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Chapter Two

"Better yet I can show you." The Doctor walked over to the console while the four parents slowly walked over to the young couple who were both crying and hugging each other.

"Really?" Aurora squeaked as Owen helped her to the console holding on to her as if she would suddenly break apart or disappear.

"Yes Aurora you can. Now that I have made a few upgrades to the program and fix it so now one can do something rash." The EMH paused at this and shot a look B'Elanna's way at which she looked him in the eye then after a while to the ground. "Well with that being said to you two…I mean six like to see what the little ones will look like at nine months?" His face suddenly brightened and he smiled at his goddaughter and the young man who was his favorite aid in sickbay. 'They seem so young and yet grown-up' the EMH thought to himself. He truthfully was at first mad at the two, mainly Owen for he could seem to get to mad at Aurora ever it seemed. Then he saw the two interact for a while and suddenly was happy for the young couple. He had seen Aurora with her younger siblings as well as some of the other children on the ship and mused to himself at how comfortable she looked with them all running around her or using her as their own personal jungle-gym. He laughed inwardly at the recent memory of the young woman came back to him


She was reading a book with her little brother, Max, in her lap hitting the pages, her own goddaughter, Mali, messing with her hair, her oldest cat, Merlin, lounging on her legs, and Annie Kim painting her nails an atrocious color.

"Ora your hair is suwper pwetty!" Squealed the five-year old one her back still trying to braid as best she could her godmother's hair.

"Thank you Mali, Hun." She responded then looked down at her little brother of barely one. "Yes Maxi sissy does see the pretty pages and pictures now how's about we read it and not hit is so much okay you little stinker." She cooed to the young boy as he looked up at his only sister and smiled babbling and giggling as he proceed to hit the pages some more.

"Aurora how come your so much nicer than all the other older kids?" Inquired seven year-old Annie.

"Well it's because the all don't have my imagination and the fact I love you all to pieces. Also I'm a Hufflepuff and all Hufflepuffs are naturally very nice people!" She replied earning a giggle from both girls, as they knew about the houses as Aurora had read the books to all the little kids. She then reached down to scratch Merlin's head. "I'm right don't you think Merlin?" She asked the cat, to which he meowed loudly give a look to the group that said yes but you all are still crazy. At that point at three girls and one very small boy laughed until their sides hurt. Shortly after the recovered themselves it was time for the girls to leave.

**********************************End Flashback***************************************

The EMH, Uncle or Mark as he was called by the group he now called his family, was brought out of his mussing by his youngest goddaughter's humor.

"Well Uncle are you going to show us or not, silly?" Aurora Laughed as she sat down in a nearby chair having been but there by her loving fiancé. Said fiancé was standing at her side with a protective and in her shoulder and his other hand desperately trying to find something to do.

"Very well my little Hufflepuff." The EMH sighed as he used the nickname he made for her after she had him read the Harry Potter books. Both he and the young woman had thought it fit her well after the holographic sorting hat had put her there. Soon most of the senior staff's family had gone through their own little "sorting ceremony". She was, not surprisingly, the only Hufflepuff in the group. "If you all will just give me a minute I will get it ready." He then turned to the nearby console and after typing in a few quick commands and some data he looked up at the two, no three he corrected himself, families and smiled deftly pushing the button that made the holo-images appear.

A small gasp came from all three women in the room as two wide-eyed babies appeared midair. The one on the left, the boy, had a light down of dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes he also had an extremely faint ridge on his forehead almost barely visible. The baby on the left, the girl, had dark auburn hair very similar to her mothers and very vivid blue-green eyes, surprisingly it seemed she had no ridge at all but did have multiple freckles on her. The twin babies were seen in the fetal positions and holding hands and seemed to be smiling.

"Oh spirits they are beautiful." Aurora said as she succumbed to tears of happiness. Owen was speechless as the young man looked back from his love to their children smiling while he cried silent tears of joy.

"Doctor...Mark is there something wrong with the little girl she doesn't have the Klingon ridge?" B'Elanna inquiring as she walked around her grandchildren's image looking both worried and lovingly at the pair.

"No nothing wrong it just seems she doesn't have that physical feature, but she does have the so called "crazy" gene from her mother's side which might be the reason the ridge gene is missing as they are in about the same sequence and the little boy doesn't have said "crazy" gene and yet has the ridges." Mark answered reading the read outs on the console. Turning to Aurora and Owen he looked at them cautiously before adding. "Both babies do need surgery soon though due to both the "crazy" gene and the defect most partial Klingons that Owen and his older sister had when they were infants. But nothing else am I clear." He was still afraid of the B'Elanna incident happening again as that was reason he had not used this technology in years that and he was improving its detail and accuracy.

"Of course Uncle, we just want them to be happy and health. Beside they look adorable already, why would we change who they are." Aurora simple said before she realized what she had said and looked over at her parents and her Aunt and Uncles. "I didn't mean that the way it came out, really." She said looking sorrowfully in her mother and B'Elanna's eyes.

"We know that baby girl." Kathryn said looking at her only daughter. Something had clicked when she saw both the holographic image of her grandchildren and the looks on her daughters face the last few minutes. She was no longer mad at the young couple only worried for them and their babies. "I'm sorry for the way I acted a minute ago I know you are a responsible young lady and you that about this before doing something this significant to your life. Now please either go to class or better yet go rest I'm sure you need it sweetie and maybe if you can convince Annika she will bring the little ones to see you." She added looking at her daughter loving back to the Motherly Kathryn instead of Captain Janeway.

"We are sorry to son. You mother and I didn't mean to be so mad we were just in shock that's all. And heck now Nelix can host three more parties, a bachelor, bachelorette, and a baby shower!" Tom said laughing at his last statement then cringing as his wife smacked him on the back of the head. "Owww!"

"Oh stop being a baby Tom, and no one's is telling this to anyone without the kids… um I mean the young couples permission, right you two?" B'Elanna said turning to the younger couple.

"Yeah whatever you say mom." Responded the younger male Paris despondently, looking at his fiancé as she suddenly looked both excited and worried at the same time. "Badger… Kitten… Aurora, what wrong love?" he asked her after at hearing her name she looked at him.

"Oh nothing, really" she lied then looking her lover in the eye she sighed "Fine... I'm happy we're going to be parents but I'm scared the wee ones might be confused and sad or worst mad at me for this. They may think that I'm going to forget them and I don't want that I love all of them from the bottom of my heart I would hate to lose any of them, especially Maxi and Mali. I don't think I could handle it if I lost them." She whispered, getting more and more upset as she went along until she was crying.

"Oh Babe you won't lose them I promise we just have to explain everything to them that all. Besides they would refuse to lose you they all love you as much as you love them." Owen insisted trying to get her to calm down as he pulled her to his shoulder. "Now please, my love, calm down, you are not doing you or the babies any good I'm sure." He added rubbing circles on her back.

"You're right as always." She responded quietly. She then went over to her mother and father. "Okay can we go now I really don't want to hold this off any longer?" Aurora implored "Please Momma, Daddy?" She watched how her parents' features relaxed further as she called them what she did as a child. She too relaxed after sense her parents comfort and smiled again.

"Sure Chepi. Kathryn shall we?" Chakotay answered putting his arm out to his wife and smiling brightly to his daughter. Kathryn took his arm and they headed out the door fallowed by the two other couples and one lone Vulcan. Leaving the EMT to muse over their family and how it was to grow by two more, which were sure to cause as much trouble as their parents did.

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