New York City on March 27:

Leopold looked out the window of the backseat of one of three large black cars. Everything in New York looked slightly different than when he had been taken. Everything seemed so much bigger.

His father reached over from the seat next to him and placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. Leo looked away from the window to smile at his dad.

Ellie Cain stood outside on the sidewalk. Three cars pulled up. She began trying to find out which one held her son.

"Ellie! Ellie!" Conrad called to her to get her attention. He climbed out of the last car and Leo followed him.

Ellie rushed forward with a smile on her face to hug her boy. "Oh, baby, my baby." She cried as she held him close. Then she stood back, her hands cupping his face. "Let me look at you."

He hadn't returned her hug. He wasn't smiling. "Virgil's dead." He told his mother.

"What?" Ellie gasped in amazement and looked toward Conrad for confirmation.

"Yeah." Conrad nodded.

"He saved my life." Leo said.

"Oh, baby. I'm so sorry, baby." She wrapped her arms around him once more. Conrad placed a hand on his son's head.

A black sedan drove up and Andrew Archer, head of the FBI investigations stepped out. "We should, uh, go inside."

Ellie moved away from Leo slightly to show him to Archer. "Agent Archer, this is Leo. He's my son." She happily introduced the boy.

Archer stretched his hand out to shake Leo's. "Welcome home, son. Let's get you upstairs where it's safe." They entered the building together. Conrad and Ellie both had one arm around their son.

Leopold stood in the entrance hall of his house, turning slightly to take in the vastness that surrounded him.

Ellie walked in. "How does it feel?" She asked.

"Big," he responded with a sad tone to his voice.

His mother moved forward to hug him once more.

"Mom," he slightly protested.


He lifted up his arm to respond to her embrace. "I stink."

"Oh, I don't care." She held on a moment longer before pulling back. "You're so skinny." She wiped the tears from her eyes. "I think you've grown."

He smiled at this. "Maybe," he whispered. "Where are Aubrey and Alice?" He was holding tears back now.

"They're at Grandpa's. They're gonna be back soon."

"Dad seems different."

"Yeah, you sure you're okay." She whispered to him.

"I don't- I don't know." He began the embrace this time. Mother and son reunited held each other close. It wasn't until now that Leo really allowed himself to cry.

"It's okay." Ellie told him. "You're home. You're home."

Leo stood back, aware of how disgusting he was after twelve days of not bathing. "I'm gonna shower now."

"Okay, good, yeah, cause you really stink."

Leopold walked up the stairs toward the bathroom.

Much of the stress was gone from the family due to Leo's return. However, the man behind everything still had yet to be found. The Cain penthouse doors were being guarded by FBI agents and the main suspect was being tracked down.

Leo sat in the kitchen with his mother beside him. He bit into a sandwich.

"So, how is it?" She asked him.

"It's good." He held the sandwich out toward her. "Want some?"

"Oh, no thank you." There was a hint of disgust in her voice.

"Come on."

It was in Ellie's nature to say no to this kind of offer, but coming from her son who had just returned home, she could not refuse. "Okay," she took the sandwich from him and bit into it. She gave a look of surprise. "It's really good." She laughed. "Who'd thought? Peanut butter and bacon."

"Well, when I was visiting Dad when he was across the park, I was really hungry and all he had was peanut butter, bacon and white bread. And the rest is history."

Ellie reached up and wiped some peanut butter off the edge of Leo's mouth. "You are one smart kid."

Conrad walked in hastily. "What do you say we go somewhere?"

"Where?" Ellie asked with confusion in her voice.

"Let's go away. Let's go to the, uh, vineyard." Conrad replied.

"When?" She asked, her voice suggesting that he was crazy.

"Tonight." His reply made it clear that he was completely serious.

Ellie gestured toward Leo. "I am not letting him leave this house for the next twenty years."

"Aw, come one, what do you say, Leo?" Conrad looked at his son.

"What about work?" Conrad's job always seemed more important to him than his family.

"Who cares about work?" He casually dissed what used all he ever cared about.

Leopold smiled at this. His father had changed a lot, but he had changed for the better.

The three Cains had a press conference shortly after. Leopold's sisters were to stay at their grandfather's for the rest of the day.

"Leo," a reported began, "How does it feel to be home?"

"It feels good." He responded simply although it didn't even begin to explain all of the feelings he had inside him. He was dressed in his nicest suit and standing in between his father and mother. FBI agents stood behind them.

"If I could have a moment, I would like to make a statement, thank you." Conrad began a lengthy speech about how many people the family had to thank for his son's safe return. "First of all I'd like to say we're very happy to have our son home, as you can see," he placed his arm over Leo's shoulder, "and we'd like to thank everyone for their support: the FBI, the good people of New York whose kindness and generosity have really touched our hearts and helped us get through this ordeal. I'd like to thank my wife, who is the real backbone of this family. We can't answer any questions or comment any further as the investigation is ongoing. We just wanted to come out here today and say thank you."

Leo's mind wandered off and he forgot to keep smiling about halfway through his father's speech. They finished with the conference and walked back inside.

They went up in the elevator and Leo went up to his room to change out of his suit.

After he had changed, he laid down on his bed, his own bed, and tried to fall asleep. It had been quite a while since he had really slept.

He couldn't sleep, though. His mind kept flashing back to the kidnapping. He saw his driver get shot; Virgil getting shot; being given pills by Otto; Escaping for the first time; worsening his own cut; being slapped by Otto with the stolen cell phone; Otto's last words before he was shot by Bellows.

Leo opened his eyes as he sensed a presence in his room. FBI agent stood over him.

"What are you doing here?" Leo asked the man.

"You know you are very lucky. You know that?"

"Yeah." Leo was confused by the man's strange behavior and his presence in the room.

"No, no, I mean really lucky. Pretty durable, too, first a heart transplant and then all this; I wanna know what the odds are. You know, of surviving both." His eyes were cold.

"I don't know."

"Not good." Archer pulled out a gun. "Don't you say a word until I tell you to. I've killed everyone in this house who could help you."

Leo sat up.

"Now, you will walk down the stairs ahead of me."

The boy got up off the bed and walked out of the room and down the stairs. Archer followed with the gun pointed at Leo's back. Terror was building up quickly inside the boy.

Archer pushed him into a chair located at the bottom of the stairs. "Now you may talk." He held the gun directly above the teen.

"MOM!" Leo yelled for his mother, his voice expressed all of the fear that had instantly become part of him.

Both his parents rushed in instantly. "Oh my God." Ellie was filled with instant terror as she saw the state her son was in. It seemed unreal, especially after Leo had just been returned to her. "Get away from him!" She yelled at Archer.

"Listen to me!" Conrad commanded.

"No, no," Archer said, "in a situation like this, you listen to whoever has the gun. I'll give you some other tips: Don't provoke the shooter."

"Wait, wait, hold-" Conrad began.

"Leo," Ellie called out in distress.

"Good," Archer said, "Use the victim's first name. Humanize him. Create empathy. Let the assailant know that the victim is not just some random person."

"Please, why are you doing this?" None of the family could understand why this man who had helped with the whole investigation was suddenly getting ready to kill Leo.

"Why am I doing this? Because you destroyed a man's life, and I'm here to avenge him."

"What man?" Conrad asked.

"Well, there was a man, a good man, a just man, a family man, a company man, a man who believed in the system, played by the rules: keep your nose clean and everything will fall into place. That was the man's philosophy and so far, it had been good to him."

"We- We can talk- we can work this-" Ellie stuttered.

"Shut up!" Archer cut off her stammering. "Shut up, otherwise I'll kill him now." He continued with his story: "The man had everything he wanted: a beautiful wife, a wonderful son and a great job upholding that great system he put so much faith into, but then tragedy struck and God tried to take from him the only thing that mattered. So the man rushed his son to the hospital: a congenital heart problem. The man's son was placed at the bottom of a list, a long list, at the end of which was hope."

Leopold's eyes filled with tears. Conrad and Ellie remained completely motionless.

"The man knew there was nothing he could do to help his son. He knew, that he must put his faith where it had always been: in the system. And one day, after a year of waiting, after the boy's condition had worsened to the point where all hope was lost, the phone rang! A donor had been found! Anew heart was waiting for the man's son! And that's when everything went wrong. There was a complication. The heart was deemed and unviable organ. The surgery was cancelled. The man's son died and the man knew he'd done all he could, but something wasn't right. He knew how to spot a lie. He was an FBI agent after all. The man could not believe the truth! But, there it was. His own son had died so that a rich man's son could live."

Archer gestured at Leo with the gun. "How could the system that he had sworn to uphold turn on him, it's most loyal protector? The man became consumed with grief and anger. He began to investigate the rich man and the deeper he dug, the more his hatred grew. He dedicated his life to building a case against the rich man, unearthing all of his sins until; finally, his case was built. And on the eve of nailing this rich man to the wall, he was ecstatic.

"But then the man, who had grown empty inside, had this terrible last thought. What if the rich man, who had already shown his talent for manipulating the system, managed to manipulate his way out of this; or what if he ended up in some country club prison playing tennis for three years and getting off with good behavior, no."

Archer gestured wildly in the air with the gun and then pointed it back toward Leo. "No, the punishment must fit the crime, the man said to himself. And his family must be destroyed; they must be torn down, removed from the earth as you would remove cancer from the body. And the man learned all the rich man's secrets. He would create chaos involving the FBI, a bodyguard and a kidnap specialist. By the time he was ready, what little humanity he had left inside was dead until all that was left is what you see here."

"Listen to me." Conrad tried using a reasoning voice. "You're wrong."

"What?" Archer's voice was full of spite.

"I said you're wrong. I didn't do these things, I did not take your son's heart."
"Oh, he is good." Archer looked down at Leo. "He's lying to me just like he lies to his shareholders."

"It's true, it's true." Conrad tried to convince the heartless man.

Archer pointed the gun up before returning it to its original position. "You are gonna watch your son die the same way I watched my son die."

Leopold shook his head with tears of fear and distress in his eyes.

"Listen Archer," Conrad tried again, "You have to believe me."

"The man you think you're talking to can't even hear you."

"I swear-" Conrad started.

Archer pointed the gun at Conrad. "I will shoot you right now."

"It was me!" Ellie shouted out.

Leo looked at her in shock.

"It was me." She repeated. "I didn't know. I was only thinking about my child. I swear to you, I didn't know." Tears streamed down her face. "If you had a chance to save your child's life, you'd take it, wouldn't you?"

Archer's eyes were filled with confusion.

"Of course you would." Ellie answered for him. "I swear to you, I did not know it was meant for your son."

"Liar!" Archer responded instantly.

"I am not lying, I swear. Please, if you need to punish someone punish me, not my son. Punish me, please."

"It's too late!" Archer yelled.

"Archer!" A voice called from outside the door. "I'm coming in. I'm unarmed. Knapp burst in. "Do you hear me, I'm unarmed."

Archer dragged the boy out of the chair and held him with the point of the gun right next to his head. "I believe you." He said to Knapp.

"It's over." Knapp told him.

"Nothing's over." Archer replied.

"It's over." Knapp repeated. "You don't wanna do this."

"He took everything from me."

"I know. But that kid is innocent."

"Nobody's innocent here."

"Listen to me, Andy, there's something you don't know about your son."

"SHUT UP!" Archer looked around him. "Where's King?"

Knapp didn't answer the question. "There's something you don't know."

"You're stalling." Archer dragged the breathless boy back.

Ellie and Conrad remained where they were, horror in their eyes.

"No," Knapp said calmly.

A second later, a bullet crashed through the window and Archer fell backward, releasing Leo from his grip. The boy raced into his parent's arms while Knapp bent over Archer to make sure he was dead.

King stood on the balcony of the building that stood adjacent to the Cain's and moved backward from the sniper gun he had fired.

Archer's house was searched and video feeds of the Cains along with news clippings and files were found in Archer's basement. He had clearly been obsessed with what he had been doing. His anger over the death of his son had blown out of proportion and, luckily, his plans never succeeded. Leopold Cain was safe.

Leopold was back in his room. He sat on his bed reading his favorite book: The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Latimer King walked up and knocked gently on the door. Leo looked up and King waved at him slightly.

"Agent King," Leo said as means of welcoming the man.

"Nice room." King walked in and looked around him with a slight smile.

"Thank you." Leopold's voice was full of gratitude.

King turned around to look at the boy. "For what?"

"For everything." Leo looked at the man in earnest.

"You know my dad always used to say: "boy, don't you ever thank a man for doing his job. You just make sure you do yours also."

Leo nodded.

"Hey, I was going through some of Virgil's stuff," King reached into his pocket and pulled out two ID tags on a chain, "and these are his Navy Seal ID tags." He handed them to the boy and sat down on the bed next to him. "You know Virgil was a really great warrior. When a warrior dies in battle, it's a great honor."

"Do you believe that?" Leo asked him.

"No, but Virgil did."

Leopold looked down at the tags in his hand and King placed an arm around the boy's shoulder. Tears sprung up in Leo's eyes.

"You take really good care of yourself." Latimer told him.

"Yes, sir," Leo responded.

King got up and left the room. Leopold continued to finger the ID tags. He promised to himself that he would make Virgil's life worthwhile even after the man's death. He lifted up the chain and placed it around his own neck, tucking the tags in underneath his shirt. The he walked downstairs, ready to face the world and whatever it threw at him next. And maybe, he'd have some time to practice static apnea.

Author's Note: And that's the end. For those of you out there who haven't seen the show and are wondering what TET means, it was the private jet parking place that Leopold was taken to in order to be flown to Mexico. The letters themselves are short for Teterboro which is an airport in New Jersey. This was something that was found out during a scene in which Leo was not involved. Also, Aubrey, who is mentioned in this episode, is Leopold's older sister. Thanks for reading and please review. I love feedback. Also, if you haven't seen Kidnapped in its entirety and you have any questions regarding things that were not elaborated on enough in Leo's side of the story, please feel free to private message me.