A.N: We never see the Oriko characters in the anime, this short 2 chapter fic will explain why starting with Yuma. This one takes place while Mami and Homura have a talk about Madoka in episode 2.

Second chapter will take place during episode 4.

Second chapter will have heavy spoilers about the Oriko manga.

This is a different take on the first chapter of Oriko had it been set during the present timeline...

Yuma Chitose, a small girl about the age of about 10. She had green hair that had been tied up with ties that were orange that made her wild hair stick out more. She wore a green dress with white trim at the ends although the bottom portion had been...Cut.

Her blue eyes had been opened with shock.

Tears fell from her cheek to the ground.

Her small frame looked twisted under the shadow of the witch, a budding plant that was laughing.

She was missing her arm and her torso had been half eaten.

Blood dripped onto the floor as her small figure was being pulled in the air by a vine.

The "Venus Fly-trap" opened it's mouth.

Another snack for the night.

Mami did not like the smell of blood. She frowned upon looking at the plant.

She had been too late, if only that Homura had not shown up...

She knew how flowers worked, since she had a small garden of her own but this was just another weed that needed to be rooted.

What made her really uneasy was the fact that this witch had no barrier.

It was just out in the open along a mall, in front of a fountain.

The water kept running and the abomination was crying.

Mami held up her musket and noticed there were no familiars.

She frowned.

She summoned a wave of them as it screamed in agony and vanished from the world.

She grabbed the seed and returned home.

A.N: So 1 down, 2 to go.