"Don't Leave My Coffee Black"

Clear. It always came back clear. Click. Grab. Pour. Click. Sandy didn't mind though. She had all the time in the world. Besides, any minute now something else would grab her attention, whether it was a crow landing on a broken piece of wall, a friendly hello from a fellow inmate, or a violent hallucination. Yup. This was the life.

"Don't you have something better to do with your time?" A big smile appeared on Sandy's face.

"Hiya Crispy! Is that really you? Because last time I thought you came in here you were riding a unicorn with a ukulele and I tried for ten minutes to ask you were the peanut butter was and-" Two fingers locked tightly over her lips.

"Are you just about done?" Sandy looked from Crispin to the coffee machine to the fingers on her lips. She nodded. "Good. Now why don't you do yourself a favor and get out of the break room." With a violent shove, she was out. Violent hisses of rats surrounded her.

"I know little friends. I know. He just wants my coffee." A bitter yellow mist filled the air and dizziness filled her head. She fell back and tripped into the elevator.


"Sacre bleu!"

"Oh no!" Crash.

"I see stars." Fred bent over, hat falling on Sandy's face.

"You ok?"

"Shhhh! You'll scare them away."

"Madam. Zee Hat?" Standing up slowly, as to not upset her new imaginary friends, she placed the hat on top of the Bonaparte's head and promptly wobbled out of the room.

"Rah!" A frame shattered and paint splattered against the concrete wall.

"I wonder what Boyd is up to?"