The air was warm despite the season and all that were up knew it was going to be another unusually warm day. Much to the dislike of school children praying for snow days, this day promised to be another extremely unlike New England winter day like they had been having.

A young woman could be seen walking towards the Downtown Crossing train station. Her blonde hair flowed passed her shoulders, floating in the wind. Large, oval sunglasses covered her deep blue eyes. She wore a knee-length black skirt with a slit in the middle with a light pink tank top and black knee high leather boots. A long black leather coat covered her and she wore matching gloves. The woman walked quickly along the practically deserted Boston streets. She refused to look anywhere, but straight ahead, and ignored anyone who acknowledged her.

She glanced at her silver wrist watch. Five twenty three she thought to herself. Not bad. I can't believe I'm up this early. She reached the T station five minutes later. She headed down the steps towards the Inbound side of the Green Line. Her shoes clicking against the ground was the only sound that could be heard throughout the station.

Three people were waiting for the train when she reached the landing area. Two homeless men at opposite ends of the stairs. Sleeping soundly. And Another man, in his late twenties. He did not so much as glance when the woman walked over and stood a few feet away. Both just stared forward, hoping for the subway train to finally arrive

When the green striped train did finally arrive both well-dressed people stepped onto it simultaneously. Only one other person occupied that section of the train. The person was another homeless man who was asleep on a section of the bench closest to the door. Suddenly, the woman grabbed the sleeping man with her right hand by his collar and hurled him to his feet. She stuffed ten dollars in his shirt with her other hand and roughly shoved him out the door before he had any idea what was happening. Then the doors closed and the train resumed motion.

"Nice work, Annabelle," the man said emotionlessly.

"Why do I have to be here so early Mr. Price?" she asked, ignoring his compliment.

"No time for you questions Miss Jackson," Mr. Price explained. "We must meet in secret so we only have until the next stop. Unless you plan on kicking the next persons ass who comes on the train."

"A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do," Annabelle replied, and faked dusting off her hands.

"I like your work Miss Jackson. Many clients have requested you for personal events. Events that go beyond your duties at the office. Would you be willing to make some extra money and do those for me?"


"I'm afraid you don't have a choice on one of them," Annabelle's boss replied, unwilling to show his anger.

"And what is that? Some sleazy friend of yours perhaps?"

"Not yet. Your next job, maybe. We have a new girl coming in this week. I want you to check her out. See if she's the real deal. Your going to be training her. Don't screw her up."

"No," she said, cold evident in her voice.

"It's been six months," the man said, no compassion in his voice.

"Six months, today," Miss Jackson said, and turned away to keep the tears from welling up in her eyes.

"You have to move on child," Mr. Price said harshly. "But in this matter, you have no choice."

Knowing that she was defeated, Annabelle gave in. "Fine then, is that it?" Annabelle asked as they neared the next stop.

"That's it. You can have a week off. Buy yourself some new stuff. The guys like the new joints. Come at nine instead on Wednesday. Three days after Christmas. That way you can meet your new trainee."

They were already at the next stop and the doors were open, though no one had stepped onto their section.

"That it?" she asked, dropping her sunglasses down to the tilt of her freshly powdered nose.

He nodded and Annabelle Powers stepped out the door right as it closed, leaving her powerful boss alone and pissed off.


December 19, 2001 - 4:56 PM - UC Headquarters - Chicago, Illinois

At a later time, on the same Monday, a group of the government's top agents were assembled together in a warehouse in Chicago. All listening intently to the well-dressed woman pacing in front of them.

"Parker Price is well known in Boston's high society. His daddy was a senator and he's acquired lots of money through it. He gives freely to charities but he's been arrested numerous times," Monica explained as she paced back and forth. The only noise, besides her voice was the clicking of her high heeled shoes. "His father has been able to get him out of everything though. One of our informants has advised us that he runs "The Sunset Room". Not your normal strip club. The women give their clients lap dances. The women are also sold out for prostitution. Though not all of them."

"It is believed to be the center of the largest drug ring in Massachusetts," a darkly dressed Donovan continued. "The Powers that be would like us to go in and finish it off. So we're going in"

"Why us?" Jake asked, annoyed. He didn't want to go to Boston. The agent didn't understand why this particular case was so important. "Why can't the feds in Boston take care of it?"

"Because they've tried. They want the best. So your going," Frank explained. "Don't try and argue with me Agent Shaw. You won't win. Continue Monica."

"Alex. You're going to be going in as Alexia Dandridge. One of the girls. We've already set up for you to meet with Annabelle Jackson. She's the girl that has the most connections in the whole program. Your other job will be to try and get close to Mr. Price," Monica explained and handed a pissed off looking Alex a file "It's all in the file here."

"There's no way I'm being a prostitute," Alex exclaimed placing down the folder with a perfectly manicured hand. Agent Cross had placed it down on the table without even looking at it.

"You don't have to have sex with anyone, Alex," Donovan explained. "All you have to do is the dance part. And maybe get rented out for a function or two. But don't worry you won't have to have to be a prostitute."

"Moving on," Monica said, walking over to Jake. "Your going to be Jake Sanders. A cousin of Price's who luckily he hasn't seen since he was 10. But they have kept in touch through letters. Which copies of are also in your file. You suggested Alexia and asked if they could give her a shot. Then you'll be trying to get information through Jackson. Alex, through Annabelle Price, the head girl. Everything else like I said is in the file."

"Why? Shouldn't it be the other way around?" Jake asked.

"Well, Annabelle's friend, a fellow 'dancer' Regina Faye was murdered so she's not trusting any of the other current girls. So there is no way she'll trust a new girl," Monica hypothesized. "They were roommates. Annabelle found her in the bathroom with her wrists slit. Initially labeled a suicide but Boston detectives later labeled it a homicide. Killer wasn't found. "

"Ok team. We leave for Boston tomorrow morning. I want you to be noticed in the city for a few days. We'll come home Saturday for Christmas Eve. Then you will return Tuesday afternoon. Then you'll meet them at the Sunset Room on Wednesday night. Understood?"


December 19, 2001 - 9:32 PM - Apartment of Alex Cross - Chicago, Illinois

Federal Agent Alex Cross sat looking over her file in the privacy of her own living room that night. She wondered what it would be like to dance, and apparently strip in front of all those men ogling at her. She didn't exactly like the idea of it. Normally if a guy ever tried to treat her like a piece of meat she could have kicked his ass easily. Yet through this she somehow knew she would have to play the airhead bimbo. And she was willing to bet all the other girls she would meet would fit that bill

"Annabelle Jackson," she read out loud. "Born just north of Boston. Catholic education. Dropped out of Boston University April, 2001. Employed at the Sunset Room since May 1, 2001. Lives alone. No relations in Massachusetts. Parents live in Europe."

Alex figured that this Parker Price guy wouldn't be too hard to seduce either. After all, he made lonely men sexually happy for a living. Which, she was sure Monica would tell her, meant that he wasn't very sexually happy himself. So that's where she'd step in. Someone new and fresh to blow his mind. This was going to be an easy job Alex thought.

She walked to her bedroom and started packing. Grabbing all the slutty clothes she could find. Though she didn't have as much as she thought she would.

"Well I have an apartment set up there so it's going to have to look like I have enough clothes to live there. Guess who's going to have to go shopping?" Alex asked herself. "Well I'll check out Newbury Street once I get there. I heard that's a pretty nice place to shop."


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