Me: This is just an alternate ending I threw together. Don't expect anything brilliant. Oh, and...nah, I won't tell you know. You have to read it to find out.

He woke up just before dawn and went to the kitchen. He picked up the pen before writing a message. He played the CD until it reached a certain point, then paused it. Then he picked up the knife, smiling as the first light of dawn fell on his face. A lone tear ran down his face. He closed his eyes.

The peace was shattered as a booming cry came from the door. "You are not committing suicide on my watch! Go to bed, pest." Cloud slapped Sora's cheek.

"You know what Cloud? I have had it! I'm had it with you, I've had it with any parent who murders their family. I hate you, I hate this house and I hate everything else to do with you! I'm leaving!" He stormed out the house, glaring at Cloud. But before he reached the end of the drive, Cloud kick him in the back, sending him sprawling. He then began to attack Sora's legs, breaking one, then the other. Luckily, a young couple were walking by at that moment. The man tried to restrain Cloud while the woman called the police. Then it happened. A loud snap was as the man's arm was broken and he was thrown to the floor. Sora had tried to warn him about Cloud's other arm but his mouth was refusing to move. Then everything went black to Sora.

A few hours later, he came to. He was lying in a hospital bed and a nurse was leaning over him. "God morning" the nurse said. "My name's Roxas. Are you ok?"

Sora nodded. He barely heard what Roxas had said though, he was to busy staring into Roxas' eyes. "Your dad has been arrested. He's getting at least 20 years for abuse and attempted murder. By the way, where is your mum?" Just then, Sora noticed how young Roxas actually was, he looked about 14 or maybe 15...

"He killed her..." Sora croaked. "And he's not my dad. Though he was no better. They both killed everyone else in the family..." By this point Sora was in tears. Meanwhile, Roxas was sitting at the end of the bed, realizing how cute Sora looked.

"Sorry. I shouldn't have asked that. Wait, are you Sora Leonheart, now know as Sora Strife?" Sora nodded sadly. "I'm really sorry. What can I do to make it up?"

"Come over here..." Roxas obliged. "Closer, closer, stop." At this points their lips were almost touching. "This." Sora whispered as he leaned into a beautiful kiss.

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Vexen: You and Roxas may want to run now. Cloud and Leon are defrosting and Axel's coming round faster than I thought he would.

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Me: Four?

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