Author's Note/Disclaimer: It's so refreshing to get back to this fandom. Here's a story that's been cooking for a couple of years now. I've never really executed it properly, but I think it speaks for itself. Basically, enjoy this first part based on the happy ending, and then prepare for downbeat ending in the next part.

I do not own "Little Shop of Horrors," its characters, or the song "Hero" performed by Enrique Iglesias. I'm just writing to entertain my fellow nerds.

–S. Snowflake

The Hero

Part 1

"Would you dance if I asked you to dance?
Would you run and never look back?
Would you cry if you saw me crying?
Would you save my soul tonight?"

Blackness. Cold, black clouds of nothing surrounded him. There was a crushing pressure on his back, but even that was fading. This was the end. He was going to die here underneath the remains of the flower shop that he had called home nearly all his life. But his punishment fit his crimes. He deserved to be killed by the monster he created.

Then there was a spark in the darkness that reminded him why he wanted to fight in the first place. He remembered her. His angel was waiting for him. The monster would doubtlessly kill her next.

No! Not that, he thought as another shock ran through his body. Where was this strange inspiration coming from?

He had to fight harder. He had promised to keep her safe, to be there when she needed him.

Fight harder he did, but the debris above him wouldn't budge, and he was losing breathable air. You've got to try harder, Seymour ol' boy, he thought.

Then the greatest spark of all hit him. While the others had been rather surprising, this one was painful.

"What the hell?" he thought aloud before his hand gripped the source of the bizarre inspiration. A lone electrical cable with its wires frayed beyond repair had been sending electric shocks through his body all this time.

Though he had no idea if he was just being crazy, he gripped the wire tightly and sent his hand right through the rubble. Somehow, even though he couldn't see a thing underneath the crushing debris, he found what he was looking for. One of the monster's vines landed right next to the cable. The cable sent out the strongest shock yet, but this time it was the plant that felt the pain. The alien gurgled on its own saliva as the electricity coursed through its xylem, its internal structure practically frying. All of the little pods on its vines screeched as they one by one died.

The plant cried a last curse of "Oh, shit!" before exploding into a million pieces of vegetable matter.

It took the boy in the rubble a few seconds to realize that he was alive. He was so happy, he was sure he had crossed over. Nothing in the world could make him happier than knowing that his angel was going to be okay. –Well, nothing could make him happier, that is, except being in the angel's arms. Maybe he could even manage that.

He pushed against the rubble on his back again. Somehow he was able to lift it off better this time. He gasped as he breathed in the air his lungs had so dearly missed and looked around.

He could see little traces of bricks and cement, but nothing more. He prayed that she was okay; that she hadn't been harmed in the explosion.

Slowly he stood up and brushed off a bit of debris dusting his clothes. Though his muscles felt sore, he managed to take a step forward. So far nothing felt broken. And still he tried to find her with the clouds of debris and the dust covering his glasses.

Click. Clack. Click. Clack.

He knew the sound of her heels well, even though it was faint. She was there. Another cloud of dust passed by, this one the thickest of all, before he finally saw her.

Her blonde hair and white dress almost glowed among the rubble, streetlight, and "Chooz" neon light above them. Along with all her beauty, he noticed that tears were falling from her eyes.

Why is she crying? he wondered, drawing nearer to her. She's alive!

He didn't know that she had been watching every moment he had been fighting the plant. He didn't know that when she saw the shop fall down on him, her whole world had ended, and she could not keep her tears from falling. All he knew was that he wanted to be at her side more than anything else in the world.

The dust cleared some more, she saw him, and her face changed from sadness to the biggest smile he had ever seen her smile. He couldn't help but smile back at that, even though his shoulders were hurting terribly.

In mere seconds, though it felt like hours, they wrapped their arms around each other in the warmest of embraces. All the pain he had endured seemed to melt away. She was crying more than ever, but they were tears of joy rather than sorrow.

The pair took no time in finding a safe place to rest for the night. A decent hotel room on the lower west side made a fine shelter until morning. Standing there at the remains of the flower shop would have raised too many questions when the cops arrived.

They both crashed into the hotel bed, exhausted. The young man especially felt as though he could sleep for a thousand years. Just as he was about to let the warm darkness of sleep pull him under, her voice interrupted him.

"Seymour?" she said, shifting closer to him.

Seymour couldn't keep his eyes open, but he did reply, "Yeah, Audrey?"

Audrey grinned and gently wrapped her arms around Seymour. Even though the evil plant was gone, she still had a lot of fear leftover in her heart at the thought of losing him. She had to tell him exactly what she was feeling at that exact moment, but finding the right words to say wasn't easy.

"Audrey, what is it?" Seymour pressed, still not hearing an answer from her.

At last she decided on what to say and whispered, "My hero."

Seymour smiled at that before falling into a fitful sleep. He rested well knowing that he would wake up to find his guiding light there to greet him. So the hero rested in the arms of his angel at last.

"Would you tremble if I touched your lips?

Would you laugh? Oh please, tell me this.

Now, would you die for the one you love?

Hold me in your arms tonight."