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Author's Note: Though most of the events depicted are things that happened within the course of the show, I have added a few things of my own in order to make the story flow a little more. I have created this story using all events involving Leo excluding the visions of Leo that are seen by some characters and including all flashbacks. Also, a few events have been rearranged based on their actual time of occurrence rather than their placement in the episodes. This whole story will make a lot more sense to all who have seen the show Kidnapped in its entirety. Please enjoy.

Early in the morning on March 15 in a penthouse in New York City:

Leopold lay face down in the pool practicing static apnea. All of his focus was kept on not breathing as time ticked by and he tried to beat his own record and the record of Martin Stepanek.

As he neared three minutes his sister Alice and bodyguard Virgil appeared at the edge of the pool. Alice was calling his name.

Leo waited for his breath to run out and then, after checking the time on his watch, burst from the pool and pushed his hair back away from his eyes.

"Mom says you have to come now," Alice told him.

He climbed out of the pool and walked into the bathroom where his school uniform was waiting for him. After changing quickly he walked into the kitchen with his backpack and the latest book that he was reading.

"Morning, Leo." Conrad Cain, his father, said as he headed for the counter to take his medicine.

"Don't call me Leo; it makes me sound like an old man." He responded, slightly annoyed that his father insisted on using his nickname instead of his full name.

"Watcha reading?" Conrad asked.

Leopold swallowed his pill with milk straight from the carton. "The Origin of Consciousness on the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind."

Ellie, his mom, crossed the room to introduce him to the times reporter who was there to do a story on a morning with the rich family. "And behind all this wet hair is our son Leopold." Ellie pushed some of the hair off of his forehead as he reached down to put the milk back on the counter.

His phone rang with the sound of a hard rock song. He pulled it from his pocket and answered the caller with the words, "five minutes," and then hung up.

"Don't talk on the cell phone in the house," Ellie scolded him in French. "It makes you look like a gangster."

"It's cool to look like a gangster these days, mom." Leo looked at her with a slightly mischievous grin.

Leo walked down the hallway toward the dining room with his father's hand resting on his back.

Virgil stood in a corner and waited for his young charge as the family had their picture taken for the article at the table. Afterwards, Leo put on his jacket and the two of them headed outside to the car with the driver waiting.

"How long today?" Virgil asked.

"Three minutes, twelve seconds. The world record for static apnea is eight minutes, six seconds; held by Martin Stepanek of Czechoslovakia. What's the longest you ever held your breath for, Virgil?"

"As long as I had to."

"My dad says it's stupid; that I should give it up."

Virgil held open the car's door for Leo. "What do you say?"

"I tell him not to hold his breath." Leo climbed in and Virgil closed the door.

After Virgil had entered the car he told the driver, "Let's go." Upon which the car door was re-opened by an outside force.

Virgil's reflexes were instant as he reached inside his coat for the gun concealed there.

"It's only Alfred," Leo held up a hand to stop Virgil as a younger boy entered the car dressed in the same uniform as Leopold, "His driver broke down, we're giving him a lift."

"Morning," Alfred said in general greeting, then turned to Leo to smiling.

"Hey," Leo smiled back and then proceeded to play a game from a playstation he had pulled from his backpack.

The car stopped suddenly and violently as the car drove into a crash site. "Great," the driver exclaimed sarcastically as he hopelessly banged his hand on the steering wheel. It was clear that they were going to be stuck for a while.

A Police officer stood directing traffic not too far away. He glanced at the car and then proceeded to walk toward it.

Virgil tensed as the cop neared the vehicle, but reached into his coat too late as the officer pulled out a gun and shot the driver. Blood splattered on the windows as Virgil got out of the car, yelling at the kids in the back to stay down and not move.

Virgil shot down all of the misplaced people on the scene, but failed to hit the sniper who was standing atop one of the larger buildings in the square. He was shot in the back and left bleeding on the pavement.

Leopold and Alfred watched the scene in horror. After Virgil was shot Leo told Alfred to "come on" and opened the door to get out of the car.

That was when the fake officer came up and slammed the door shut, blocking Leo inside. He then entered through the driver's door, pushed the body of the driver out of the way and drove off.

About a year before all of this happened; Leopold was walking home from school through Central park. As he neared the edge of the park a man who he didn't know stopped him and asked him if they could have a talk.

Leopold was wary of the man and tried to avoid him, but he insisted on talking to the young teen.

"Listen, Leopold," The man had said to him, "I'm coming for you. It won't be today, or tomorrow, it might not be anytime soon at all, but I will come for you."

Leo ran the rest of the way home and told his parents.

His mother was disturbed by the whole thing and distressed at her son's state of alarm. A day later, she introduced her son to Virgil, his new bodyguard.

At the time Leo was sitting on his bed, drawing pictures of the man who he had seen, a man who he called Joseph.

"What are you drawing?" Leo's new bodyguard asked him.

"Someone I met. I call him Joseph."

"That seems like a lot of pictures of the same dude."

"If I keep him here," Leopold said, pointing to the paper, "he doesn't get stuck up here." He pointed to his head, a place that was currently plagued with images of the man in the park. "He told me he was coming for me." Leo handed Virgil one of his better drawings, "So you'll be ready."

Virgil then promised himself and the teen that on the day that Joseph came, he would be ready.

Leopold was driven to a large warehouse building where he was forced out of the car by two men. His face was covered by a ski mask with the eye holes sewn shut and he was wearing handcuffs. He was dragged into the basement of the building and the men strapped him into the chair there. They pulled his mask off as they walked away.

"What's going on?" Leo yelled as the men left. "Where's Alfred? Who are you and what do you want?"

Later the handcuffs were taken off as were his jacket, tie, shoes, and socks. His hands had been strapped down to the chair and he was also tied around his upper arms, torso and stomach.

The door squeaked as a man walked through and began his descent down the stairs.

"Hello?" Leo called to him questioningly.

The man was dressed in all black and his face was covered by a mask that had a visor over the eyes. He moved swiftly down the stairs and opened a laptop sitting on a table that was in the room.

"Hello?" Leo asked more loudly this time as the man began to type on the computer. He completely ignored the boy tied to the chair.

"What do you want?" Leo called to him loudly and violently. The man looked up as if startled and headed toward the boy.

He leaned over and leaned directly into Leopold's face. Leo looked back. He would've been able to stare directly into the man's eyes if the mask didn't cover his face.

"You did this to me." Leo said to the man with spite and a hint of anger in his voice. "What do you want?"

The man continued to stare without saying a word.

"I just wanna go home, please."

A cell phone rang and the man walked back over to the table to answer it.

"Yeah, I'll have the kid ready." The man spoke into the phone. "Flight's at 1:00. T.E.T." The man walked away with the phone in his hand.

As soon as he had gone, Leopold began scratching the letters T.E.T. into the wooden chair with the latch of his watch. Though he had no idea what those letters meant, he knew they were important and anyone who saw them might be able to figure out that he had been there and where he was going.

Leopold was awakened by the light of a single, bare bulb in a small room. He was lying on a bed in the corner.

A man with gray hair walked in. As Leo rolled over groggily and opened his eyes, the man's hand came down over his mouth. Leo widened his eyes in terror as the man shook a single finger at him, letting him know that he should keep quiet.

Leopold lay on the bed on his stomach, looking at the ground when another, different man walked in.

This one was Latino and had black hair and dark eyes and skin. He handed Leo a glass of milk and a pill. Leo took them both from him and sat up, sticking the pill in his mouth and swallowing some of the milk.

The man watched, hands on hips and left as soon as he was sure the pill had been swallowed.

Leopold watched him leave and as soon as the door closed behind him, he spat out the pill and hid it under the mattress of the bed where it joined two others.

The fifteen-year-old now sat on the bed, his hands clasped in front of him.

The door opened and the Latino man walked in holding a microwavable dinner. He handed it to Leo along with a plastic fork and knife. Then he left.

Leopold looked down at the knife, an idea beginning to form in his head.

The room was dark and only a small amount of light shone in from a barred up window.

Leo had crawled underneath the bed and was using the plastic knife to cut away at the edge of the paneling that covered a small section of the wall.

The knife snapped in half. Leopold looked up, startled, as he heard the sound of the lock on his door being opened.

The Latino man stepped through the entryway to find Leopold sitting on his bed and eating the dinner that had been given to him.

Author's Note: That's all for episode one. I've also added in a scene from episode nine (shown as a flashback of when Leo is in the warehouse basement) and a scene from episode eight (when Virgil had a flashback of when he first met Leo).