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Chapter 2

It had been about two weeks since the Travis case was started and Marti was seriously thinking that he was indeed innocent of the crime that landed him in prison. However when she expressed her views to her professor he didn't take her seriously and said that all prisoners say their innocent and she shouldn't take his word for it.

Marti was sat in the prisoner talking to Travis about the night in which he was meant to have robbed the store.

"So you didn't see anyone else robbing the store? Nothing? You must've been close if they managed to have framed you?" Marti spoke with frustration in her voice.

"I told you I was close to the store but I saw nothing! Don't you think I would have told you if something important, you are my lawyer after all?" He said smirking at her annoyance of the situation knowing she was trying her best for him and to him that meant a lot.

All of a sudden the door burst open and Julian stomped his way in. Marti shrunk back in her seat knowing that she was now in a lot of trouble as Julian has specifically told her not to come and see him.

"Ms Perkins what are you doing here?" He spoke while glaring at her.

"I told you that I believe that Travis is innocent." She held her own with a glaring battle against her law professor who secretly scared the crap out of her.

After swapping insult after insult Trvais stepped into try and help her out while in the meantime he had managaed to get her thrown off the case and then basically fired his lawyer making sure that he was now going to do his maxium sentence.

Julian had stalked out of the same door in which he entered leaving Marti and Travis alone once again.

"I'm so sorry Travis I had no idea that he would react that way." Marti said tearing up because she had lost him his representative.

"Hey, don't worry about it, you did what was right and I was the one that fired him, this isn't your fault." He said while taking her hand in reassurance. "Although I did think he would think I was bluffing but hey you win some you lose some." He spoke with a calm smile on his face although Marti could tell what happened was tearing him up inside knowing he would have to spend more time than he deserved in here.

The next day Marti strode into Julian's classroom with a certain confidence in her step knowing that what she was about to do was extremely serious but it was what she wanted. She couldn't stand being taught by someone that was willing to react to someone like Travis and keeping him in prison when it was obvious he was innocent.

She stomped up to his desk and slammed a piece of paper down on his desk. "I need your signature to drop your class." She said with a firm voice.

He looked up with surprise in eyes and maybe a little bit of disappointment in them. "I kicked you off the case Ms Perkins but you are more then welcome to still attend my classes." He spoke with a tiny bit of hope in his voice.

"No thanks, I don't think I can be taught by someone who has the power to free an innocent man and chooses not to because that wasn't part of his job there." She was almost challenging him to insult her back.

"Well if that is the case then here you go." He said while signing her form. "Maybe you weren't cut out to be a lawyer then." He said lying through his teeth knowing that she was perfectly capable.

"Better I know that now then." She looked hurt at that previous statement but covered it well not letting him get to her.

She was about to walk off when she decided that she wasn't done with what she had to say. "You know something; I don't think that you're exactly cracked up to what your reputation says you are. It says that you were held in contempt when you felt the judge wasn't listening. That you tied yourself to a pole so that people would take you seriously. Where's that guy gone?" She said walking off.

He then decided to sit and wonder what the hell he was doing with his life. He was just walking aimlessly around the Lancer campus having an argument with himself. How could he be so stupid? He believed that Travis could be innocent but he never even considered looking in to it. If this was three years ago that would be the first thing he did. So what's changed?

He then looked up and found himself standing outside Cheer town. Marti Perkins, a cheerleader, why does she have this hold over him?

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