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Naruto was grumbling to himself as they walked out of the mall and into the parking lot to get to Itachi's car. He was a bit peeved that Sai had disappeared like that from him. The other three in the group were starting to think that he was crazy since they didn't spot a hybrid that fits Naruto's description. Kyuubi was even starting to throw worried looks at him thinking his poor little hybrid has developed some mental issues making him imagine up someone that clearly wasn't there.

Kyuubi sighed as he believed he might have done something wrong when raising the fox hybrid. There could also be the chance that Naruto made up such a character because he hasn't really made or had any friends besides Gaara. It is pretty difficult for hybrids like Naruto to make friends with other hybrids since they mostly consist of the non-human talking breed. It also doesn't help that Naruto would get into fights because of his short temper.

Naruto noticed the worried looks Kyuubi kept sending his way which made a tick start to form in his eye.

"Can you stop that! I'm not crazy all right!" he snapped "I did see him and he was standing next to me! The ass hole probably ran off somewhere without saying anything."

"Are you sure Naru?" asked Kyuubi.

"Yes I'm sure! Now stop looking at me like I'm crazy" Naruto's tail started swishing in annoyance.

"Well where do you two want to go next?" asked Itachi.

Kyuubi stumbled a bit having forgotten that Itachi and Sasuke where with them.

"Well how about we go to the Park! I'm sure Naruto would like to see it!" said Kyuubi.

One of Naruto's ears perked up at the excitement in Kyuubi's voice at the thought of going to the park.

"Whats so special about the park?" he asked.

"It's one of the biggest parks in the city," answered Sasuke having been silent this whole time, "there are lots of play grounds around and fields to play in. there is also a huge two story carousel in the middle of the park. There is where Konoha holds most of its festivals."

Naruto was intrigued now. Maybe the park would be fun and maybe he could see what the heck a carousel was.

"Okay lets go!" he said.

Kyuubi nodded and they all piled into Itachi's car and drove towards the park.

As soon as the car found a parking space in front of the park Naruto dashed out and ran out into the amazingly green grass. Kyuubi quickly unbuckled and ran right after him.

"Naruto! you little bastard get back here!"

Naruto laughed as he ran around trying to see the entire park. Kyuubi finally caught him and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"Baka! Listen when I tell you something!"

"Come on Kyuu! You know that'll never happen" he said with one of his widest grins.

Kyuubi sighed already getting the feeling that this was a bad idea already. He could just see him getting lost and the park was a huge place.

"Kyuu! Kyuu! I want to go see the 'Carsoul' or whatever it's called!"

Kyuubi chuckled at Naruto's childishness. "It's called a carousel and well get on as soon as the slow pokes catch up to us."

Naruto looked to see the ravens walking at a leisurely pace towards them. "Well they sure are taking their sweet as time. HEY HURRY YOUR ASSES UP!"

Mothers turned to glare at the two as they covered their children's ears. Kyuubi blushed and apologized for Naruto's behavior. He smacked Naruto on the head making him whine.

"Don't shout curse words out in public baka! There are families around!"

"So? I bet over half of these kids know what they are and what sex is already!" (A/N: Seriously what is up with little kids and swearing all the time? What happened to our youth! T^T I blame bad parenting! :[)

Naruto grumbled some more as the other two finally caught up to them so that they may continue on. Naruto's head swiveled left to right and eyes shifted in all directions just to see what was all around him. He watched as little kids ran around playing ball or tag, Kids sliding down slides or swinging on the swing sets with their mothers pushing them with a smile.

They stopped at some points to play on the playground equipment for a bit at Naruto's request. Kyuubi would push him on the swings or chase him around the jungle gym or slide down the slides with him.

Itachi and Sasuke were content on just watching the two and not join such childish activates. Kyuubi and Naruto frowned at the two just standing there and not joining in on the fun. They then both grinned mischievously and out of sight of the other two. The two were unprepared when the red head and fox tackled them into the bark filled playground then ran off before they could get yelled at. Sasuke growled as he got up and gave chase to the fox. Itachi smiled and followed his example and chased after the red head.

Once they finally caught the two they dragged them back over to the playground as they squirmed in their grasps. They both grabbed a handful of bark and dumped it over their head and got some in their clothes. With their revenge done they let them go and watched as they shook out the pieces of bark from their hair and clothing.

They then resumed their walk towards the carousel since it was going to be dark soon. Itachi and Sasuke had a job to do tonight so they had to get there quickly and then get back to the car so that they can drop the two back home and continue their outing another day.

Naruto gaped in aww as they stood before the carousel. Naruto's ears listened as the music played and the children on the ride laughed in merriment at the spinning ride. He watched as the ride spun with its passengers going up and down on their chosen steeds with big smiles on their faces. On the first level of the ride is where most of the younger children rode with a parent or two riding with them. On the second level Naruto could see the older kids with the occasional adult couple riding on the animals.

Naruto was so excited to get on he was bouncing in place. It was a good thing the line to ride wasn't very long. Kyuubi smiled seeing the little fox's excitement to get on.

"Naruto here you give this to the guy to let you on the ride" he said handing him a gold coin with an imprint of the carousel on it and of the city on the back.

Naruto nodded as he looked at the coin then back at the ride. Naruto almost gave out a cheer as the ride finally stopped to let on the next load of passengers on. The line moved up, a bit to slowly for Naruto, and when he finally got to the front he quickly handed his token to the operator and ran to the ride wanting to get on the second level of the ride.

Kyuubi and Itachi chose to get on the first level since it seemed that the top was full. Sasuke had made it to the top level and found an untaken horse and got on it even though he knew he must look ridiculous sitting on it. He had hoped to be able to see Naruto from where he sat, but it seemed it was no luck since Naruto was sitting on the other side on a lion.

Naruto bounced in his seat impatiently waiting for the ride to start. Naruto yelped a bit as the ride gave a small jolt and started to move forward. He clasped on tightly to the pole that went through the lion he sat on as it started to move up and down. He started to feel a little nervous being on a moving ride a couple of feet far from the ground. He tried to not look down as he thought of how he could fall off and die or at least hurt himself.

"You know if you're scared I'm sure they'd let you off"

Naruto twisted his head around at the sound of the voice. Sai was sitting right there next to him on the white tiger sitting back wards leaning against the pole casually. Naruto scowled at the wolf.

"Bastard! Where were you!"

"You shouldn't cuss when young ones are around to hear dickless or they'll pick up your nasty habit"

"Oh and like you calling me dickless is any better!"

Sai just smiled not answering him.

"Thanks to you they think I made you up and I'm crazy!"

"I'm sure they already thought you were crazy Naru-chan"

Naruto blushed angrily "Bastard don't call me that! Why would you even call me that?"

"Well you told me not to call you dickless so I decided to call you Naru-chan"

Naruto growled and decided to ignore him. He was not going to let him ruin his fun. Naruto relaxed more into his seat as he felt the small breeze that passed through his face. He even started to smile a bit and giggle.

"It's so strange that such a simple ride can make one happy"

Naruto turned to look at the wolf next to him. He was a little worried seeing the expressionless face on his companions face as he watched the people behind them smile and laugh. Given that the only expression he saw on the wolf was an empty smile, but this facial expression made him shiver in a bad way.

"Humans truly are such simply minded beings even the simplest of things can amuse them."

Naruto frowned not liking what Sai said. It sounded like it held contempt for the people that were enjoying themselves. Naruto stared at Sai even as the ride ended and people started to get off to let others on. When Sai dismounted his tiger Naruto snapped out of it and looked around to see people already getting off. He quickly got of his lion and walked next to the other. They both descended the stairs not looking at the other.

"Naruto you must understand what I'm saying at some level even if you can be as simple minded as them," said Sai.

Naruto scowled at him knowing that he insulted him, but not really knowing what he means.

"Humans are stupid and like all stupid things in nature they will be erased"

Naruto frowned "What are you talking about bastard?"

Naruto turned to look at him, but all that was left was an empty spot.

"Sai you fucker stop disappearing dammit!"

"Naruto why are you yelling?" asked Kyuubi.

Naruto scowled as he pointed to the spot next to him. "Sai was right here, actually he was on the ride with me when he started saying some weird shit and then he disappeared"

"Naruto you're making me think we need to go see a doctor" said Kyuubi.

Naruto groaned and stomped past Kyuubi. He didn't feel like dealing with anything anymore and just wanted to go home and forget he ever meet that ass hole named Sai.

Kabuto looked up from his work when he heard the creak of the door signaling Sai's return. His brows furrowed in annoyance as the pale hybrid entered with that empty smile on his face.

"And where have you been?" asked Kabuto as he returned to work.

Sai walked towards the sofa located on the far wall and plopped himself down on it.

"I just wanted to take a look around the city," answered Sai.

Kabuto glanced at him before going back to what he was doing. "You know you were cutting it close seeing as it was almost time to get him"

"Hmm, why do we need to get him again?" asked the hybrid.

Kabuto sighed as he stood up from his spot. "We need master Orochimaru so that we may continue his plan and hopefully make a better version of you" he threw a glare at his failed experiment and walked out of the room.

Sai didn't seemed like he cared about what Kabuto said as he starred up at the ceiling of the newly rented apartment they are currently occupying. Sai didn't mind that he thought that way about him since he has similar, but much more hate filled thoughts about the silver haired man.

'He is but a human whose opinions and thoughts do not matter' thought Sai as his smile dropped, 'he may think I am a failure, but he fails to see I'm perfect'

A big grin stretched his face as his eyes slowly opened to reveal what should have not been there.

Sasuke kept his eyes trained on the containment vehicle that was being used to transport the crazed scientist, Orochimaru. Itachi kept his focus on the road and their surroundings. They needed to be cautious in case one of Orochimaru's followers came out of nowhere trying to break the scientist free. It has almost happened before actually. A girl with hot pink hair tried to bust him out of jail, but failed and cursed the whole time they dragged her handcuffed towards the women's prison to hold her for questioning. Itachi was one of the unfortunate officers who had to drag her out of there. That girl sure knew how to punch.

"There seems to be no one else or thing around here besides us" said Sasuke as he looked around.

Itachi arched a brow "Isn't that good? That means we'll have no trouble getting Orochimaru there"

"No, don't you understand? There is no one or thing around here. Usually I would see movement in tress from animals"

Itachi became more alert with Sasuke's words. "So what do you think is out there" he asked as he looked to the sides of the road.

"I don't know" Sasuke's eyes focused on a spot, "but I'm sure we are about to find out"

There were squeals from tire vehicles as the ones in front of them all pushed down on their breaks.

"Shit" cursed Itachi as he unbuckled and got out of the vehicle with his hand hovering close to his gun holster.

Sasuke got out of the car with his lips pulled out in a snarl and his eyes red from his power the sharingan. Sasuke's eyes darted up as he caught movement from the night sky.

"Up there!"

Itachi looked up only to see a strange creature. It was a huge bird only it was all white like a sheet of paper with black lines defining its figure. The bird screeched down at them making them cover their ears.


Itachi looked towards the front to see other white creatures but the ones ahead of them looked like lions and tigers. One of the lion creatures and flipped over a patrol car and was stalking its way towards the trembling officers.

"Shit!" he cursed once again. "Sasuke! Take down that bird while I help the other officers!"

Sasuke nodded and jumped on top of the patrol car then onto the containment vehicle just as the bird flew down to claw at it.

Itachi ran towards the other officers with his pistol out and raised.

"Are you all idiots! You all have guns pull them out and use them!" he commanded.

That seemed to shake some of them out of it as they all moved to pull out their weapons while trying not to shake in front of the beasts.

Sasuke smirked as his sharingan allowed him to see the bird's movement in slow motion. His body moved quickly to slash down the bird. His claws tore down the birds belly hoping to make it bleed to death. Sasuke's eyes widened as a second latter the bird blew up in a spray of black substance. As the monsters smell hit his nose he then knew what it was.


"Ready! Fire!" shouted Itachi shooting at the tiger in front of him.

The officers next to him unleashed a barrage of bullets into the lions and tigers around them. Once the bullets hit the beasts they all did the same thing as the bird and fell apart into puddles of ink.


"what happened?"

Itachi looked confused at what had happened to the beasts.

"Itachi! they're made of ink!" shouted Sasuke.

Itachi nodded as he turned to look at the puddle before them. He took a few steps forward when the ink puddles started to shift. He stood still as he watched the puddles move and started to take shape once more.

Sasuke saw what was happening and turned to look at the puddle that was once the bird. It was doing the same as the others, but it looked like it was taking two forms than the original one that it was.

Itachi cursed as the number of beasts had doubled than what it was last time, but the only other thing that changed was that they looked smaller than last time.

"It looks like if we keep shooting them down they'll keep multiplying," he said.

Orochimaru sat inside his containment unit with his eyes closed and a small smirk on his face. He could hear the small thumps that hit the vehicle he was in and the frustrated curses of the men outside as Kabuto's little pets caused them trouble.

"Hnn, if they were my creations their blood would have been spilt long ago" he said with a grin on his pale face.

Sasuke growled in anger as the once big bird was now a millions of smaller little birds surrounding him and annoying him. He tried to slash at them, but would only miss since his vision would be blocked by others.

"Will you little fuckers stop multiplying!"

Itachi huffed as he jumped out of the way of the now cat sized tigers and lions. This was getting tiresome and fast. Three of his men were already down with injuries and the other five were barely faring well.

'if this keeps up well all be cat food'

Sasuke growled as he finally reached his breaking point.

"That's it you little shits!"

He took a huge intake of air expanding his chest and then exhaled unleashing a stream of fire. The millions of little birds all became incinerated by his angry flames. When the flam ended he looked around to make sure that they were all gone. Sasuke smirked seeing that he successfully got rid of all the annoying little pests.

"Sasuke! A little help would be nice!"

Sasuke turned to see that Itachi wasn't doing so well. He quickly moved to them taking in a huge gulp of air once more. He blew out the fire evaporating all the beasts. Itachi sighed in relief now that the problem was taken care of. He turned to look at Sasuke with slight annoyance.

"Why didn't you do that sooner?" he asked.

Sasuke blushed a little "Sh-shut up!"

Itachi smirked and turned to assess the damage. Many of the men were hurt and in need of medical attention. Some vehicles were damaged and one was flipped over. His eyes passed over everything when his eyes widened looking at the transport vehicle holding Orochimaru.

"Shit!" he shouted running towards the vehicle.

Sasuke seemed to get what Made Itachi curse and ran behind him. Itachi saw that the back was damaged from the creature's attacks. He was about to unlock the door when it just fell down by one touch he looked at the door then inside only to frown and curse at their luck.

Orochimaru was gone.

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