Hey guys, this is my first story. I hope you like it, some of the scenes were inspired from Taylor Swift's song, Last Kiss. Enjoy!

Suze sat on her kitchen bar, holding a bottle of vodka on her hand and struggling to keep her composure; she's had too much to drink, to the point where she could barely stand up and walk. She reminisced on what happened that day, she could not believe it, she took another chug from the bottle and she tried to make sense of everything. "What the heck did I do to deserve this? I've done everything right! Am I a terrible person? Huh? Am I?" She screamed at her dog Max as more tears streamed down her green eyes. She heard a knock on her door followed by two girls yelling from the outside "Suze! I swear to God, if you don't open this door we will call your landlord!" Ceecee threaten, "Please open up... We just want to know if you're okay" Gina added. Suze opened the door and was smothered by hugs from her two best friends. "It's too late to drink Suze! Why wouldn't you open up to us earlier, your mom begged us to call your landlord and open up the door for us." Ceecee scolded, "I told you guys, I needed some time alone," Suze protested. "We know that, but we didn't know what you were going to do to yourself, put down that bottle and go to sleep, please. I have a feeling that's not your first bottle." Says Gina as she grabbed the bottle away from Suze.

"I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight, everything's just so fresh, I wish that when I finally fall asleep, I won't have to wake back up to reality" Suze said as she broke down in tears, her friends went up to her and tried to comfort her; whispering words of assurance to her. "He will regret it, I just know he will. And when he realizes what he's done, it will be too late for him because you will be happy with someone else." Gina whispered, "That's the thing, I wanted to be happy with him but apparently, he doesn't feel the same." "Here, take this, it should help you go to sleep" Ceecee said as she handed two caplets of sleeping pills to her. "Thank you guys, I really appreciate how both of you are always there for me," Suze said, closing her eyes. "That's what friends are for" Ceecee whispered while she turned the light off.

That night, Suze the events that happened that day kept playing in her head until she fell asleep. She dreamt of Jesse...

"Susannah, wake up..." Jesse whispered in her ears.

"Jesse? It's too early... let me go back to sleep!"

"no, wake up querida" he says as he pulled on Suze's hands to sit her up.

"What is it?" Suze whispered while she pulled herself together.

"I love you, you know that?"

"yes, of course.. So you woke me up at..." She looked at the clock next to her as she yelled, "ONE FIFTYEIGHT IN THE MORNING? Are you insane?"

"no querida, if you would just listen.."

"okay.. go ahead"

"I've been thinking, and I know this is a really odd timing... But I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to have a family, grow old, sit on the front porch watching our kids and grandkids with you."

"Oh My Gosh..." Suze covered her mouth as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"I also know this isn't very well-planned, but that's how we started... and look where we are now, I'm crazy about you, and I cannot imagine my life without you! I've told myself that I will not ask this until I know I'm with the right woman, the right feelings, and time... Susannah Simon, will you make me the happiest man, in the world and marry me?" Jesse said while he got on his knee and took Suze's hand.

"Oh God, I'm just... I don't know.. I'm shocked.." Suze responded.


"YES! YES! YES! I'll marry you Jesse DeSilva" she replied as she grabbed Jesse's face and kissed him.

"So where's the ring?" Suze Asked. "uhh... That's what we're going to do tomorrow my love." Jesse answered with a huge smile on his face.

"You, Jesse, are very silly sometimes" she said pulling him closer again.

The whole night, they laid close to each other while he held her. The following Morning, she woke up with a string tied on her left ring finger and a note next to her. "Querida, get yourself ready and take this note with you to the lagoon at the beach." Suze smiled, got ready and drove down to the river beach. When she got there, She saw a her youngest step brother David running towards her. "That took you long enough, here you go" He grinned as he handed her an envelope with another note.

" Good morning querida, this place holds a lot of memories, I asked you to be my girlfriend in this beach. I was so happy that day, I've sworn nothing could wipe the smile off of my face. Anyway, Yes, David knows. Now hop in your car and go to our secret spot"

Suze grinned and got in her car again to drive down to her and Jesse's secret spot by the rocks. There, she saw her friend Adam with another envelope. "I guess your 'secret' spot isn't so secretive anymore" Adam said as he handed her the note.

"Adam knows too. I know you're thinking this is really silly, but please get back to your car and go to the place where we first met :). You're getting close"

Once again, she got in her car and drove down to Carmel Beach. There, she saw her friend Ceecee standing by the water holding her dog, Max. "here you go" Ceecee said with a huge smile on her face. Suze smiled back and read the note.

"Remember this place? Both of our dogs fell in love with each other... So did I... with YOU :). You're getting there, please walk to the golf course... Someone's there for you"

"I swear Jesse, you are just so full of surprises" Suze mumbled and walked to the golf course.

When she got there, her friend Gina ran towards her and gave her a big hug. "Congratulations Suze" Gina said smiling at Suze as she gave her the last envelope.

"This golf course is where we went our first date, You were so bad at playing golf, yet like always, you tried you best. You're so darn cute when you miss the ball and you yell at it :). Now be patient, one more spot. Walk to the country club."

Suze followed Jesse's direction again and once she got to the Pebble Beach Country Club, she was greeted with Jesse's familiar face; he was standing by her favorite table, holding a bouquet of flowers and a small velvet box. She ran towards him and gave him a big hug.

"Now let me take this off" Jesse said, cutting off the string that was tied on Suze's finger and put on the ring that he bought. "Now that looks better!" he exclaimed and kissed her.

Suze woke up, and realized that it was only a dream. She went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror; there, she saw a girl who's vulnerable, she was a mess. Then she went back to her room and collapsed at the foot of her bed, she hugged her knees and she started crying again.

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