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I have no idea how this happened. Well, I mean, I sort of do. But…

Rachel and I have been awkward friends since Nationals and me making sure Santana didn't gut her with one of her hidden razor blades. I gave up on Finn, and she strengthened her efforts to get me to like her. Not that I ever really hated her, it was just that she occasionally irritated me, mostly when she was with Finn. So once in a while, she would come complain to me about Finn or Mr. Schuester or whatever, and I never turned her away, I just listened, and it became more frequent.

Sometimes I would even unload on her, and she listened right back.

It was a little weird when we tried to hang out, but usually a movie and popcorn would make things easier on us. We'd just sit back on the couch, the bowl resting on my lap, and eventually she would worm her way over to lean against me, for better access to the popcorn. Sometimes I'd sling an arm around her shoulders, and it was pretty comfortable.

I'd even grown to like her, consider her a friend. And yeah, there was a part of me that found her really attractive, but I pushed that aside in favor of what she was already giving me—what I was already enjoying well enough without changing things.

But tonight, Rachel came to me beyond upset, ranting about Finn's idiotic antics as usual (this time he broke up with her, all because he didn't think he could handle the distance with her being in New York, which…he knew she was going there all along, so…), and just when I got her calmed down, she started talking about me. Well, us.

How she wished she had listened to me back in that auditorium last year—really listened. How she wished she had been there for me, gotten to know me, instead of obsessing over a boy who isn't even there when she most needs him. And how rewarding our friendship has been to her, how much I've come to mean to her.

I'm not really sure who made the first move after that. I only know that somehow we ended up on my couch, her above me with her hands on either side of my head, bracing herself on the arm of it, while I explore her torso beneath her shirt, skin-to-skin. Making out like there's no tomorrow.

And it is honestly the best kiss I've ever had. Forget fireworks; my whole body is humming with barely tamed excitement. Her tongue is magical.

Only suddenly that tongue is gone, followed by cherry lips, and she's climbing off of me quickly, pulling down her shirt and gasping for breath as she says, "Wait, wait. No. This…this isn't fair."

I half-sit up, brow furrowed, as I watch her pace back and forth across my living room, trying to grasp in my lust-filled haze why she isn't still on top of me.

"I'm so, so sorry, Quinn. This was completely unfair to you. I shouldn't have done this," she pants, running her hand through her long hair, smoothing it back down.

I really don't know what to say, but she's obviously expecting something, so I just say the first thing that comes to mind: "Okay."

She gapes at me. "'Okay'? That-that's it?"


"Aren't you furious with me?" she shrieks, and I wince at the volume. "I just came over to your house to complain about your ex-boyfriend and, well, mine now, and then throw myself at you and then change my mind and all you can say is 'okay'?"

Obviously she's not getting back on top of me anytime soon, so I ease into a standing position and smooth down the wrinkles in my clothes, looking down at her intently so she won't think of looking away. "Pretty much." She looks incredulous. "Look, we both know what's going on here. You're upset with Finn, you want comfort. I'm not complaining."

"Well, maybe you should be! I'd basically be using you and I…I wouldn't even be able to look at you afterward," she mumbles, folding her arms protectively.

It stings a little, and I can't help but query softly, "Why not?"

"Because I…" She falters, biting her lip. "I would want it to mean something." My heart skips a beat as she meets my eyes and sucks in a breath. "Quinn, I want to have sex with you." If she's trying to talk me out of this, it's not really working. "But not under these circumstances. I still have feelings for Finn, and I won't do that to you. I won't ruin what we have over Finn Hudson, Quinn. You mean too much to me."

Damn it. The warmth in my chest I get just looking at her doubles and I can't help but reach to stroke her hair back from her face, smiling when she leans into my touch.


She lets out a small chuckle and says quietly, "You're too good to me." She bites her lip again, looking up at me doe-eyed. "Maybe…someday…?"

I nod, and she grins the way that makes her eyes sparkle and my heart beat faster. "Yeah, someday."