It was a normal morning on Voyager when Captain Kathryn Janeway walked on the bridge. Commander Chakotay turned around and smiled at his wife as she sat in the chair right beside him, "Good morning love, where are Machk and my little Chepi?"

"Machk is in class, I just left him there, as for our daughter, I could care less right now where the hell Aurora is."she sighed as she sat down. Kathryn's husband looked at her sternly. "Honey, don't look at me like that. She was getting ready for class and then when she came out, you should have seen what she was wearing Chakotay. I told her to go change and then she yelled at me for not letting her be herself and ran off; I tried to track her down but she left her commbadge in her room."

"Kathryn, love, relax she is probably with her friends, okay"

"That's just it I just left all of the kids she hangs out with, all except her boyfriend Owen Paris, in class with Machk. I'm worried something bad has happened to her, and after what I said to her this morning after she yelled at me. I…I just don't want her to be so mad at me and do something stupid."she said putting her head in her hands.

***Commander Tuvoc to the bridge***

"Captain Janeway here"

***We've found Ensign Janeway***

"What? Where? Is she okay ? How? You found her."

*** I think you should ask her. Meet us in sick bay Captain and please bring the Commander and Lieutenants Paris and Torres-Paris with you***

The four parents looked at each other, each wondering why the Vulcan needed all of them. As the mothers started walking towards the turbo lift talking to each other, the two men fallowed them intent on what their own child had done.

Our parents are going to ground us; then kill us, you know."

"I know Owen just shut up will you. Mom is already going to kill me for skipping class, and when she finds out what I, we were doing while skipping class she is going to send me to fluidic space or the Borg." The pair was sitting on biobeds in sick bay talking to each other when the four parents walked in.

"Shit here they come we are screwed Aurora screwed. Dad's never goanna let me pilot the Delta Flyer now."

"Would you stop over reacting Owen. You can just say you're sorry it always works with my dad."

"Yeah but that's your dad not mine, and besides uncle always takes your side you're his little fairy remember."

" Yes but I'm your girlfriend and now more than that. Right my noble pilot?"

"I thought I told you to stop calling me that and yes honey."

"Yes Owen you win, crap here they come."

"Captain, Commander, Lieutenants over here if you would" said Lt. Commander Tuvoc.

" Yes Tuvoc. Were did you find the two of them?" Something inside of Kathryn Janeway told her she was not going to like what the Vulcan told her.

"Yeah, Tuvoc why did you need me and B'Elanna for anyway. We had left Owen in class this morning."

"That is not how I found them Lieutenant Paris."

" Well how do you find them Tuvoc?"

"I can answer that Captain," the EMH looked from one parent to another. "The commander found Ensigns Janeway and Paris in an extremely compromising position."

"What kind of compromising position Doctor?"

"Well they were ah…"

"Doc just spit it out" barked Lt. Paris

"Fine, we found them in Lt. Mirral Paris-Janeway's courters. Lying on the couch asleep together."

"What is so bad about that. It's not as if they had their cloths off… Right?" Tom Paris stated.

"Actually that is exactly how we found them Mister Paris."

"Say what. That's impossible." Kathryn Janeway was speechless as B'elanna Torres-Paris yelled at the stunned EMH.

"Captain I also need to tell you and the commander something."

"Yes Doctor we're listening."

"The two seem to have done this before because Ensign Aurora Janeway is eight weeks pregnant."

" WHAT! My daughter is pregnant." Kathryn Janeway screamed at her husband and the EMH, then in a blur of red and black she ran to the young couple on the bio-beds. The two right behind her "Aurora Kanti Janeway you are grounded for life young lady and I forbid you to see Ensign Paris Ever again!"

"Mom you have no say in the matter I'm 18 now and legally an adult now so I will do what I want to do thank you very much." The Commander was now behind his wife and he put his hand on her shoulder.

"Kathryn calm down. Good, now Chepi has the doctor told you and Owen your…um… condition."

"Yes Daddy he has, and I'm pregnant not dying okay."

"Aurora do not speak to your father that way." Kathryn Janeway had almost all she could take from her daughter.

"Kathryn it's fine. Well Aurora what are you going to do about this child your having. Am I correct in assuming your keeping it?"
"Yes you are Daddy. Owen and I are planning on getting married and raising this baby together. Any problems with that."

"No but how do you plan on doing that young lady?" Chakotay was trying to keep a cool head. His wife had just gone off at their daughter, their pregnant daughter and he was trying not to think about strangling Owen, who was standing beside her trying not to look scared, but who wouldn't be scared in a situation like this. The commander laughed inwardly at the site of his small boned, stubborn wife and his daughter who was bigger than her mother in both height and weight, death glare each other; and Owen was right in the middle of it looking like he might just pass out from sheer fear of the two Janeways.

"We plan on getting jobs in Starfleet like our parents while taking care of this baby Father." Aurora knew her dad was deeply hurt when she called him father instead of the loving daddy. Just then the doctor, who had been trying to get the whole group's attention for the past few minutes, loudly asked if the grandparents and parents-to-be would polity shut up for a moment he had some information to give to them.

"Thank you now ensign you will have to come see me for check-ups regularly, Mister Paris you will see to it that she is here on time."

"Aye, sir." Owen said he looked up at the EMH then back down on to the floor fearful to look at anyone.

"Good here is a list of vitamins and other information you need to know. Now would anyone like to know what the sex is?"

"No we just what to know if the baby is healthy." The younger woman said first as she looked at the older two with a smug, proud smile on her face.

"Fine with me. Let's just get the scanners. This will only take a minute."

"Okay the five of us have to get back to the bridge; we will talk about this later young lady." Kathryn Janeway stated as she began to walk out the door

"That goes double for you mister." Barked the chief engineer as she staked towards the door. The two men just shrugged and pointing toward the moms and mouthed 'what she said' and followed thier wives. Then right before they all exited the door Tuvoc, who was helping the doctor, was just about to say something to the hologram about the read-out on the scanner the doctor yelled,

"Congrats to you both you have perfectly healthy twins."

"Twins? Twins. Owen we're having twins." Aurora exclaimed. "Oh, spirits twins Owen." She looked at her boyfriend and started to cry.

"I know dear, I heard. Twins Aurora, our twins." Owen hugged his girlfriend and started to cry as well. He looked at Aurora and nodded his head as if saying something only the two could understand. "So Doc can you tell us what the sex of the twins are?"

"Better yet I can show you." The Doctor walked over to the console while the four parents slowly walked over to the young couple who were both crying and hugging each other.

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