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J.P's official title in the organization was 'communications technician'. Meaning he passed on messages from the higher up's to the lowers downs, checked in on the field teams, and sometimes did miner research. And right now, he was doing the last option. He didn't know why, but something in Gavin's voice had disturbed him, and he wanted to find out why. He punched in their location in his computer and hit the 'Enter' key. The boy began to scan the page.

Area 1327

A different branch of the Other Agency, focused not on research of gifted, but of turning them into solders. Their goal is to create a gifted that will listen to their orders and their orders alone. They rely on mental torture and scare tactics to break their victims, although they have not been successful as of yet.

J.P blinked. It was disturbing, yes, but no reason for Gavin's voice to have cracked like that. At least, that's what he thought before he saw the note at the bottom of the page.

Known survivors- Patricia Morgan, Eli Morgan, Gavin Paan, Jun Motomiya, Davis Motomiya

"Crap." J.P muttered, eyes wide. "Crap, crap, crap!" He then whispered a few word a bit stronger then 'crap', took a swig of water, and then dialed a number in a key pad.

"Gennai, sir?" He said a bit breathlessly into his headset, "We have a slightly bigger problem than we first thought…"


"Ughhh…" Ken groaned. His head hurt. No scratch that, his whole body hurt. What the hell had happened? He could remember the warehouse, meeting Takato and the others, and…and…

The attack.

Ken sat bolt upright, and instantly regretted it. His head gave a sickening pound, and wave of pain crashed over him, from his toes to the tips of wings. His wings…

…He couldn't move them.

The boy began to panic. He had barely had the appendages for a month, yet he could not imagine life without them. Not being able to fly would be akin to going back to live in the attic room. He moved his hand up to his back, to find a mesh net covering it. The thing successfully immobilized his wings, and also caused most of the pain he was in at the moment.

Alright. He was okay. A bit battered and slightly bruised, but okay. Slowly, Ken moved himself around so he was facing the rest of them.

They were in a sort of cage, not very large but big enough for them all to fit. Wait, no, not all of them. Only 7. Yolei, Kari, TK, Rosa, Davis and him. The older kids must be somewhere else.

"Davis!" Ken hissed, kicking out with his legs to the closest of his comrades. "Dai, wake up!"

"Humgh?" He grunted, tried to sit up, but clasping back down almost immediately. "Anyone get the number of that truck that hit me?"

"Davis! They got us!"

"What!" This time, he really did sit up. "Dam it." He hissed, closing his eyes to the pain and horror of the fact they were in a cage.

"TG! Come on, you stupid moron, get the hell up!"

The next several minutes passed in this fashion, until all seven of them were sitting, stunned. However, it was Yolei who summed up the whole situation perfectly.

"We're totally screwed, aren't we?"


"I can't believe it…I can't frickin' believe it…This just can't be happening…"


"This is a dream…I'm dreaming, yeah, that's it…"


"Any second I'll wake up and be back in the woods…Or the warehouse…or the-"


The blond snapped his head up as he stopped his frantic pacing to where Tai sat on the ground, Sora's semi-concise head in his lap.

"You're not helping, Matt." The brunette's eyes were strangely glassy, as if he weren't quite all there.

With a sigh of defeat, Matt slid to the floor and took in the rest of his friends. Mimi was sobbing on to Joe's shoulder while he rubbed soothing cercal on her back. Izzy leaned back, his eyes closed as if trying to block the whole situation from his mind.

"Tai?" The boy looked up.

"How the heck are we going to get out of this one?


"You guys ready?"

Jun looked at the three behind her. Trisha was biting her lip, but looked determined. Gavin's mouth was set. And Eli…Just clutched his sister's hand as tightly as he could.

"Remember the plan. Get in, free the charges, and get the hell out. Got it?"

Nods all around.

"Alright." She sighed. "Let's get this over with."

"Jun?" The girl turned to find Trish at her shoulder. "Are you going to tell him?"

Jun mind flitted back to the conversation they had just with Genni. The permission he had given, to finally make her brother remember who he was. But there was that question…Did she want him to remember?

All you need to do is tell him your name and who you are, and his mind will be unlocked.

She didn't know.

"I'm thinking." She told Trisha, then the four began the descent down the hill to begin the mission.


"I-I can't b-b-believe this is happening again." Kari sobbed in TK's furry arms.

No one wanted to talk. No one wanted to do anything. They just wanted out of there.

Ken's limbs itched. He had never realized this about himself, but he was extremely claustrophobic. He longed to stretch out, to stand, to fly.

Deep breaths, Ken. Calm down. You're no use to anyone freaked out.

The winged boy was startled out of his thoughts by the feeling of his shirt being tugged. He looked down to see Cody looking up at him, looking panicked. He gestured wildly. Ken felt a pang of sympathy as realization swept over him.

Somewhere in all the confusion, Cody had lost his whiteboard. He had no way to communicate.

Ken smiled slightly and nodded his understanding. He turned.

"Hay, Davis-"

However, something seemed to be wrong with him. He was staring, glassy eyed, as if he were somewhere else.

"It's weird…" He muttered. "I feel like I've been here before…"


"Come on! Quick!" Jun pulled Gavin around the corner, followed closely by Trish and Eli.

"This place is even creepier than I remember it." Trish remarked with a shudder.

"The mission." Gavin said in a monotone. "We're concentrating on the mission."

Suddenly, Jun froze. "Hide!"


"Someone's coming, I can smell them! Hide!"

The other three had known the girl long enough to have learned to trust her nose. Eyes darted around, looking for a hidden place.

"Up." Eli stated. All looked. There was a small ledge above them, a perfect place to watch but not be seen.

Trisha gave her little brother a proud smile as they quickly clambered up.

And just in time. A man, a boy, and two guards rounded the corner. The man was tall and pale, and a curtain of greasy black hair covered his face.

"Owikawa." Jun growled.

The boy looked about 14, maybe 15, with creamy skin, short blue-black hair and deep blue eyes. He was being forcibly frog-marched by the two guards.

Trisha's breath caught in her throat. "That boy draws his power from darkness."

Jun turned to her, than hissed, "Well, what does that mean?"

"I'm not sure yet…"

The boy spoke up "I won't do it. Whatever you want me to do, I won't do it." The voice was quavering but resolute.

Owikawa froze, than spoke. "Oh, you won't, will you?"

"No. I won't hurt anyone."

"Yes, but I will." The man leaned in closer the younger. "Your friends? That boy who keeps yelling, it would be delightful to break his spirit. I'm sure that pretty blond girl's screams are delicious. That sweet little boy, how much torture do you think he can take? And, oh who am I forgetting? Oh, yes, your little look-alike." A sick smile twisted his lips. "I can do so many things to shatter a child of light…"

The boy's eyes had been getting wider at each mentioned person, but at the last sentence his eyes went black. As if the pupils had swallowed up the blue irises.

"If you touch him," his voice had become deeper and raspier, and seemed to have an odd echo behind it. "If you so much as lay a finger on him, I will make sure you die a slow, painful death."

"Oh, but you can't do anything with that pretty little ring around your neck, can you?" Owikawa smirked. "Unless I tell you that you can. So the only thing keeping your poor twin safe is you obeying me."

The boy seemed to deflate. "I hate you."

"Hn. I don't care." The man turned to the guards. "Take him to the older ones, have him work his powers on them. I'm going to the youngers. I have an old friend to visit." Jun stiffened. He was talking about Davis.

The four below them then split up, three going one way and one going the other.

"Okay. We're splitting up." Jun stated. "Gavin and I will follow Owikawa-"

"No." Trisha interrupted.

"What do you mean, no?"

"Look Jun. I respect you and think you're a great leader for this team. But I am using my 'One With the Most Common Sense' card and over ruling you. He said he's going to see the younger kids. That means Davis will be there." The younger girl looked her friend right in the eyes. "You are not ready to see him."

Jun thought a moment, then smiled. "Heh. Guess you're right."

"Let's go."



Ken looked down to see Rosa looking up at him.


"Ken…Why don't they like us?"

The winged boys eyes widened at the question. "What do you mean?"

"Well…My parents made me leave when my tail grew in…And we all need to hide, and now we're here. They don't like us. Why?"

Ken's eyes softened as he looked at the little girl. "Well, Rosie…We're different. There's no denying that, we are. And people…Well, most people are afraid of things that are different. If they don't understand it, they assume it's bad and try to get rid of it."

"Oh." She went quite. "But we're not bad, right Ken?"

Ken forced himself to swallow the lump in his throat. "No, Rosa. We're not bad."

Apparently satisfied with this answer, she went to sit next to Cody.

Ken sent a worried glance in Davis's direction. He had just been staring for the past ten minutes.

"Dai?" Ken leaned over to touch his shoulder. "Davis, are you alright?"

"It's like…" the wolf boy still didn't look at his friend. "It's like this place is trying to tell me something. Like it knows something. But I don't know what."

A deep, dark chuckle floated from outside the cage. "So it's true. The unbreakable Davis had forgotten the people who kept him alive." A tall, dark man stepped into the dim light. "You really can't recall any of them?" he taunted. "Not that little boy who called you brother? Or the moody older boy who guarded you as if you were his own? That blond girl who I'm sure was in love with you? And oh, my dear boy, did you really forget your sister?"

"Sister?" Davis whispered, mystified. He…He had a sister?

"And you," The man turned to Ken. "look just like your brother."

Ken froze. "What do you know about Sam?" He hissed.

"Know him?" The man smirked. "I'm the reason he's not here now."

Ken lost it.

"YOU KILLED HIM!" He shrieked, launching himself at the bars. "You…You took him away." He slumped down to the floor.

The man smirked. "Oh, yes. I took him away." He sighed. "I was so close, too. His sprit was perfect for what I needed, but his power just a smidge off." His eyes got an insane glint in them. "But yours….Yours is perfect." Faster than what seemed humanly possible, he unlocked the cage, grabbed Ken's wrist and yanked him out.

"NO!" Davis leaped towards his friend, only to find his way blocked by steel bars. And then the two were gone. "No…" He sank to his knees. Yolei came up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked at her, to see tears swimming in her eyes as well.


Koichi allowed himself to be pushed down hallway after hallway, keeping his head down. Under normal circumstances, every one of these men would be in fetal positions on the ground, begging for mercy. And, oh how he wanted to release the full power of Lowe…But, no, with how angry he was right now, it wouldn't be Lowe. It would be Dusk. Even better.

But, with this stupid ring on his neck, he doubted he could have harmed a fly if he wanted to. And then there was Owikawa's threat…

Zoe…Tommy…Takuya…And Koji…

No, Owikawa had him right where he wanted him, and he knew it. But working his powers on innocents…And people who might have pasts just as bad, if not worse, than him and the others…He shuddered to think about it.

But his friends…His family

"We're here."

Koichi looked up, to see a cage full of teenagers looking at him warily.

Oh, God no…

It was the Chosen. The one of the other 'tribes' of gifted. It had been years…They were all older…But, yes, it was most definitely them.

And they want me to…

"Do your stuff." One of the guards sneered in his ear. Koichi felt the power on the collar lessen considerably.

Think of them, Koichi. Zoe, Tommy, Takuya. Zoe, Tommy, Takuya. Koji, Koji, Koji. This is for them.

He approached the cage, and looked at them all with extreme sorrow in his eyes.

"Forgive me." He muttered, than held out his hands.


Tai looked up as a scrawny kid was jerked into the room. Large blue-gray eyes, short cut dark hair, and a distinctive air of…Familiarly about him.

Where have I seen him before?

Maybe…He kind of looked like Ken? No, that wasn't it.

Now the boy was walking towards them.

No…It couldn't be. He looked like one of the twins from the Legendary Warriors. But that would mean Takuya's group had been captured, and that couldn't happen, right?

He whispered something… "Forgive me."

Oh, god…It was Koichi.

They were screwed, was Tai's last thought before he fell into darkness.


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