It was supposed to be a peaceful walk. He was just going to find a shop with something sweet. This was supposed to be one of those few rare moments he was able to slip by Watari's notice and wander. Never had he ever deducted that this would happen. He didn't even think it was possible!

L wandered through the empty streets alone with nothing but the street lights giving him any light in the night. It was silent, except for the soft patting of his own bare feet against the ground.

Dark grey eyes were glued to the sidewalk as he walked into a 24-hour convenience store. The blaring flickering lights that illuminated the tiny store nearly gave him a headache.

A teen male sat behind the counter, headphones in and playing a game on his phone, unaware of the new customer.

L looked over the sweets section with a blank look, his thumb pressed against his lower lip in thought.

A flicker brought him out of his reverie, glancing over to see a woman wearing black priestess garb fighting an oversized green-scaled serpant with a pair of claws sprouting from the long reptilian arms in mid-air. A human female face replaced a snakes head, however, and long black hair looked luxuriously soft, as strange as it sounded. Yellow snake-eyes narrowed as the woman's blade pressed to it's body, drawing a thin line of blood. They glew a slight shimmery silver that made L doubt whether or not this was real or if he was just hallucinating this from the lack of sleep.

Shocked, L's eyes widened and he knocked over a case of Twix as the two disappeared. They reappeared again on the other side of the store in a different position. This time, the serpent woman had it's long body wrapped around the woman's neck. Before L could see the woman progress, the two passed through the store's wall without difficulty.

L ran out the door, going unnoticed by the cashier, and watched the struggle continue as the woman escaped the clutches of the serpent by digging her nails, which glew a soft pink-purple, into it's flesh.

A hiss was heard as they disappeared over the empty street and once again, reappeared on the other side.

L followed, dumbfounded. How was this even possible? He trekked through the park, watching as the fight continued, keeping his shadowy gaze on the pair in the air.

They seemed to pass straight through trees unhindered just like the convenince store's wall. At last, the black clad woman hacked off the serpant-woman's head with a clean swipe and the body glew just like the woman's fingernails had before turning into a pile of glittering dust.

The woman was panting, floating over the pile of glittering dust wearily. Her hand went to her neck, pulling a brilliant pink-purple gem necklace out from within her long haori. It floated above her hand a few inches, and it began to glow shockingly bright. The glittering dust lifted from the ground, swirling around the woman before it completely vanished within the jewel and stopped glowing.

The sword held in the woman's grasp fell and stuck in the ground, losing its unearthly glow, becoming very much real.

L's eyes widened further when he saw the woman falter, seeming as if she was swaying and soon, just like her blade, fell from her place in the air.

The 22-year-old insomniac investigator rushed forward to catch the woman, succeeding as the woman's silvery glow faded.

He looked her over with curious eyes, seeing the flawless ivory skin revealed under the light brush of moonlight. Long black eyelashes laid gently closed, her lids shielding him from seeing the color of her eyes. Long obsidian hair was nearly pin straight, with the exception of the slight wave running through it. The length was astounding, looking as if it would have reached the back of her thighs if she stood. The inky hair pooled around them in a slight disheveled way. Her fringed bangs hung in her face, leaving the investigator with the strange longing of brushing it out of her eyes.

L shifted slightly under her nearly weightless body. Her harsh breathing slowed as his pale hand removed the unruly hair from her face, peering down at her intently, calculating the percentage that this was a dream. Just under 70%, he was sure.

A soft groan passed through the woman's lips as her eyelids twitched, coming out of her state of unconsciousness.

Loud growling snapped L out of his trance and he looked up in surprise, seeing a pair of strange creatures floating in the air above them. They snarled in displeasure with him handling the woman in his arms.

The woman opened her eyes suddenly, revealing large sapphire eyes and she sat up in L's lap.

They looked eye to eye for a moment before she shot up into the air between the two creatures. One had it's mouth open while the other kept it's mouth closed. She pet the open mouthed creature gently. "Sh, A." In turn, she pet the closed mouthed one. "Hush, Um."

L slowly stood, watching as the woman lowered herself down to his face and placed a gossamer kiss to his cheek and began to fade with the floating creatures. "Thank you."

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