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~Chapter 13

Uncle Jake looked doubtfully at Melody as she stepped inside of the Grimm home.

"Melody, I don't know if you've realized this, but Sabrina has passed away." Puck glared fiercely at Jake as soon as the words left his mouth.

Suddenly, Daphne and Red emerged from behind Melody, dressed in their matching raincoats.

"No Uncle Jake!" Daphne pleaded. "Just listen to her, she can help Sabrina!" Veronica looked up from the lifeless face of her eldest daughter to her youngest daughter.

"Daphne," she started, eyed red and puffy from crying. "I don't think a human can do much to-"

"Excuse me Mrs. Grimm, but I am not human," Melody interrupted. All became quiet, as all eyes turned to Melody.

"Well, what the hell are you?" Henry exclaimed, who unbeknownst to all, had awoken from his unconsciousness.

"I am a Siren," Melody said softly, a silent smirk on her face.

"I thought Siren's were evil," Jake said suspiciously, pulling out a wand from one of the many pockets in his coat.

"Sirens of the sea are evil," Melody corrected. "They lure people to them with their beautiful songs, and kill them off one by one. But I am a Siren of land. Siren's of land are pretty much the opposite of Sirens of the sea. We can revive the dead with our song."

"Do not say dead around me!" Puck snapped, speaking for the first time in nearly ten minutes. "Grimm is not dead, she's just sleeping. Just sleeping, just sleeping, just sleeping," he chanted to himself, staring off into space. Melody rolled her eyes.

"The boy is clearly in denial."

"Why is Melody talking like that," Daphne whispered to Red.

Suddenly, the door banged open, and a drenched Rebekah walked inside.

"You're all crazy!" She exclaimed, wringing her sopping wet hair out on the floor carelessly. "Did anyone stop to remember me for one second, while I ran three miles here from Widow's Peak? Oh, of course not."

"Um, Rebekah…" Melody said nervously, glancing from Rebekah to Sabrina's lifeless form.

"And Melody's here?" Rebekah continued, exasperated. But as soon as her gaze dropped to the limp body of her best friend lying on the couch, Rebekah's looks contorted from anger, to extreme sorrow. "She's not dead… Is she?" And then she burst out crying.

"Not dead, just sleeping. Not dead, just sleeping. Not dead, just sleeping," Puck chanted quietly.

"Anyway," Veronica started, trying to stay calm amidst the commotion. "How did you know about Sabrina's… current situation?" Veronica bit her lip, trying hard not to cry again. Melody smiled comfortingly at her.

"My good friend Red came to get me, with the help of Daphne, of course. Red and I met nearly 200 years ago." Melody explained.

"Ew, you're 200 years old?" Rebekah asked, ceasing her sobbing.

"Actually, I'll be 416 in two months," Melody confirmed.

"I don't mean to be rude, but we really should get back to the situation at hand," Red said quietly. Everyone stared at Red. It was the first time she had spoken since the "incident."

"You're right." Melody walked over to Sabrina, and placed her hand on her pale forehead. Then, she began to sing.

"Flower, gleam and glow.

Let your power shine.

Make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine.

Heal what has been hurt.

Change the fates design.

Save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine.

What once was mine."

The Grimm's were amazed by Melody's voice, but even more shocked at her bright, glowing hand placed on Sabrina's forehead. After about thirty seconds of silence, Melody removed her hand.

"Well, that's all I can do-" Henry turned bright red, trembling with anger.

"All you can do? What do you mean that's all you can do?"

"Now, Now Henry. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for this-" Jake was interrupted his oh-so-holy speech by a sneeze. "Oh, bless you Ronnie. Now, as I was saying-"

"I didn't sneeze." Jake whirled around, to be faced by Veronica, eyes wide. Puck stood up from his seat, now fully alert.

"Well, if it wasn't Veronica, then who…" All eyes turned to Sabrina, who was sitting up on the couch, hand covering her nose.

"I think I need a tissue." Melody smirked at the awestruck faces of the people surrounding her.

"Now, if you had let me finish speaking Henry, I would've said that is all I can do until Sabrina wakes up."

"Sabrina!" Daphne squealed her sister's name loudly, as she ran over and crushed Sabrina in a tight hug. "I'm so glad you're okay!" Sabrina gasped for breath, lightly patting her sister's head in response.

Everyone crowded around Sabrina as tears of joy were shared, mainly by Veronica and Relda. Melody smiled quietly to herself, as she stared at the group of family members before her, all clustered around Sabrina, smiling and cheering happily that their beloved family member was alive and well.

Melody's smile soon after, turned into a frown. "Should I tell them now?" She asked herself quietly.

"No, not yet. Let them be happy while it lasts." Melody whirled around to meet the gaze of Red. Melody nodded approvingly, and without another word, walked quickly out the front door.

Not yet. Soon, but not yet.

Sabrina was currently lying in bed. After her family had finished fussing over her, Sabrina had made a hasty retreat to her bedroom, claiming she was exhausted from the day's events. But the only problem was, Sabrina couldn't sleep.

Thoughts swarmed her head, making it hard to think straight. After five minutes of tossing and turning in bed, Sabrina finally decided to go to her own special sanctuary: the roof. Being the Queen of Sneaks she was, no one heard Sabrina as she climbed out her bedroom window and onto the roof. Or, so she thought.

As Sabrina turned away from closing her bedroom window, she nearly cried out in alarm. With his legs crossed and floating two feet in the air, was Puck.

"Sneaking out again, Grimm?" His arms were crossed over his chest and his signature smirk graced his lips.

"Not this time. Oh, and stop floating in the air like that." Puck's chest inflated.

"Why, do you think I look even more manly this way?"

"Actually, no. I was gonna say you look like a certain tights wearing boy from Neverland…"

"Do not say his name in my presence," Puck growled, gritting his teeth in anger. Sabrina sat down on the brown tiled roof and laughed.

"Sure." Puck sat down beside her, and for a moments, neither spoke. Sabrina looked over to Puck to find he had been staring at her intently the whole time.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked so softly, that Sabrina had to strain to hear him.

"Everything, I guess. I mean, me and you, we shouldn't even be alive right now!" Sabrina exclaimed. "I thought the spell didn't work. When I tried the spell and you didn't wake up, I thought that… I thought that you were…" Puck could tell Sabrina was trying hard not to cry.

"C'mon Grimm. If ya like it or not, I'm stuck with you forever."

"But how did you even wake up from that trance that my future self put you under? It didn't work, I saw it for myself!" Sabrina exclaimed.

"No, it did work," Puck explained. "It just took a few minutes for my power to be returned to my body. Thanks for saving me, by the way." Sabrina looked at Puck, astounded.

"Wow, never thought I'd here you say that."

"What? That you saved my life?" Puck queried.

"No. You saying thanks."

"Haha, very funny Grimm." Puck said sarcastically. Sabrina smirked, then frowned.

"How am I even alive?" She whispered.

"I dunno. Ask Melody. She totally saved your life. And you know she's an Everafter, right? Puck asked, crossing his legs Indian style.

"Yeah, I heard that conversation. But, how do I turn out evil in the future, Puck? How do I end up being the leader of the scarlet hand in ten years?"

"Sabrina, it was your only choice." Puck reassured her.

"No, I could've died bravely like the rest of you." Puck snorted.

"I wouldn't let that happen." Sabrina turned to Puck.

"You know what? Thanks. You're the best Puck." And then Sabrina grabbed the collar of Puck's shirt, and pulled him in for a kiss. It was much different than they're first kiss; this one actually meant something. When Sabrina let go of Puck, he was obviously dazed by Sabrina's sudden change of heart, but covered it up quickly with a smirk.

"You're a terrible kisser, ya know."


"No." And then Puck smashed his lips to Sabrina's.

Neither knew how rough the next year of their lives would be; they didn't know what was coming next. Relationships were going to be tested, and truth be told, it wasn't pretty. They didn't know about the spies in the bushes, who were currently watching their every move. But the thought that whatever came next would be faced by the two of them together, was reassuring enough.

Sabrina and Puck needed each other more than ever at that moment. Because the games were just beginning.

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