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Author's note: This is my first story so I hope you like it.

Not just a student

Chapter 1-


He sat in the middle of the waiting room of the emergency room in the Memphis hospital. All his life being a strong lawyer he had no idea that one day he would be waiting in such a place, worrying about a young girl that is just a student in his class. He shouldn't be here, he knew that. However when he got that one phone call, his heart was pounding and he realised that he would have done anything to make her pain stop.

Sighing with frustration, he got up pacing the room, annoyed at the fact that they were happy enough to ring him late at night but not so willing to tell him what the hell was happening.

Everyone else was just sat around either trying to stay awake or to nervous to say anything. Her mom, Wanda, is just sat there looking very pale and biting her nails anxiously. Her happy friend, Savannah, the leader of the bobble heads, as he liked to call them, looked to be nodding off on her blonde boyfriend, who was sat awake and alert ready for the news. Then there was Mr Pepper, sat down not sure what to expect from the news they were waiting for.

He should probably scan back to the start where this all happened.

September 2010…

Julian Parrish a successful man who was now teaching a class of bright eyed lawyer wannabe nerds. He smiled at them as he used to be one once. However when his eyes were scanning the class he noticed that there was an empty seat next to the ever annoying Morgan Pepper who was kissing his ass every chance he got. Still he decided to continue with taking the class roll realising that the missing girl was one Marti Perkins.

He sighed thinking that he had some girl who was focusing on living the life with her friends and not thinking about law as a hard degree, well she was in for the shock of her life. He chose not to dwell on the fact and started his lecture.

Just as he opened his mouth, a young girl stumbled into the room looking out of breath and flustered.

Not only was she late, but to make matters worse for herself she was dressed in a Hellcats cheerleading uniform. He smirked in his head, this was a new one. That was for sure.

"You must be Miss Perkins?" he said not waiting for an answer. "Do you know what happens when one party is late in court?"

"The late party is held in content." She said avoiding eye contact with him.

"Correct. Can anyone else tell Ms Perkins what happens?" Glancing around the room, rolling his eyes when they landed on Morgan, who was jumping in his seat, obviously dying to answer his question. He motioned his hand to the enthusiastic young man.

"The late party is not taken seriously." He started and was about to continue when Julian stopped him with one hand.

Further on throughout the lesson he started handing out the sign up sheet for the case against Travis, a man convicted from the three strikes law. When Marti started to write her name down, Julian made an obvious statement about being dedicated and if she was not she shouldn't write her name down, she saw this as a challenge and continued, not knowing that she had defiantly impressed her law professor more then she could know.

During this time he felt knew he felt something different for this girl compared to all of his other students who were just your ordinary smart pre law students this girl was a hot, blonde cheerleader. Not a common mix, by thinking about her he realised he quite liked this young girl however she still needed to prove herself to him and after the interview she gave on the case, he gave her one chance to do so.

Putting through her and Morgan Pepper, Julian Parrish just started his life rollercoaster that could potentially ruin his career.