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He had never been this scared.

He hadn't been this scared when Greyback was chasing him through a forest when he was five years old. He hadn't been this scared when his parents locked him up, alone in their basement for his first full moon. He hadn't been this scared when Sirius and James told him that they knew what he was, and he was faced with losing the two best friends he'd ever had. He wasn't this scared when he worked out that he had to tell his first girlfriend why he disappeared for a few days every month, even though he'd chickened out in the end, so she got angry because he didn't trust her, and dumped him. He hadn't been this scared when James and Lily were hiding from Voldemort, or even the first time that he told Tonks that he loved her, even though that was one of the happiest moments of his life.

This was a very different kind of scared. This was nerves, attacking his mind and body from every angle, slowly eating away at him from the inside. In some ways it was a better kind of scared, in the sense that he couldn't die from this, at least not directly. However, in other ways, potentially much stronger ways, this moment could ruin the rest of his life. It could take everything that he held dear, and rip it away. He could lose everything, and that thought alone chilled him to his very core.

He knew that he had to do this though, and if he did, if it all went well, he may well have another of the happiest moments of his life sometime soon, after a few more utterly terrifying moments.

He took a deep, steadying breath. He knew that he had to do this. He wanted to do it. If he did this, he would hold the possibility of being happy, happier than he ever had been, for the rest of his life.

The fact still remained though, all of the times that he had felt any level of terror, all put together, didn't even cover how he felt at that moment. Perhaps he had found a new shape for his Boggart to take. He glanced up, focusing his eyes just a little to the right of the man sat opposite him, mentally preparing himself to do this with minimal stress.

It shouldn't be this hard, he told himself. I'm being ridiculous. Another deep breath. Do it now.

His eyes snapped forward as the man chuckled. Remus smiled weakly, then gave a single laugh in reply, as if to acknowledge that he was in fact, being stupid to be nervous like this.

He smiled genuinely now, as he remembered the reason why he was here, and was suddenly filled with an unexpected sense of courage. Before he could speak, however, he was beaten to it.

"I know why you're here," he was told. "You're wasting your time and your nerves."

Remus could feel his face turning paler and paler, even more so than usual, as the man continued.

"I already know exactly what you're going to say, and I know what my answer is going to be. I decided the first time I met you, what I would say. I could see this day was coming, perhaps not so soon, but I can't deny that it wouldn't bother me whether it happened today or in twenty years. My answer would have always been the same, because I know you, Remus. I've only met you a handful of times, but I know," he paused for what Remus knew to be nothing more than dramatic effect, "that I like you. So you can ask me now in perfect confidence, and know that you will receive the answer that you had been hoping for."

He sat back in his seat and folded his arms across his chest, daring Remus to ask the question burning inside him.

Remus took one last breath, before he made the terrifying decision, and changed his life forever. And as he did, he couldn't help but smile.

He asked. He asked the question that he had wanted to ask for weeks, but had been biding his time for. He poured his heart into the question, hoping dearly that he would receive a positive response. He was no longer even mildly scared, which amazed him somewhat, although it probably shouldn't have. He knew that this was right, and it had to be done, he wanted it to be done, needed it with all of his heart.

As he finished his speech, he smiled, because across the table, Ted Tonks was smiling too, saying; "You have it."

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